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I can increase the number of spring

Aeolussky2010-04-10 21:12:11 +0000 #1
I was 15 years old, 172, almost met rebounds, (bounce be crappier) I play basketball pretty good, I really feel bad that bounce, I can find good time jump shot, but sometimes people can still higher to cover. . . Do not know if I had simply been no movement or anything (there is no movement until the second year before), or that I was born a bad bounce, I think that vertical jump training, I persisted more than 1 week, but seems to have little effect , is the only thing I practiced enough? My idol is James, he seemed to little more than 1 meter vertical jump, then I have the chance to exceed it. . ? I want to dunk, if not dunk, can touch the rim too bad, who can tell me how much I still need to improve the jumping height, can not buckle to the basket (to be considered before the time is not wasted no movement)? Do not send those spring training for me, that I have looked through.
guangpipidaqiu2010-04-10 21:17:49 +0000 #2
I Yi Miqi 7 only 170cm wingspan, but I can dunk! Is the proper business of the basket, I grew up on the rope, no one among their peers to break my two-roll continuous jump record of 127. Although the sub-dwarf, but my legs and the like Ray Allen!
855321652010-04-10 21:55:11 +0000 #3
spring not to be improved. For example, Jordan.

Why so please know that Jordan Bounce? He pulled his childhood home, less than a light line often danced in the following when a small jump start the case. .

Later learned to play after they have been trained bounce.

Of course, some people because of some objective reasons for relatively good natural spring.

But not impossible to reach through the exercise of the one meter under normal circumstances this is! !

You only had a week and more refined. If you can be used in a term of 80 spring training would leapfrog even good.

Spring out of quickly and say you do not play during the summer vacation.

September period of time before the semester begins you will feel that they do not jump up. .

So Well exercise are not enough! ! !
Ww9021882010-04-10 22:23:01 +0000 #4
just 15 or the president should bounce

If you want to touch the box that it should increase at least 20 centimeters more than one meter

want to jump the opportunity is very slim. . . Because the bounce that thing and genetic relationships

bounce much training as you have seen it insist on doing it on - half the students for six months I should be able to increase effective July 8 cm This is my

eyes see is not actually playing basketball Paul is not only dunk the Nashijide deduction is the same as star
lightness0082010-04-10 22:19:37 +0000 #5
this with your age, there is a certain relationship, but do you bounce a little worse, bouncing this thing, mainly natural, acquired training up unless you enter the professional basketball training school every day and adhere to, not as you say, one week more wanted to see the effect, the world is not so easy to eat pieces elixir can be reached.

Just like you said, you have the skills, you practice with the time to bounce, it is better to strengthen your skills, you see a floor full prince .... Scola can be seen as 0 bounce, people are not getting along more than good; is purely useless bounce, jump to one, be BS ....

on the cap, not that you bounce right, it would have been covered, there will always be covered to play basketball when Howard bounce Niu B, right? Still have to be covered when Yao Ming, Yao bounce right? If you encounter a small play big this situation, the general speed and pace to deceive him on it, big can not keep up your pace, sudden death of his -

you are so young, multi-practice very basic skills, for your very helpful -



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