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Brief introduction so that you point a few more professional approach to

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Actually, I think you ask is very simple dribbling freely is the need to practice more with scrub gloves if conditions can be dribbling exercises If you care not to find a basketball court were circling right hand dribbling practice should remember to practice so as to ensure the dribble with ease over time can be Raozhuang practice dummy of course does not require a professional roadside tree wire obstacles as you can be shot, "Huang Fei" nothing more than an object touched the ball more than a pat on the ball can help you feel better hone their dribbling is very important on this point these are my many years of playing experience to helping small see you through your own efforts on the basketball court Benz figure you hear someone praise the sigh
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basketball ball technology】

〖an overview of〗

ball technology , or dribbling technique is based on other technologies basketball is the cornerstone of improving the development of basketball players. Small a team, the dribble makes him a member of the defense out of big shots get the chance; on the big one team, the ball will determine the technology is good or bad he is a good athlete or a athletes.

Ball technology good offensive player on a team is critical. Solid ball player should have organized and participated in fast-break, disrupt other defense capabilities. That is, a basketball player regardless of height, speed, speed, ball technology must constantly improve.

〖2, Category〗

Here are five basic dribbling techniques, athletes must constantly practice and master. Regardless of what kind of dribble you can only touch the ball with your fingers, palms do not touch the ball. Dribble, the fingers naturally open to the ball. To learn to see without eyes can freely each hand dribble. In general, the ball bouncing from the ground no more than waist high. Exercise the upper body slightly forward, and bend the knee.

A controlled dribble:

This dribble with the ball players were defensive when too rigid. You want to keep the body between the ball and the defender, the ball was close to transport the body, the defending player wants the ball is very difficult to destroy you. While also using non-dribbling hand to further protect the ball.

To keep the rise, the eyes do not watch, so you can always pass the ball in the air when a teammate or found empty when the attack itself. This technology is a basic point guard dribbling technique.

2 fast dribble:

This dribble is not commonly used in the offensive player when the other tight defense, such as fast break, fast break layup and suddenly steal the other team members after the defense and so have not had time back when. Dribble the ball before pushing to the body, while full sprint.

Without defense, you can quickly dribble the basketball court and from the practice. This exercise will make you not watch, each hand can be handy ball shipped confidence. This is important. After the turn and dribble


after the turn and dribble can be used to change direction, and when the body is always changing to keep the ball and opponents.

If you would like to dribble with his right hand to the left to change, then turned to dribble is your best choice. Just the trip, on the left foot, back defender with his left foot after the axial rotation. When we spin the ball too close to the body transported, replaced by the right hand dribble left-handed dribble. This action can also do the opposite direction of another axis foot.

4 body before the change to dribble:

People think that the Golden State Warriors 后卫蒂姆哈 Dewei is an expert body before the change to dribble. Body before the change is to face the defender to dribble with one hand dribbling for by the other hand dribble. For example, you are right, dribble, suddenly left to go, when to retracement of the left foot, right hand to the left dribble, the ball rebounded to the left. The more low-ball operation, change to become the faster. Also, is to use fingertip control of the ball, palms do not touch the ball.

Body before the change to the dribble, because defensive players do not know which way you go, so it is always out of offensive players, and by varying the effective action beyond one defense. This can also be used to dribble the ball control is more conducive to the protection position. Is to determine the body movement speed before the change to dribble the key to whether the expected results, several dribble than other more emphasis on speed of movement. Every NBA player in the game are good at using body before the change to the dribble, especially when used in the basket. Change the rhythm dribble


also known as speed dribble, this is a high level athletes to master the technology. Institute of the above four kinds of dribble, dribble it is easy to grasp the rhythm changes. The reason is simple variable rhythm dribble, dribble when the attackers suddenly changed rhythm, defensive players can easily lose balance and break opponents.

