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A6498017822010-04-10 18:10:08 +0000 #1
We are 3V3's, inter-class basketball, we have two PF and one SF. I was a few good PF rebounds, bouncing general, the basket and cast a few good, the speed can and can dribble. And a PF has not cast rebounds and point guard, the general speed of the basket generally, and SF has 3 points and is also OK in the next shot can break, and we three have 170 or more tall. The other is the guard and sub-health and a C, C blue board a few good, there is slow response speed and height, and a guard. The ball poorly and can break in to vote generally, height 167, and a good sub-health basket cast can be around 170 students. How to strike?
Caribbean ass2010-04-10 18:15:19 +0000 #2
more passing, more breakthrough hit with the body when their guard, playing center when they are cast with the speed and. Let's pull out of a quasi-point pitch, breaking a chance on the last time, no opportunity given to the him. Must raise the success rate should go up, so sure of victory before more. I wish you victory
8zhua claw2010-04-10 18:21:11 +0000 #3
Now at this stage of the students play in the cast are in fact not very good that the PF defense that

you how, if he can carry on with C, with anti-Rao before, you their time in the attack the other side of the other C Low asked rob to eat each other's SG OR PG

your own defense is to pay attention to you in another PF of protection, if the PF has been ringing off the hook of the situation, you want that C determine the time to double-team singles.

If the handle opening SG and PG can be considered generally put them in the cast, put a breakthrough on OK. Break up the attention that's maybe also a few anti-cap brush.

Attack is that you and SF to play the small to the PF to C distract you squeeze to 3 seconds District
8 degrees Wang Jue 12010-04-10 18:55:28 +0000 #4
As the other guards in the lower, the ability to use your team's strong singles to eat each other, Note that the other two opened, or returned to run continuously create opportunities available under screens dislocation caused by the defense to a neutral position or the wrong score! Defensive rebounds main aspects protect and strengthen the defense and the other cast attack the basket. Suitable area can be used with anti-
huangfx0072010-04-10 19:23:59 +0000 #5
Mobile 3V3 Montreal unlimited opportunity, no on pick and rolls, too easy, which side are Fangbu Zhu which side, if not the level of difference



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