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Bryant, how many times lore (including this year)

wang82138012010-04-10 11:11:50 +0000 #1
including this year's 5 lore
LakersMVP2482010-04-10 11:24:17 +0000 #2
Kobe lore time to 1, against the Los Angeles Lakers VS Golden State Warriors 90:89, the Lakers down one last time O'Neal Bryant free throw is not in Bulan lore.

2,1999 May 9 in the first round of the playoffs the Lakers 101:100 rocket first 5.3 seconds first round opener at home against the Rockets, Bryant had a controversial foul, free throws are in.

3,1999 Lakers on Dec. 27 game VS Dallas 108:106 106 flat sides 21 seconds left, Bryant made a breakthrough foul and two free throws.

4,2000 on February 13, Lakers 113:110 wins New Jersey (OT) Kobe Bryant one-third point of killing the Nets, Marbury's 50 points to become a wasted effort.

5,2000 on May 10 Lakers VS Suns 97:96 (West semi-finals) Lakers 95, 2.5 seconds behind more than 96 1 min, Bryant shooting.

6,2000 Lakers on June 14 VS Indiana 120:118 (Finals) 5.9 seconds flat 118, Bryant shot up in Shaw.

7,2001 in Los Angeles on Feb. 7 Sun 85:83 VS 2.3 seconds, Bryant vote in Marion's head in two.

8,2001 on February 13 Kobe Bryant Lakers VS New Jersey Nets 113:110 third of the game hit 4.8 seconds left.

9,2002 on January 2 VS Denver 87:86 Los Angeles Lakers game last 5.5 seconds, Bryant hit a jumper two minutes.

10,2002 in Los Angeles on January 22 VS Hornets 96:94 go past Lynch, buzzer jumper two minutes.

11,2002 on May 12 Lakers VS San Antonio 87:85 (West semifinal) the last 5 seconds to grab offensive rebounds small fish thrown into two.

12,2002 in Los Angeles on December 6 last 8.4 seconds VS Dallas 105:103 hit a jumper two minutes to complete this terrible reversal.

13,2003 in Los Angeles on April 4 VS Grizzlies 102:101 to 100:101 3.3 seconds behind a point, buzzer jumper.

14,2003 Los Angeles Lakers on December 19th 99 VS Nuggets 101:99 2.3 seconds flat, feint go past Barry buzzer jumper.

15,2004 Lakers on March 21 VS Bucks 104:103 (extra time) 26 seconds behind the Lakers 102:103, Van Horn 20 feet dropped into the face of two points.

16,2004 in Los Angeles on April 14 VS Blazers 105:104 (overtime), loss of balance in the fourth quarter before the end of the case cast pointer by the Cavaliers into overtime, and left in overtime second decision to kill the completion of 3 points. (Bryant double-lore)! ! !

17,2004 in Los Angeles on June 9 VS Pistons 99:91 (extra time) before the end of the fourth quarter before Hamilton hit 把比分扳平 into the third overtime! ! !

18,2005 March 13 in Charlotte 117:116 VS Lakers Kobe Bryant leave the last 0.9 second jumper two minutes after the hit action lore.

19,2005 on November 2 99:97 Lakers VS Denver Nuggets (extra time) Brown Bryant grabbed offensive rebounds to the last shot hit 0.6 seconds.

20,2006 in Los Angeles on January 12 VS 97 Knight 99:97 8.4 seconds flat and large Z in the gap JAMES cast in two.

21,2006 in Los Angeles on April 30 VS Sun 99:98 (extra time) before the end of the fourth quarter two-point buzzer shot projectile into overtime, and overtime buzzer to vote in 2 minutes to complete the lore . (Bryant double-lore)! ! !

22,2008 in January 15 when the Los Angeles Lakers VS Seattle 123-121 Ke Bijia trip in there 2 minutes 4.3 seconds when the Sonics shot lore.

23,2009 on Jan. 10 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers VS Indiana 121:119 near the foul line to face Jack defensive line, turning backward jumper two minutes, is scheduled to box in 3 seconds, Bryant finished lore.

24,2009 in December 5 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers VS Miami Heat 108:107 Wade 27 feet out on the third shot hit hard on defense, lore Heat.

25,2009 in December 16 Bucks VS Lakers Kobe Bryant in the face of Charlie 107:106 - Bell's defense turned jumper 2 points hit, lore Bucks.

26,2010 on January 2 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers VS Kings 109:108 shots in 0.1 seconds, one third of the king hit winning shots.

27,2010 on February 1 Bryant, Lakers VS Celtics 90:89 Ray faced in 7.3 seconds - Allen's defense tough in the free-throw line shooting two points off the completion of lore, helping the Lakers win.

28,2010 on February 24 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers VS Memphis 99:98 when the third shot in 4.3 seconds, lore Grizzlies.

(As of February 24, 2010)

30 lore (plus two pairs of lore) remember correctly, there are many key shots into overtime! !!
211 Points 140 Points 182010-04-10 12:00:26 +0000 #3
32 more ba
ferry thigh2010-04-10 12:05:20 +0000 #4



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