For example, start with about 50% of your speed dribble to the right, when the defensive player to adapt to the rhythm, the sudden acceleration dribble, quickly ahead of the competition. If this changes the use of rhythm dribble just right, especially in the basket, the few defensive players to talk to come. Please practice my rhythm dribble change: slow - fast - slow.

Important rules: Players not allowed to dribble with both hands while the ball must not touch the ball with wrist turn. Palm should always be down, so as not to referee blew for illegal dribble.

〖Three practice〗

(a), personal training

a move in basketball dribbling exercise

beginners can transport the ball to freely go back and forth in the basketball court. The purpose of this exercise is to concentrate fully in a sense. Optional practice when a marker on the opposite wall, his right hand operation with the ball towards the flag, and not to bow watch. Return left-handed dribble, methods, requirements and right hand.

Each hand must have some practice time. To know that you want to be an offensive force in basketball players must be able to dribble right hand. You walk in to the speed of dribbling straight at her ease, you can try to jog speed to dribble, then gradually speed up. This practice for some time, even if the operation was run the ball on the floor and from there the ball will not get out of control. Drills must not bow, practice time can not be less than the left hand.


familiar practice ball of about 1 m away from the wall to stand, his hands holding the head. Dribble with his right hand to the wall first 10, then left hand to dribble the wall 10 times, so alternating exercises.

The beginning of this exercise may be some difficulty, but it helps to improve when you dribble the ball the necessary sense of the fingers.

When the ball bounced back from the wall, the wrist, arm extended plunge control the ball and the flexor carpi through the racket to the wall action, finger finger finally left after turning the ball


dribbling exercises in free-throw line before the release of a chair, assumed the chair is a defender. Can be any first-hand dribble around chairs. If the right hand dribble, near the chair, on his left foot, then turned left after the axis, while the left hand dribble for layups.

Do this exercise with both hands. Being each other's tight defense, the turn and dribble very effective means of attack.

On the opposite side of the foot ball hand to turn back the time axis

handoff handover dribble dribble around opponents to the basket and then dribble

4 "8" ball around the practice

on any level of athlete, this is a good practice. Upper body slightly forward, feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, slightly bent. Right hand holding the beginning, as shown, so the ball into the "8" shape movement. Feet fixed and you can start slowly, gradually speed up skilled.

Mastered the "8" around the ball, you can do exercise ball around the body. Starting from around the ankle, then knee, then to waist. Can start slowly, gradually speed up skilled.

Right hand holding the ball passed between his legs to go after the ball to the leg after the ball in the left leg, cross left hand, outside of the ball in the left leg forward, around the left leg.

Left the ball from the left front leg backwards between his legs to go through the skilled gradually speed up.

Dribble close to the chair, ready to change with the handover to dribble.

Win the ball to the right, bounce it to another hand.

5 body before the change to dribble

on the basis of certain athletes, many practice methods can be used to enhance the body before the change to dribble.

In the pitch line or dribble put two chairs. Dribble close to a chair, assuming it is a defensive player, the closer to its moment, suddenly changing hands dribbling around to it. In another chair before the change from right to left hand to do it again. To move in the fast-changing, we must carefully understand change to the ball movement.

Remember: change hands when dribbling the ball shipped it must be low. Gradually increasing the speed Wrist action.

Change to dribble, keep the ball away from the chair (or rivals) have to be transported on one side of the ball low and control the ball

(2), team practice


one to one practice of all Players are divided into 3 to 4 groups, each composed of single file, standing some distance away after the end line. Each of the first team defense, the second offensive player the ball.

In the space provided within 3 meters wide, players find ways to dribble the ball forward in the forward market. Ball can not use because of the width of the entire site breakthrough defender, so he must use more dribble way to reach the market before. Not only the right hand dribble, but also left-handed dribble.

