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2012 draft picks (five protected), in addition, the exchange of rocket and the New York Knicks draft

as little as possible with protective2010-04-10 15:11:52 +0000 #1
If you happened to be the candidate and then pick the top 5 who should
565lc23965702010-04-10 15:26:42 +0000 #2
Hello! protection means is not changed, just a champion and the top 5 if not for the Knicks and the Rockets will draft picks, the Knicks or the Knicks, Rockets or a rocket, hoping to adopt my answer! Thank you

In fact, the Knicks signed pumped champion not much chance, not to mention, if you champion the Knicks to sign, he loss, the Knicks have to give you a Qiaodanxier pretty good, Morey very popular. In all fairness, despite the Rockets go for Landry, the deal does not suffer losses.
love the wolf blow the house2010-04-10 15:51:25 +0000 #3
a4913354532010-04-10 16:30:27 +0000 #4
You can not unexpected that the two draft picks certainly the rocket, the probability is too small, even if the Knicks this summer to take no less than James, Johnson also take this were under the bar, the economic crisis, he sent money to Colombia, so the probability is very small bottom, even if the bottom is only 25 % probability, as there are big this summer to join the Knicks, that he is James, so what, the overall weak that up to the edge of the playoffs, then the two draft picks could have been elected to the rookie lottery, and Kazakhstan Haha, poor Knicks to sell the future of the whole, this year's first round of the sign has been sold to jazz up



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