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I played in the basketball court for what position.

1219583312010-04-10 05:11:06 +0000 #1
I am 15 years old 1 meter 75 75KG. I fight for what position, can play point guard it? Small forward?
xiaoyi81742010-04-10 05:18:38 +0000 #2
If you're in field goal percentage of the basket can be a strong sense if you are 15 years old small forward for height 175 is pretty good actually what position you like you can if you like the point guard dribbling pass you can focus on practice like to play big ball rebounds to practice before the basket layup

I hope you can find the most suitable for your location
kan0222010-04-10 05:29:00 +0000 #3
Small forwards
1 molar Xingfu2010-04-10 06:31:56 +0000 #4
Haha, I like you, high in weight. How not to play guard, I just have to fight for a place to fifth. And the breakthrough is the fastest class, but also power, 23 are Fangbu Zhu me. Multi-pass, and awareness training, playing very physical guard your advantage.
Mnhhl2010-04-10 05:42:43 +0000 #5
You can play Cheerleading
Chu 11112010-04-10 06:30:45 +0000 #6
play small before! However, physical conditions of your age it is all right before playing! However, to strengthen the dribble, breaking and shooting! Small ago most comprehensive! And later development of you!
6230673802010-04-10 06:29:34 +0000 #7
haha personally think that the ball well

experience the thrill of dry pull jumper still break through the basket-point

but this depends on your understanding

basketball IQ point there mate is not easy when the



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