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Martin why so many injuries but also his rocket, Landry also sacrificed a bit unfortunate

Yiu Hung2010-04-10 09:11:57 +0000 #1

a4913354532010-04-10 09:21:40 +0000 #2
Kevin Martin and progress every year, pitching a career peak type players are usually very long (example on not cited) on his own for the Kings this season by the young rookie Evans hit the king of this lousy, then more shots will not vacate the right of such veteran Martin, while the king is still bad results , data and results are not the Martin certainly hope to be able to deal playoff team, Martin said, "You are trading the price tag, and my first reaction was to go where? rocket, I am very satisfied , is time off. "
Martin technical characteristics of the individual for the rocket attack system is no doubt, excellent physical fitness, running and jumping ability of superior, has run up the bounce and jump with 1.06 meters of the Union, the pace of moving the majority of PG speed, excellent projection capability, excellent fitness and a positive post moves, Martin is now guaranteed at least a coalition of more than the standard of the attackers without the ball and team attackers. Beyond the arc of the ball after the projection, using a jumper and cut into the cover, and the air in place over the cut-oop basket and present the main points of his means, the rocket is the current lack of such a star level of firepower, the original key moment no one can stand up lore, there is now, Martin is such a keyman.

Martin personal shortcomings, but also very prominent, slim, light weight (84 kg) against the ability of these two points led to his weak, in the case of strong technical action against the easily deformed or even cause errors. His defense can step, but lack of physical strength limited his defensive ability and the object, and is currently not shown the NBA PG level of awareness and skills of passing, so from the data point of view than score out of nothing other than the color of the.

Landry left a pity it? This is yet to be research. Khan, Landry can run, jump, along with outstanding projection range of Adelaide's offensive system, the stability of the inside point of attack, this goes without saying for all to see.

But the biggest weakness Landry is not tall stature, tall in the defensive post player, he always got into foul trouble easily, he is not a good cap hand, but after losing very difficult position to be fighting for rebounds , A bad batch of the blue once Shuai poor defense.

As for Landry to go is certain is that the rocket inside the transaction so that the strength greatly reduced. The three transactions are taller than the blue high-Hill, Physical Fitness cattle than the blue fork, (not all lottery players are parallel, scouts not stupid) to culture (see his own efforts had not work hard) should be poor better than blue.

While the final loss of the legendary European white chocolate, Rodriguez, but I think cloth, LORI, strong enough to keep the

Rodriguez weak attack, it is clear to his mind no doubt the Rockets is that when the fire brigade , and his expiring contract (the contract is unlikely to)

for now only regret that the rotten Jiefolisi before the contract expires in summer 2011
yx9109282010-04-10 09:39:18 +0000 #3

just being rebuilt Rockets Yao ah

Yao Why are you hanging out?
Wu poison wolves Jun2010-04-10 09:46:07 +0000 #4
A commander is an idiot, the expense of Tracy McGrady, Allen Iverson was also given up, select iron Wang Ariza, the inevitable result of the rocket is now desolate, huh, huh.

Martin Well, after all, a good defense, but added strength inside the rocket. So ... ...
lovecat06112010-04-10 10:46:06 +0000 #5
I wonder, not how kind
3508266812010-04-10 10:53:12 +0000 #6
bless Tracy McGrady



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