To the opposite end line, the exchange of offensive and defensive positions. Dribble must be looked up, eyes do not stare at the floor, to protect the strike and not be snatched away, this is the practice key.


those who pressed for a breakthrough in this exercise is for those who have mastered the basic dribbling techniques and high level of proficient athletes in the design. 3

5 defensive players located in different locations of venues, so that a Ball dribble attack from the basket. Defender to try to have driven a corner or to facilitate the Ball out a pincer of the "trap" area. Offensive player dribble allowed to bow watch, and not to stop the ball, keep clean sheet all means break through defenders to reach the other basket.

(C), practice tips

need both hands to practice good hand control of the ball two athletes as well.

Dribble when you looked up, eyes do not watch.

Ball with your fingers, palm to empty out.

Try to control the ball to be tight in the waist high defensive or offensive to the basket, dribble not knees, feeling the ball is the key. 4, basketball point guard skills and defense skills

ball when faced with fear being shot, his back to defense when the fear was dig. The face of defense, the other two steals law:

1. When you right hand ball on a big, his body attached to the right side of your body, arm length extension, insert between your body and ball, the racket out.

2. Extraordinary in your right hand for left hand when the last small step, just put your arm ball online, so you put the ball into his hands.

Off to deal with the first method, just when the fierce rivals rushed to a right of the body, with a left shoulder block progress in the other line on the other side or get the picture slowdown; or head against your shoulder, 有苦说不出 know You do not mess with. Off against the second method, remember that controlled the ball a little lower on the list. Turn their backs on defense, the other often has to force another dig, and made your heart is empty, in fact, forced to deal with each other the best you dig your way to squeeze his own initiative, once choked him, he mobility, can not you break the natural of the ball. This was in particularly effective when playing one on one fast break, you do not hedge much faster, as long as stubbornly resist each other, while the ball side of the layup. At the same time you must also play a role in his left hand, right hand ball, the left hand must be extended too long, the best block in each other's waist, so you're clear about each other's movements, and particularly suitable for turning off this trick people.


Soccer ball technology growing world of football, on football skills and tactics increasingly high demand for various skills and tactics of the complete Dushi at high speed, strong confrontations conducted.

Dribbling technique in football sport occupies an important position, it may come and go in the Bisai in attack speed, the play rhythm, in Duifang intensive defense may use technology out of Duishou Yun Qiu, Jiang Xing break, break points Huo cause foul was "penalty." In addition, the dribble extraordinary can be formed to have an extra few local situation, breaking each other's defense, upset the other side of the lineup, to find a favorable gap field goal.

〖One point the importance of technology〗

1 is a breakthrough technology-intensive defense dribbling effective means of attacking football development

to the present, showing the success of the attack more difficult to break fewer opportunities to score the phenomenon of reasons, the team spirit of "not losing" the principle of race, this trend was reflected in recent sessions of the game more and more obvious, and in the goals increasingly less. Therefore, intensive defense, opportunistic counter to become a major world teams play, both teams, weak teams in different opponents, different screening are used, there was a "concrete-type", "chain-type" and so on defense.

How to break into the team's most intense defensive headache in finding a variety of methods, dribbling breakthrough is one of the most effective means. Road density in each other's defense, because defense number of people, leaving them little to dribble a breakthrough if successful, could form a partial to an extra small, tear each other a little defense to complement other anti-caused, so they created for the companion gap; another dribble breakthrough, likely to cause the other members of the foul, resulting in free kicks, or "penalty" based team to create scoring opportunities. There will be a "Kick" goals accounted for an increasing proportion of high-scoring trend. Toward the development of modern football more and more intense, increasing the quality of today's attack and defense, dribbling technology as the success of the team effective means of attack.

