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Indoor basketball and outdoor basketball difference

Password storm death2010-04-11 05:12:09 +0000 #1
Indoor Basketball Indoor / Outdoor Basketball Outdoor Basketball

↓ ↓ ↓

PU material / leather synthetic rubber Rubber

I am here to ask is what these three have their own characteristics and differences between the ball

focus Indoor / outdoor basketball and the ball can wear

and how to identify whether the basketball indoor / outdoor type of how to mark:

Indoor / Outdoor Basketball

know it's kind whether there is continuous "Indoor / Outdoor" marks the if

that the ball is indoor / outdoor basketball and can do?

answered clearly more closely replicate the Walk eggs
Blue degrees2010-04-11 05:21:02 +0000 #2
indoor basketball courts and outdoor basketball courts What is the difference?

Article 1 court size

1, the golf course is a rectangular solid plane, no obstructions.

2, for the main FIBA official competitions, stadium dimensions: length 28 meters, 15 meters wide, the golf course is measured along the boundary measured from the inside.

3, for all other games, the FIBA appropriate departments, such as the Regional Committee of the regions or continents race or national federation of all domestic competitions, the right to approve the following size range of the existing golf course: the length reduction 4 m, width is reduced by 2 meters, as long as the change in proportion to each other.

4, the ceiling or at least the minimum barrier height of 7 meters.

5, stadium lighting should be uniform, light intensity should be sufficient. Lighting equipment shall not impede the placement of the visual team.

6, the size of all new course to the main FIBA official competitions and the requirements of the same: 28 meters long, 15 meters wide.

No. 2 line and the size of

the lines mentioned in this article should be:

1, with the same color paint;

2, a width of 0.05 m (5 cm)

3, clear and legible.

(A) the boundary

1, the golf course to use lines provided by the second draw, and the line from the audience, billboards or any other obstructions at least 2 meters.

2, the golf course called the long side of the boundary edges, the short side of the boundary is called the end line.

(B) one from the sidelines of the dotted line parallel to the end line called the center line; midline extension to the sidelines on both sides of 0.15 m (15 cm).

(C) free-throw line, restricted area and penalty area

1, the free throw line and side lines parallel to its outer edge from the end line in along the 5.80 m; side of the line length of 3.60 meters. It must fall on the midpoint of the two side lines connecting the midpoint of the imaginary line.

2, from the free throw line to the ends of two lines drawn from the midpoint of the end line and 3 m (both measured from the from the outer edge) posed by ground-based regional call restrictions. If the restricted area within the color, its color must be the same color in the circle inside. 3, the penalty area is restricted area to the free throw line with the midpoint of a circle, with 1.80 m radius, drawn to the restricted zone by the semicircle area. In the restricted area of the semicircle to be drawn into a dotted line. 4, the location of areas on both sides of the penalty area for the team in free throw to use. Drawing as follows:

(1) The first line along the distance of 1.75 meters inside the end line, measured along the sidelines on both sides of the penalty area.

(2) the first location area with a width of 0.85 meters (85 cm), and the region beginning with the neutral side phase.

(3) a neutral region with a width of 0.40 meters (40 cm), and other lines with the same solid color coating.

(4) the second location area and the neutral area adjacent to a width of 0.85 meters (85 cm).

(5) The third location area adjacent to the second location area, a width of 0.95 meters (85 cm).

(6) All areas used to draw the lines of these locations, the length of 0.10 meters (10 cm) and perpendicular to the outside of the penalty area boundary line.

(D) in the circle of the pitch circle to draw the center of a radius of 1.80 m, measured from the outer edge of the circle.

If the internal coloring in the circle, its color must be the same coloring inside the restricted area.

(E) Area with 3 shots from 3-point shooting team area is near the basket than the other conditions the following areas outside of the stadium area. These conditions included:

1, respectively, 1.25 m away from the sideline, from the end line leads to two parallel lines;

2 with a radius of 6.25 m (measured to the outer arc) arc (semicircle) with two parallel lines intersect;

3 The arc of the center of a circle to the other basket in the center of the intersection of the vertical line on the ground. Along the end line from the center of a circle within a distance of 1.575 m midpoint.

