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Newbie ask for advice. . . A holiday did not touch the ball. Not hit. .

Rap Orange2010-04-10 18:10:20 +0000 #1
Comin tube to a basketball buddy. . Go to the park to play all afternoon. .

Attack has become. . Is not a defense. . Ye practice. .

There is no awareness of. . The Zaban. . Ago is not very good. Now no more. .

There is how to grab boards. . I 186.. With the school. Because all 19 of several of the basketball team. . So do not grab board. . Comin to the park have a look. . All 17 of a few. . . Can I rob. . . Without card position can be gradually getting better. . Grab a few. . Usually able to catch the blue hands. . But the board felt like a rush not jump up. . . . Reason. . Zaban. . Ask for advice ah. Thanks a lot
bd1358462010-04-10 18:24:49 +0000 #2
1: frail and yes, as I do not play on a soft body on the stairs on to die of asthma -

2: more than 3 days you hit the ball straight will be a good sense of up to 3: to be defensive steps Freeze, center of gravity to be stable, anti-people want to watch the time Do not look to have the opportunity to steal 4: When you play good personal momentum would you enough momentum that person dribble people would, would not easily dribble over you, together with your height advantage, consciousness is not bad, it is easy to grab the ball,

5: Da basketball wanted yes personal SHOW, I Xihuan spent playing ball, and more Kankan NBA martial arts Cheats useful
czh07522010-04-10 18:53:59 +0000 #3
possible physical issues now. . Defensive posture ah, take place, ah, keep up the same offensive player, he hands you have to give. , Have to jump jump, go fast, you are faster than him! 7 186 on one meter for several good high! Center the best place to play basketball AB, that is inside
karlcloud7772010-04-10 18:47:20 +0000 #4
mainly determine the ability, arm stretched out an arm to show defensive line, the driver steals the other hand, have to judge the ball to the gun version of the one hand, the other collusion hand grip, the gun version of response not prepared, of course, dancing dwarf
2911755422010-04-10 19:17:32 +0000 #5
186 count high! ! Hit the peak of lower extremity strength is very important! ! Secondly, the arm strength and wrist! ! I suggest that you daily morning jog! Running, exercise the body! So very important! Your age should not! Able to do so can find the next gym workout! Otherwise how much money a month! ! Also several fast! My height is 184! Weight of 190 kilos! ! Gun board to card a good bit! And others simply say it is anti-body! ! Do not look at my 190 kilos! Very easily be able to touch the plate! Are usually regular segment with practice it! ! Board sub-gun is not important! Important niche that! And body!



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