2 dribbling technique towards fast, concise, flexible, practical direction

complex and dribble a small displacement in the modern football game more and more rare,In addition to needs of individual tactics, the players are not used by the dribble method, because with the players to improve physical fitness, snatching more and more intense, the opportunity fleeting, if you do not seize the opportunity for effective, will miss the attack to the pressure side psychology. In the game, players grasp the initiative as dribble, so when opportunities arise we must quickly shake off defenders, to minimize the anti-complement bit back to the other side the opportunity. In addition to having mastered a variety of players dribbling skills, it also has its own "unique skills" to use them handy. So now dribbling technique embodies simple, practical and seize the opportunity, and success.

3 in the case of violent confrontation dribbling technique will affect the individual and team ball effect.

Rhythm control has on the outcome of a game played a key role. The dribbling technique is the primary means of controlling tempo. Athletes have the opportunity to dribble quickly approaching or break line of defense, bad players can slow down the opportunity to dribble speed collusion waiting companion, looking for opportunities to attack. The ball in their own feet, not to win the football game is the most basic principle, therefore, is good or bad dribbling skill to master tempo, the key to the ball.

4 dribbling techniques and physical and psychological quality of football in close connection with the

has a large place and a large amount of exercise, movement and other characteristics of complex, which requires athletes to have good physical fitness as protection. Players dribble the modern game demands quick long run, dribble dribble sometimes up to five players, 60 meters away, another variety of dribbling feints body flexibility, agility and others have high demands, without good physical fitness as protection, dribble moves often deformed, affecting the normal level athletes play. Mental quality in the dribbling techniques also played a significant role in dribbler to break opponent's defense, and defense often is maintaining the status quo, which requires dribbler to have good psychological quality, not acute fear is not the focus of opportunistic break points disrupt each other, also asked those who have firm confidence in dribbling, dribble break each other have their own belief. So often the psychological quality of the decision key to victory.


dribbling training athletes in running, the feet of pushing aside purposeful action to keep the ball within their own control and do not even touch the ball movement.

Dribble extraordinary athletes is the use of reasonable dribble moves over the opponents.

(A) extraordinary dribbling and transportation management technology, dynamic structure

dribbling and dribbling extraordinary technical power structure, mainly referring to the impact of extraordinary dribbling and dribbling, the ball running speed and human displacement The mechanical relationship between track structure.

An extraordinary impact when dribbling and dribbling the motivating factor of human displacement rate of

dribbling, due to the completion of pushing the ball by dribbling foot movement, undermining the structure and habits of continuous running of balance, is bound to affect human displacement rate. So, when the game need to quickly move the ball forward, stop in front of no rivals when each cycle on unnecessary dribble a ball with feet and pushed aside. Can touch the ball once, run a few steps, and then touch the ball once, then push the power of touches can be bigger. Do people have fast ball speed.

Dribbling, the use of the instep and feet inside the ball by pushing the inside, and as a positive use of the instep, the instep while running outside to coordinate action. Because of the positive and the lateral foot touches before the pendulum, the dribbling foot naturally to support the transition to step back step. So, when the game requires rapid progress should be used positively or lateral foot touches, and even toe poke the ball method.

Dribble extraordinary, the dribbling foot pedal to start hard to play a role, therefore, the main task of dribbling foot finished dial, pull, button, and choose other activities. Supporting foot stomp with the direction and burst time dribbling foot touches the same direction and conform to the time.

2 in extraordinary dribbling and dribbling the ball when the locus of power factor

legs and feet touched the ball inside the area, compared to the other parts of the large, pushing aside the ball, therefore, easy to grasp the direction of the ball running.

Dribbling foot touches the location and direction of different forces, the ball running in different directions. With inside of foot touches the lateral the ball to run sideways; by foot touches the back of the front, running the ball forward; by foot touches the inside of the rear side, front to run the ball sideways; lateral contact with the instep rear or side of the ball behind the running front of the ball forward or sideways. General linear dribble with feet facing or outer curve dribble with feet inside or outside.

