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Won the NBA championship without the best card player who is

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Dream Team members, Barkley, Ewing, Malone, Stockton, Mullin. There is also Camp, Jordan era was defeated people. Many, can be great. There is also a Baylor ancient times. Michael Jordan before Michael Jordan. Many. Biggest brand hard to tell.
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chris webber
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Chan apes
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Elgin Baylor

Elgin Baylor on Sept. 16, 1934 born, stands one meter 95,10-time NBA NBA best team, 1959 All-Star Game MVP was awarded the title. He is the most fun to watch basketball in the history of one of God pitcher, is a vote will only be running a model. In 1976, Baylor was selected the U.S. Basketball Hall of Fame. In 1980, Baylor was selected NBA35 anniversary of the ranks of the best players. In 1996, Baylor became the NBA50 big star. Elgin Baylor in the 1958 NBA Draft first round first pick of the Los Angeles Lakers, after 14 years, he spent all the Lakers. From 1958 to 1972, Baylor played a total of 846 games in the NBA, scoring 23,149 points, an average of 27.4 points per game. In the 1961-1962 season, Baylor's average score as high as 38.3 points per game. Even more incredible is not a high figure Baylor Lakers have maintained the highest rebounding: A total of 14 seasons, he grabbed 11,463 rebounds. This is even later in the season, the Lakers played in the famous center of 14 "sky-hook" Jabbar did not exceed. Baylor In the court's way of running lines and running very superb, enjoyable. His actions in the basket not only embodies the forces of the performance of the elegance, demonstrating the later "night" Jordan and "Magic" Johnson into the ultimate essence of modern basketball action. For instance, he has a strong ability to hover, you can make two or three moves after the jump.托米哈金斯 he commented: "He can be in any point of the ball dropped into the basket, and threw the ball is always high-speed spinning. He's very strong, can play in the basket and Russell 1 1 ; also can pass the same as Magic Johnson, and the NBA can guard any one dribble test of the skills. "from the 1960-1961 season to 1962-1963 season, he became the NBA in the regular season history of the first 4 key technical indicators are in the top five star, four indicators are: score 34 points, rebounding 14.3, 4.8 assists and free throw percentage was 83.7%. Order Baylor Unfortunately, his entire professional career coincided with the last century, the fifties and sixties of the Celtics dynasty parallel, allowing him time and time again missed with the NBA championship. As a scorer, the best of times Baylor has coincided with the "Basketball Emperor" Wild - flush Chamberlain's peak moment, in Chamberlain's brilliant, the Baylor scoring has been unable to get on the throne. 1972, 37-year-old Baylor had to retire because of injury. Can be retired after one year, the Lakers moved to Los Angeles would win their first championship.



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