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How to dunk? .. Jumping 1.76 meters, I can grasp a single grasping basket .. but unstable ..

Samu 412010-04-11 07:11:08 +0000 #1
I am off one foot for each test are rushing dunk the ball after the press in the past (not live grasping the ball .. ) .. and then after each time the ball is missed basket canopies pop up and then my hands can barely grasp the box just fell off .. then ...
▓ nothing was Jue love Ai ℡2010-04-11 07:19:59 +0000 #2
Hello -

You have to practice your jumping again to see more please click more detail

practicing jumping in a little practice but you no problem under -

I am referring to the next -

General dunk approach -

45 ° dribble left to do three-step layup. only transported about the pace should be adjusted, in three seconds off the inner edge, there is a fly in the air, this can to the upper limbs to allow adequate space to display their action. dunks the key here, when 20cm away from the ring, his eyes fixed on the trailing edge of the ring, one-handed push down the trailing edge of the ring to pound the ball, be sure to press wrist, with the blue ball into the circle of feeling, and then quickly withdraw his hand, to avoid injuries. best not to single out for the ring. landing must pay attention to balance.

When you start the experiment without the special wrist force, as long as the ball into the ring can, after mastering the essentials action, you can free fly deducted.

No matter how you take off does not really matter, as long as you jump high enough. dunks mainly to master technology action. with one hand can not catch the ball does not matter. as long as the feel good, feel like the ball stuck in the same hands.

other promotions a performance-based deduction method, in the third line is about being on the basket, good computing pace (usually the right hand, for example, left foot slightly before the point in the right foot, right foot first out when starting, and then to a three-step, exactly left off), first ball of the gas pump enough, certainly bombs high enough for the job action with shooting the ball toward the ring, must be in radians, it is best to keep the ball in three seconds between the inner office and the location of the hoop landed after bouncing high in the basket on the best 10cm or so, people go with the ball, master the time difference, jump in the ring after the one hand Hold the ball, hard to the hoop in one hit!!!

great! ---

hope - on the help you -!
Bian and the Jade2010-04-11 07:22:38 +0000 #3
increase hand strength, continue to strengthen the spring.
Wzz59943232010-04-11 08:26:08 +0000 #4
strengthen the hand skills

and handcuffs when a hand ball put up the feeling of not throwing out

envy you, ah - jump really high

wish you a speedy dunk success
China blog Union2010-04-11 08:09:56 +0000 #5
practice it.



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