Dribbling foot touches the centripetal force is not through, the ball can rotate. When the ball just feet away from rotating when produced, very fast. However, the principle of fluid mechanics, air flow along the fast ball, the ball along the air pressure, and to overcome the friction, the ball is slowed down very quickly. Dribble, often in order not to touch the ball too far away, often used method of swing touches. When the ball produces side spin, not only the ball has slowed down, and the ball runs into a curve by the straight line running. Dribble, they often run to change the direction of the ball touches side spin is often used method.

In the extraordinary course of dribbling, dial, pull, button, choose the action of its dynamic factors, can be suddenly changed direction to run, that is to change the location of the ball, so that although opponents may touch the ball, but not before who touched the ball on the dribble.

(B) Structure of dribbling technique movement Technique

dribbling many ways, but every act by the process of moving the ball running and push together the two areas formed.

Dribble generally support the foot from the ground after kicking, dribbling and dribbling foot touches before the swing foot to support the three phases.

1 support foot to step in after kicking

After kicking the goal, to promote the human center of gravity moves forward; second leg supporting the body balance to dribble to push off the ground brought the completion of moving the ball. Supporting leg support time as short as possible, and actively back step forward swing, you can speed up the running speed.

2 dribble feet placed touches

before the pendulum touches the purpose of, first, the ball forces the ball to produce a shift; second is to continuously adjust touches power, position, direction, and touches of time, better control Win rescue line, to coordinate its operation with the running speed relationship.


dribbling foot to support the purpose of riding to support, one dribble foot pushed aside in the completion of action immediately after the step to maintain body balance; second dribble foot step to support the transition to back step, Similarly, in order to produce a shift in the human body.

In the dribble process to support the foot pedal is to determine the running speed after the main part, dribbling foot touches before the swing is the key to running the ball.

(C) of the commonly used method

foot front dribble dribble, foot dribble inside, outside foot dribbling and dribbling and so on the inside foot.

1 foot front foot dribble dribble more positive after crossing the opponents, in front of depth from the principal, still need quick dribble move situations.

(1) action essentials: running, the body naturally relax the upper body slightly forward, arms naturally swing, stride length should not be too large. Foot dribble filed, the knee flexion, heel raised, under the toes pointed in the front room to move, the ground before the move. Positive push forward with the ball by foot forward.

2 feet outside the dribble (1) action essentials: When running naturally relax the body, upper body slightly forward, arms naturally swing and stride to be smaller. Foot dribble filed, the knee flexion, heel raised, toes slightly inside the switch, the front room to move, move the ground before pushing forward with the ball by foot outside, running the ball straight. Forward side of the ball by pushing the ball curve or arc run.

3 feet inside the dribble (1) action essentials: When running naturally relax the body, upper body slightly forward and slightly to dribble the direction of rotation, arms naturally swing, stride length to be smaller. Foot dribble filed, the knee flexion, heel raised, toes slightly external rotation in the front room to move, move the ground before the inside forward with the instep side of the ball by pushing the ball forward side of the curve or arc run.

4 feet inside the dribble (1) operation of the essentials: dribble, the support leg slightly forward across, step on the ball of the front side, a little knee flexion, upper body leaning forward to in turn. As the body moves forward, dribble foot raised, pushing the ball inside their feet after the middle.

(D) of the dribble common action: call the ball, pull the ball, spiking, pick the ball moves essentials such as


① call balls: twisted ankle is allocated movements inside or instep to instep lateral the ball to the ball sideways or lateral movement in front of, inside of the ball by using foot movements known as "dial in" the ball by using foot lateral movement called "outbound."

② Spike: refers to the sudden turn around and ankle movement to withhold Sharp or instep Instep lateral the ball behind the ball sideways to stop or change direction. Spiking with a foot inside the action, said, "in Button"; with feet spike action outside "the outside buckle."

③ pull the ball: the ball is with the soles of his feet from the front to back or from left (right) right (left) and drag the ball moves.

④ pick the ball: generally refers to tilt the pick foot and toes or feet back, lift up the action moves forward at the top of the ball change direction.



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