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Piaoliangyuan2010-04-11 04:12:11 +0000 #1
1. When I used to play jump-step layup, first break, and then the air hold the ball, your feet touch the ground. At this point I can not move to stop it?

2. If you can, I can be any pin axis foot, the other cross-step layup it?

3. I can jump step is to stop the dribble as you is not first break, jump directly to the movement hold the ball landed, then I can switch to spot it? One foot as the axis.
sos009woaini2010-04-11 04:21:58 +0000 #2
1. Can. Avoid that, can not hold the ball with both hands and jump step, it is illegal jump. Rely on hand dribble and the ball sense of inertia and jump step, and hold the ball with both hands.

2. Not. Step three-step offense, is not intended to take the three steps were thinking foul, no foul in step 2. To shooting, passing. 3. For your question, I understand a few.

A. No case of sudden jump step, his hands ball to jump shot, you can kick axis rotation, of course, can also cross-step layup off both feet, but remember not to the axis from the ground feet first, because pivot foot is not immobile. Be the ball off the ground.

This is Michael Jordan's stunt move, you look at the video on the understanding of the matter, ha ha, I used this method jumper.

B. Fast run time, followed by step jump step, with the problem 2.

Professional referees (like me, hehe) will see very clearly, you need more practice, basketball pay attention to rhythm, you are A or B situation in the situation, veteran will see very clearly. A trick to prevent would like to use Dr. B has resorted to the embarrassing situation.
Pig Xiaofen2010-04-11 04:24:59 +0000 #3
skip essentials must remember to step foot while landing, so can any one foot after landing for the center pin, so after the jump step convergence movements have more choices, more diverse.

Jumps are usually holding action before the jump ball after step took almost all that is not a dribble move and jump step, so there is no concept of what had shoulder. Even over the shoulder, and after the jump you will not make another step, it will not blow your second dribble of Oh

jump step is actually a stop the ball moves, dribble in the jump in the step, hop step in the completion of to dribble the ball from the process. Step two types of trip hop, two foot landing and at the same time has the difference between landing.

The latter can take-off leg or foot, the former take-off must be off your feet, then two legs have landed, if one leg off floor and then has just gone on without the formation of two-step layup, the ball still in hand where offenders are walking.

As for what to do step dance moves do not care, just do not elbow someone's face like Oh's turn deliberately -
illf20052010-04-11 05:15:51 +0000 #4
Issue 1: Yes

Question 2: No, the situation is the issue of an action only after shooting or passing, dribbling move was to walk again

Question 3: You can hold the ball landed, but could not do the act of shooting in the air after landing, either directly in the air shot, falls to the ground does not turn directly across a step layup is permissible, because you do not dribble moves, with one foot, then turned around the axis will be treated as walk
the dream dust2010-04-11 04:51:16 +0000 #5
actually a very good explanation of this situation, both feet off the ground after the fall at the same time determined to jump, As long as you dribble the ball a short distance generally hold after the jump as a jump step, and then allowed to cross step. But the rules are different for different people, like little emperors are the standard crab step is illegal and Jumps in between, so do not care about the daily play too much, as long as you do not hold the same standing long jump ball jump step, and then take off again I guess We will allow the
dickeyfeng2010-04-11 05:19:14 +0000 #6
1. can. This is called trip.

2. To use the last Nazhi foot landing foot as a focus. In situ switch, no longer can cross the

NBA inside, I guess you are looking to see more Kobe-CBA which can not be - ruled walk 3. As a step to stop dribble jump to see how you jump slightly. If you bunny hop - can be seen as a stop dribbling. But if you are a small dance step, then whatever you slightly - do not have to stop the dribble in the. In addition you can also skip people, ah small - is that the case was closed ah - small jump through the middle, you can continue to dribble ah - is to see what jumps you slightly. Behind that question, if you really jumped up, and it can not be transferred, if you jump, then jump on the equivalent of a rabbit - not sub-a - if you do not jump, then the process of movement to stop the dribble, then - you can do with the last one foot center pin, and then transferred in situ -



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