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And learn well how kind of basketball

4513889352010-04-10 22:10:40 +0000 #1
I is defensive, but I would like scoring shot, but hit rate is very low, how do?
shangfujian362010-04-10 22:26:45 +0000 #2
I play 10 years, though not really skilled, but also a battle-hardened, large and small played a lot of matches together. I am also the type of defensive stance, what are some of my own experiences and feelings, call them brilliant, but there is some reason, wish to give you some help:

play basketball is not fancy, and by luck, but a real basic skills and strong power. Basic skills is important, from the most basic dribbling, extraordinary, shooting started, if you are a defender, dribble and outstanding becomes very important to the safety of transport over the ball to the offensive player or inner half of each guard responsibilities. The most common than shooting jumpers in the distance, but also the most trenchant attack on the most direct way. If it is not too high hit rates suggest that you give up to add backward movement, backward hit rate is often lower, but different people can choose according to their characteristics for their way of attack.

Avoid fancy playing basketball, to pursuit of basic, 98-year overall championship start warm-up, other people are playing air relay, only Jordan shooting even in the distance, a testimony of the ultimate symbol of Jordan-away jumper with jazz lore, won the sixth ring.

Low for your shots, you can try to force the upper limbs and waist exercises carried out on time while shooting practice, there must be rules, not in fits and starts. Bryant will become the first person to rely on NBA League is 10 years now the high-intensity training hard.

At the same time, the game should be good at seizing the opportunity to shoot, grasp the rhythm. Multi-cast, and self-confidence and will have a hit rate will naturally be increased. Defensive players are not very strong desire to attack, much more offensive to seize the opportunity, get the ball into the basket.

Stick with it, soon you will have improved hit rate.



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