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Basketball singles low points, essentials, and move technology?

l637533542010-04-11 07:11:26 +0000 #1
I have high one, 178CM, 65KG, bouncing 70CM. Would like to learn to play inside, because in the past has been on the outside, the class of people called me to expand the scope scores, mixed bread where to go inside. Hope you master, prawns have been able to give me the most valuable experience and advice
190295802010-04-11 07:25:06 +0000 #2
you are outside guest inside singles, and Zhan Zhuang in the center back to play is very different, and I only talk about the difference.

1, first you need to learn to place, or else a bit of white pull anything. You are perimeter players, no need to use brute force as the center to place all the same, there are many ways, I, for example, you pass the ball to the middle, pretending to cut into the inside to do combination passes, ran an angle of 45 degrees region turn trip, this time the defender general you have behind you, and the wearer stuck his hand to the ball it wants.

2, to protect the ball, playing inside center is to hold high the high hit, the ball down to a very taboo, it is because of him. Outside to inside would try to hit the ball lower, taboo lifted. You always watch the game know that a lot of outside shots the players are held inside the ball into the shooting had been destroyed the instant the ball. 3, to learn hook, not a lot of play outside of the hook, you have to play up into the inside of your anti-watches is, backward shot inside crowded environment is not practical. 4, if not start back to play, can be turned to face red after the ball hit the basket, especially small to play big, to have to fight! You have to believe: the high than I did my fast, faster than I did my weight! 5, outside into the inside is just a guest and can not always Yongzhe Zhao (unless you place the body and bad). If several people attracted to the defense, you are not the Terminator center is inside attack, your goal has been achieved - and quickly pass it!
Ai_kujie2010-04-11 07:28:56 +0000 #3
ah you a little short, the proposed learn Scola or Olajuwon's footwork should be very useful!

Multi-skill, height is not enough bounce to make up!

In a more understand the brain!

Specific technology that is not clear, the best learn to face basket box and have to learn a science background, so that only full, or look back baskets inside to fight technology! See more of the older generation of video!
___ Small A2010-04-11 08:12:06 +0000 #4

First of all, I counted a site to be very stable, or very easy to do when action is needed to train their walk

followed by a right hand turn after the thin inside

but you are not willing to lose

carry moving
wuying63863642010-04-11 07:28:28 +0000 #5
I height and weight are Like you, I also have been floating on the outside to shoot and break through the main. Point inside the banner recently, I feel the opportunity to master the most important shot is the difference between playing time. Then after that turn around and turn around jumper singles, After all, let is outside, so their shots definitely have to spend. I suggest you turn around to see Kevin Garnett or Kobe Bryant jump shot, very useful. No body, do not learn to play the kind of strong center, should skillfully winning.
Mx1512010-04-11 07:54:47 +0000 #6
You're too thin, and many thought they hook! Lower extremity strength! You have flexible thin edge, to see Olajuwon's videos, can learn a lot! You learn with Olajuwon action! Must learn!



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