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Very difficult to find 科比阿迪达斯 advertising

Yinchao162010-04-10 05:11:45 +0000 #1
I only remember the beginning Bryant to a trash throwing scraps of paper with the approach shot, then get on a modern motorcycle, forget it in the future. Adidas THE ONE like a ad. A very future ahead of an advertisement. Seems ever on television. Trouble we help Zhao Zhao, thank you! ! !
LONELYREX2010-04-10 05:26:09 +0000 #2
First upstairs who did not know Bryant would not say who previously adidas

answer you say this is not a separate ad is indeed the kobe one of two ad

throw paper first The

The second saying is Kobe riding a yellow (as if) rushed to court along the way passing motorcycles are AUDI TT car is in line with the THE KOBE ONE TT done in accordance to the stadium and then to kick out the shoes landed SHOW classic ad, but I'm sorry I did not find that I also KOBE FUN YOUTUBE on I can not find the ads now look downstairs There are no cattle were a

ha ha When you answer this question is wearing a fate THE KOBE ONE --- ah ---
a mole Xingfu2010-04-10 05:46:36 +0000 #3
landlord could there be of the last century come from? Kobe Bryant in Adidas's that are too far away.



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