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Put you in the Black Rocket

L change2010-04-11 01:11:47 +0000 #1
though the injured Yao Ming, we have been concerned about the Houston game, the transaction closed before the door is dropped Morey eyes made a deal to 兰德里麦蒂 more practical West three players sent away, in exchange for striker Martin and several do not know what the hell the guy called. This transaction interesting? Endorse cap space? Understandable. But now look at the rocket, the three-game losing streak, alas
I have not even left2010-04-11 01:28:04 +0000 #2
landlord not obsessed with Landry, and, undeniably, Carl remarkable performance of the rocket. But look at the data in his rocket? 16.8 points, did not remember correctly, right? Although this is a conditional diagnosis in the case of Yao Ming emerged. And they must be virtually certain of his. . So Murray recalls, this guy left the down? Summer has come and will not be the same as Weifu sky asking price? ? Kept in while he still can use the transaction value. Shot as early as possible. Fuzheng Scola. Transactions to Martin is not entirely a bad thing, at least he does not need too much is the ball in their own hands to attack the players, with different types of Tracy McGrady. As for the landlord that a few so-called What the devil do not know guys, trading just add the first summer to get out of people. . . Do not waste too much thought. . Do not know if the landlord did not pay attention to this transaction directly to the rocket released a number of salary. . Consider this part of the free money. Grow old with Battier, Scola will certainly have a large contract? Trevor Ariza can provide athletic ability of the rocket in the summer there will be action.
Ambiguous Ashin2010-04-11 01:40:38 +0000 #3



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