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Basketball ball, go places, layup how to improve!

The absolute number can be registered2010-04-10 15:11:12 +0000 #1
Such as the title!

Please give some to improve the program Thank you!
▓ nothing was Jue love Ai ℡2010-04-10 15:22:10 +0000 #2
Hello -

ok .. I'll tell you. . . Take your time

your mind must remain the best state of mind

to keep playing basketball was not think he would be a bad mistake

(in fact, is his own worst enemy, to restrain his fear mentality)

play basketball, must train hard if you really want to play basketball, then (cream of the crop is turned into a master)

So you want to use the spirit of desire (will power) + sweat (hard training) + time (regular exercise) = own goal to be achieved

last words must have paid a return

I explain to you step by step

peacetime training, the more practice because the crotch crotch when the right-hand man can dribble good Yun Yong

Span dribble can be found right-hand man De rhythm

Note: Do not Dan Dan the Yong Lian Xi O'clock patted his left hand as a waste of time do not say how good the effect is not bound to use

right-hand man in exchange for cooperation

1. right-hand man dribble back and forth under pressure after standing patted Lianshu focus of their bodies patted down faster

2. cross and the ball under the right hand down the back dribble across unfamiliar words first with the palm of your hand with the fingers after patted Lianshu After the body downward pressure patted patted Lianshu faster! !

3. The back dribble to find the rhythm in this sense is to rely on their proficiency in a step by step slowly to

by-week to calculate the daily practice I estimate at least three weeks dribbling ability will increase

I In several key

that is not easily under the ball, if the ball is to be extraordinary.

Pedal across positive, turn shoulder to protect the ball probe, the second foot pedal quickly and actively.

To control the center of gravity stable. Taken the right foot when the right rear direction to the right toe, left foot inside the ball of your foot pedal to positive and effective.
] Shift the focus, stomp dribble moves consistency.

Finally, pay attention to break through before the dummy to create a better break time.

Lower center of gravity, will soon start.

Also note that the time is extraordinary breakthrough

If you would like to break through the right eye and shoulder - and steps must be to the left

and then suddenly accelerate or change direction! Accelerated and ran to the right -!

Detailed basketball video guide is a video album

very good (is CCTV5 Zhang guide)

still have to slowly practice - - there is definitely a lot of effort to absolute return! ! !

Real competition and personal practice 都 can finely learn

Practice makes perfect! Refueling ah!

Let you come in disguise video extraordinary breakthroughs have

above No drug is superior video cool

This can also be really good -

Although the amount of China

give you a more difficult exercise Games feel of the ball

the video suggest you turn out to be very familiar to basketball dribbling when - come to practice

Tiger Fight Network is also not the first Chinese drug ---- a basketball website (looks like is a)

Next is some relevant video

see what will, and skilled, and you B Special is excellent cattle cool this, I get the fine ah! ! !

Layup to explain -! -! -! One hand

Action Shooting Methods: The right hand shot, for example, when the ball forward in the right foot, then quickly jump on the left foot, right leg and knee elevation, and give the ball to first on the right, vacated, the upper body later Yang, jump to the highest point when the body, right arm extension, wrist flexion and finger strength with the ball cast

action points: a cross-step the ball firmly, the second force across small step jump, the three asked to wrist turn the ball move the ball high and soft and hard four clever to refer to the wrist.

One hand underhand shot

Action Method: step and the road running between the rim the same single-handed shot, just after the second step in the catch rate should continue to accelerate, the top forward takeoff, the flight time is shorter. Fingers, fingers apart, shooting, asked the lower part of the ball, palms facing up, arms extended upward, close to the basket, use the fingers pick the action forward spin the ball toward the basket

Action points: The second step to push off hard front of the take-off, shooting one-handed shots before the low hand toss to maintain the stability of challenges with that wrist strength to spin forward cast.