Note: If the pitch is less than the width of 15 m, 6.25 m radius arc remaining on the draw.

(F) regional team seats according to the regional team I draw the following conditions:

1, stations and club seats in the record the same side of the counter (see "field size" map);

2, each region from the end line by an extension of at least 2 meters outside the line, and another 5 meters away from the center line and perpendicular to the sideline and at least 2 m long line of the limit.


I, during the game, only allow coaches, assistant coaches, substitutes and a maximum of 5 persons with specific duties travel with the team (such as: team leader, doctor, massage, statisticians, translators, etc.) sitting in the team seats in the region.

Others I can not sit in the team within 5 meters.

2, along with their staff to enjoy rights and responsibilities. Therefore, his behavior under the jurisdiction of the referee.

3, if the situation warrants, the main judge can reduce the team I travel with the team staff within the region the number

(1) size:

court must be rectangular, its length, not more than 130 yards, but also can not be shorter than 100 yards; it over

over 100 yards wide, can not be shorter than 50 yards. (International Competition of course, the length from 110 to 120 yards, a width of 70 to 80 yards.) And in any case, the length must be greater than width.

(2) the line:

race course must have a clear line, line width not more than 5 inches (12 centimeters), can not have V shaped groove. Both sides of the long

the line, called the edges; both ends of the shorter line, called the end line (or goal line). Four corners of the court, should be a flat top of each vertical bar 1

flags, flag pole height of not less than five feet (1 meter 50 centimeters); again in middle of both ends of the court, the at least one

yards from the sidelines where should the shaft of a flag pole, the same style. Should cross the midline stadium, the stadium should be marked with a clear central point, and

should be that of a circle, 10 yards radius, a uniform circle.

(3) goal areas:

both ends of the court's end line (goal), each six yards from the goal posts where the floor to draw a vertical line six yards long, so that with the end line at right angles

and more designated line these two vertical stretch to connect the two ends of the venue, and with the end lines parallel, in this three-line and end line within the ground

surface, called the goal area.

(4) penalty area:

at both ends of the end of the online course, the goal posts 18 yards away from the place, to the floor to draw a vertical line 18 yards long, so that with the end line at right angles,

more designated line will be The two ends of the vertical toward the inside connections, and parallel with the end line, in this three-line and end line within the ground, called the penalty

ball area. Inside the goal line 12 yards away from the central office, each for a clear sign that this is the penalty 12 yards the ball penalty spot.

Penalty for every point as center, 10 yards radius, uniform arc outside the penalty area.

(5) Corners area:

to every corner of the flag pole erected point as center, a code length as the radius, mark a circle in the course of a quarter.

(6) goal:

goal should be located in both ends of the central line, and must have two erect pillars, shelves of a crossbar and two goal posts should be equidistant to the corner flag.

Two goal posts 8 yards apart (from the column measured from the inner side), the bottom rung as eight feet from the ground. Goal post and crossbar width should be the same.

Goal post and crossbar width and thickness, shall not exceed five inches (12 cm). After loading a web portal, connected to the post and crossbar and

the ground, but should be properly sustained the net, so that the goalkeeper ample room to maneuver.

◎ net marijuana available, woven jute or nylon, but nylon fibers of the rope, hemp or jute can not be compiled than fine
wangdui1112010-04-11 06:01:33 +0000 #3
indoor basketball and outdoor basketball is similar to indoor play basketball than in the outdoor basketball However, the indoor heat a little more comfortable playing basketball.
Lihao36421112010-04-11 05:27:44 +0000 #4
good string Oh
luo20378952010-04-11 05:32:48 +0000 #5
Indoor Outdoor biggest difference is the different venues, indoor Wooden floor, what outdoor has no land surface, basketball is not much distinction, and one is a kind of leather is colored plastic, usually colored plastic outdoor ball. In fact, the biggest difference between indoor and outdoor shoes, the choice of indoor shoes grip on the higher capacity requirements, outside of the relatively high damping capacity requirements. I know also that these out to the dotted Oh



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