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Basketball in the terminology in English how to say, when the game

Lebulanga cold2010-04-11 05:12:02 +0000 #1
want thugs walking space so seconds
shadow198711232010-04-11 05:22:24 +0000 #2
first answer the above-mentioned:

thugs: hacking

walk: traveling

3 second: three-second

space: wide open

and then add a few:

(slam) dunk: (strong) Dunk

bank shot: cleaning Cricket

double pump: rod-style shoot (verb)

fade-away shot : backward-type jumper

hook shot: shot hook shot

jump shot: a jumper

layup: dribble layup

perimeter shot: in the distance shooting

set shot: standing shot

three-point shot: one-third of the ball

assist: help Power

block shot: blocks, cover pot child

defensive rebound: Defensive Rebounds

field goal percentage: shooting percentage

field goal: throw hit

free throw percentage: free throw percentage

free throw: free-throw offensive rebound: Offensive rebounds Ball

rebound: Rebound

scoring: score

steal: steals

three-point shot percentage: three-point accuracy

turnover: mistakes

backboard: rebounds

back court: After the field

freethrow lane: free throw circle, closed

freethrow line: free-throw line

front court: pre-field

game clock: race clock

halftime: intermission

hoop: hoop, ring

mid-court: Midfielder

net: New Jersey

painted area: free throws circle, closed

restricted area near the basket: the restricted area of the small circle under the basket area

rim: basket, ring

scoring table: record sets, scoring station

shot clock: time clock (the offensive to be in 24 seconds shot and the ball must touch the hoop, otherwise unauthorized)

three-point line: one-third (the ball) line

top of the circle: the top of the third near the restricted area (the ball) line near

wing: (left and right sides ) The bottom line region

backdoor cut: the bottom line to the basket from both sides of the tactical

block out: the other players stopped, so strong is not easy to basketball, card bit

cut: Cut

double team: defensive player with a two-team offensive player

dribble out the time: the offensive way to dribble the remaining game time consumed

eat up the clock: the offensive way to dribble or pass the remaining game time consumed

fast break: Quick Attack

foul strategy: foul tactics

give and go: (the offensive ball player) transfer all tactical

jockey for position: (the basket) card bit

milk the time away: the offensive way to dribble or pass consumed matches The remaining time

one-one-one defense: Man to Man defense

pick and roll: (doing a cover of the offensive players) block all tactical

post-up play: (the offensive players face away from the basket ball) single eat each other's defensive player of the tactical

triple team: defensive player with a three-team offensive players

zone defense: area defense, zone defense

(throw a) baseball pass: (fast attack time) a long pass

(shoot) an air ball : (vote) air-ball, "bread"

behind-the-back dribble: Behind the (handover) dribble

carrying the ball: "turn the ball"

cross-leg dribble: crotch dribble

dribble: Games Ball

driving to the hoop: ball layup

four-point play: Dropping 3-point shot after another foul penalty for being further divided

hacking: thugs foul

holding: handle foul

make the basket:

make shots the hoop: shooting baskets

monster dunk: Kuangmeng dunk

nothing but the net: hollow ball (into the basket)

palming: "turn the ball"

reverse dunk: back dunk

reverse lay-up: backhand to go basket

shoot behind the arc: cast pointers

score a basket: shooting baskets

swish: hollow ball (into the basket)

tap in: prop the ball into the basket

three-point play: Dropping two points due to foul after the ball and then throws a point



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