Practice makes perfect! Refueling ah!


potato Youku is a great video search site

which you want to see can find

take your time - is fine

Oh, ah, I wish you an early and successful oil -
txb0012010-04-10 15:51:39 +0000 #3
more practice
1 Little Magic 12010-04-10 15:45:27 +0000 #4
mainly to see the basketball consciousness and intelligence, good intelligence will learn in the play of their own. Proposed to look at other people's tactics and techniques ... point: basic skills is important, in the following time with the team Take a ball and Dances, the ball does not need gorgeous, with a stable on OK, the ball is more than playing the main actual combat ... take place: despite all the physical running around, ran out of space as far as possible to let others pass you shoot. You can also play with. For example, you someone else's single block, complete block anti-people will go to make up your defense So you empty, and immediately ran to the space, so you give people who give you the ball ... the ball shooting layups: highly recommended to play board, and be efficient, that can be considered if Lianshu to do tricks in the air deceive the other defense. premise is that you can break ... sort of exhausted from typing playing
Germanic style2010-04-10 15:59:30 +0000 #5
point is usually more practice to walk and dribble very effective in raising the level dribble, take the place have nothing to do, is more play, training feeling layup is more practice, more than watching the game and see how others layup, the first copy, and finally find the method that best suits your layup.
Yx cat2010-04-10 16:14:48 +0000 #6
All in all, still need a dedicated basketball coach to the best training time, lay a good foundation, and can extend you the sports life, avoid injuries and enjoy the joy of movement, based on past me in the training, provision of point to you, I hope you help.

※ body posture: feet or so before opening, and bend both knees, upper body slightly forward, seeing the rise of the front, non-dribbling hand bent flat lift, for the protection of the ball. Dribble, dribble with a high degree of lower extremity joints vary. ※ hand, arm movements: dribble, the fingers separated, and expand control area, palm empty out. Dribble dribble due to different methods were used to power wrist finger, forearm or arm so hard in different positions. By Bounce the ball should be shuttle up and down with the ball, control the ball as far as possible to extend the time for the benefit of protecting the ball. Such as in situ dribble, according patted the top of the forward dribbling, press patted the top post. ※ ball placement: In general the dribble, dribble the ball impact point in the hand ipsilateral lateral feet about 20CM Department, faster, more front impact point. Active defense, the dribble of the placement should be lateral or side of the rear to protect the ball. Basically, changing dribbling its placement in front of the opposite side lateral or side. The impact point in the crotch crotch dribble the middle of the place. ※ hands and feet coordination: dribble, they need to speed and dribble speed harmonization, but also to maintain a reasonable pace. Note by patted the site, the choice of placement and strength of the size of the application. Moving faster, according to the site of the more rearward patted the bottom impact point farther up the strength of the bigger bounce. General linear dribble, dribble once, run two or three steps.

These are not short on is say that this can and learn well, the need for more than half of every day to strengthen and shape, resulting in actual combat full play and Deng Le Yi Hou you lay the basis of the linked crotch, back and perform better so Dongzuo good.

Take place, then you need to look at some of the Internet Screen and more variety of games, look at prominent points, under screens, air cut the use of a few basic tactics, and then the location of your contacts can be more than actual combat.

Layup in terms of the stability of the major personal feeling is 2 points, one psychological. Second, the basket of rhythm and movement norms. Mentally you have to play games, build a strong self-confidence, do not be afraid of blocks away to hide in the layup process, so it will not maintain the stability of layups, defensive players can not cause foul, layup to rely on defensive players . Action specifications require a long time contact you, including the three-step basket, left hook layup, layup's time to try to jump up from the box, the closer, the higher success rate, to the highest point when the wrist and fingers to toggle soft ball, which is the key, no matter how tight your body against more intense, when the last shot must be gentle hand.

About lots to talk about, said incomplete, and many need to understand your own game, hope the above can help you! !
1717715902010-04-10 16:15:44 +0000 #7
point: is the exercise you and two friends, practice area in three seconds you take to let them rob patted allowed out of the paint is mainly to find sensory slowly and basketball combined and you will have the feeling the

go bit: without the ball must be able to move up and running only when all of the scoring opportunities can we find for example when you're not the ball when you can pocket from one-third of Xian Dao district in three seconds from the inside Dou Chu Lai is such

layup: basket layup when the start began to practice starting with the right foot three-step hand must grip the ball move the first step must be the first step is aimed at a large step to adjust the body through others such as a basketball

short I feel physically innate factors is the most important efforts will play, but acquired a good
gym12012010-04-10 15:53:14 +0000 #8
see more tactical screen, and improve their basketball IQ, this is very important. Civilians layup is invincible.
Lovexyongyao2010-04-10 18:05:12 +0000 #9
daily dribble under 800!
W142w2010-04-10 18:35:29 +0000 #10
To see more of the professional video with the fantasy mapping method can improve and then practice from the heart -!



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