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How can I play basketball, play what position?

Zgchaha1102010-04-10 22:11:03 +0000 #1
I am 17 years old, height 175CM, weight 135 pounds! Who is very strong, general fat (about 160) can also inwards against strong play basket! I 10CM high within, I can a strong, if not attack me, very low chance of getting blocked! ! Hit rate also! And my arms were so long call me your hand to the head above and 183CM of them raised to the same high! But I bounce very rubbish! I can cast (attack: 3-point line inwards 1 to 2 steps), if the next event in advance, find touch, open jumpers can reach over 40%! But my stamina is not, big deal for a while on the tired! Shooting straight down! I this case what the play place? ? ? How to play basketball later? How specific training? ? Trouble to understand me next! Thank you! Best to elaborate! Help me out a detailed plan to the best! !
wondersun242010-04-10 22:24:37 +0000 #2
height was not enough, think big fight is still possible before.

In the end you have a good offensive power, and need to increase the variety of surface box and back box score means such as hook, retreat step jumper so. At the same time the pace of the basket, fake shaking movement is also important insider tips, which can take a look at the video to learn about the Internet, and more investment in the basket shot, turned back after a layup box should practice the increase in multi-touch.

You mentioned that you have very good perimeter shooting, then you can look like Channing Frye or the Internet some of the inside like kite-flying and point guard Trying to cut to the outside cover of the ball after the shot of the video space, then learn about. I do not know your moves faster unhappy, if mobility can also be small if he can learn to Sri Lanka to his teammates after the basket under screens cut into the empty-handed tactics, which are more basic.

However, it appears your problem may be more defensive large, tall enough bounce is not good, not hat people, but you can learn that in the basket to Hayes who squeezed out of the effort, in which amateur basketball rim from the more much lower hit rate is the truth. Of course, you have enough experience on defense and not be the other inside players feint or shaking the fool, spend more time playing baseball, the experience accumulated points will be much better.

Your height and jumping ability also affects rebounds, but the Internet also has tutorials to teach you how to key positions in the basket rob rebounds, rebounds can rely on a lot of sense.

Your only by physical problems usually do more to improve the long-distance running and other training. . . Because most of the basket post player to rely on force to play, so you body will inevitably spend a lot of fight in the physical, this is not a way.

But you can also try to play small forward, this position may be more flexible, you can look at some well-known among the NBA League striker such as Ray Allen is depends on how you empty-handed post moves to get the ball out of defensive shooting, so you most good training time to find a friend to feed the ball to you directly you do catch-and-shot (the ball on the vote). If the person inside empty you can always insert inside the ball singles, this also give full play to the advantage of your body strong.

Good luck -
zyzdzhzyzdzh2010-04-10 22:45:48 +0000 #3
I suggest you play small forward, you do not highlight the height, weight (body) is not obvious, first of all put center, large front excluded. Physically impossible, then guard removed, leaving only the small front for you, if you intend to play professional direction, then, are not afraid, because you have backup! You better do some good projects on the physical and thought they bounce.
Xiao Jin Yan2010-04-10 23:22:03 +0000 #4
your right to fight back
Meng Qi Lin L 12010-04-11 00:02:42 +0000 #5
I suggest you to play power forward -! Although your height is not too high -! But the long arm Well. . And you just play for a major field to help your team win on the next point. . Then in the -! After the basketball ah -! Practice practice and more patience - and!

For example, early arrival for a school. . If you can run two laps before the playground this time you ran 3 laps. Turns to the appropriate growth. . . Not to tired to. . Then after the bounce is not specifically for training. . When the race as long as you are cheering for each jump not be the end Well look. . Oh -!
Massa 52010-04-10 22:34:36 +0000 #6
sf-small forward

you just height and weight, no problem

fighting after a small pre-exercise and training a breakthrough in the long-range shooting and, as a small forward should not be too independent, multi-tie with teammate, good defense work on it, physical handicap does not matter. Also note that enhance strength training
ZXCZXCWS2010-04-11 00:46:53 +0000 #7
little brother Hello, first of all to say that your body is in good condition but wants to lay a good basketball, the first step to the first physical side like the place. First, from the basics and learn dribbling, passing, shooting basics, and then long to cultivate this awareness. So you familiar with these basic fully mastering Neng Good Use after beginning to make their own way, and we are all fans of basketball operations, stronger up very easily, I think you should hit the small front and large before the 2 positions, if you can You should go back to the development of online course requirement will be higher. I think you are in addition to mastering the basic skills, but also physical training such as endurance under the bounce just to do the best medium on OK.

I play the audience and half is not the same, full of post moves, a more certain, to read more about what tactics the knowledge bookstores to buy these books.
Ichimaru Silver _L2010-04-11 01:31:02 +0000 #8
play off the bench is for you
3824147772010-04-11 02:14:48 +0000 #9
forward, small forward bias. Make a best sixth man, yes. Tired of people that you called, for your next
960418xcf2010-04-11 00:02:24 +0000 #10
Anthony as the SF, but you physically impossible, to practice very much on the OK

like me, just playing, full field bolted (the audience), you want to learn more Hamilton Walton's run method, I school him



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