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How to lay a good center?

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How to lay my 188 center
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Hello -

more practice basketball in the exercise and real war we have to maintain a good state of mind

good mentality: Do not think you can not think of No good teammates to play more shameful failure to embarrass yourself

To know basketball is not just to train hard on the basketball court to prove his own show -!

To never give up -! Persist in the end -!

Next step is to detail the next -!

Center a lot of skill, according to the different types of center have different skills, such as large O'Neal's dunks. Yao's turnaround jumpers. There is a big board like Duncan did. Although the center of different types have different trick, but general will say they still have common gender: the first as the peak to have board, this is the most important, there is the ability to have close scores. to be able to give his teammates a reasonable time passes and so on.

1 center spot shot back, using time:

1, when the center hands the ball when the players back basket, pressure defense in the face of other circumstances, can be directly shot back shots;

2, when center back basket with both hands holding the ball, the players have turned the use of step hook shot impossible shot or shots may make use of standing back shooting;

3, when the center back basket holding the ball, players can combine false action, such as the use of upper body left and right confused feint feint or turn around the other side, the back top of the shots.

2, action method: (to back of the basket is an example) when the center player in the restricted area off the place, received a companion pass, the feet or so before the opening, and bend knees. When the other defensive players close behind, the elbow catch natural droop, visual midpoint of the side basket, his arms stretched above the back, hands the ball hard even cast.

Third, technical points: center members should be back to feel each other's defense case, eyes, as the side basket (assuming two goals basket for the one line), in which the other basket according to their distance and angles to assess their own shot shot curvature of the strength and determination. Forced to shoot with both hands even when the body should be coordinated.

4, Advantages: easy to learn moves, shots suddenly, shooting hard cover cover, the other hard to detect, is "a small play big", the "Ling system of large," a highly technical attack.

5 less than: shooting for the basket as the basket or shoot the high side. Need consciously to enhance training. Center team members should note that after the back basket catch with his partner complement each other, looking for opportunities to attack and attack methods, not to blindly use the performance of his standing back shooting back basket. I believe that "Practice makes perfect, and How to primordial wisdom," right back to the basket and shooting techniques in situ anti-people do not have to try.

6, center essentials of several actions and precautions:

1. Backhand shot

Action Methods: The bottom line from the basket on the right breakthrough, shooting to the left example. Step and single-handed shooting the same basket. The first step should be large, the second step is to brake to take off, control the momentum, while the upper body slightly to back, look up basket, the ball directly from the chest to the basket and give direction. When the right arm almost straight along the little finger when the wrist twisting inward direction, with the little finger, ring finger, middle finger, index finger dial the ball, hitting the ball sideways rotation after the shooting board.

2. Hook shot

Action Method: Cutting to the basket player shooting the ball with his right hand example, the right foot taken the catch, while the side pedal force, and then left to take a large step basket, body center of gravity down, upper body tilted to the left, left leg to stomp off, raised his right knee on the right hand holding the ball up from the chest to do by the lateral arc of swing, move the ball to the cephalad above the highest point of the ball at the same time visual basket with wrist and finger strength to shoot the ball touch panel.

Action point: feet vertical jump force, vacated relaxed, good balance, give the ball to stabilize the head, shot timing was clever.

A good center technical requirements have to versatile. In the attack, the center position near the basket singles have the ability, he should be able to do singles action back to the basket, turned and shot one of the most common, while the jump hook, hook shot is a more defensive scoring. Defensively, to be called a good center, that in addition to keep a good look at players outside of their own in the timely help teammates on defense is necessary. Simply put, if the enemy players go past the teammate to the basket on defense and came in center would have the courage man guards the pass, holding the side of the closed area. Of course, not to say that every time can leak, but always to be "to help" the ability, if a center can only hold their own people, that is not enough (unless the other is a powerful offensive center).

Center there is a deformation, that is, outside the so-called center. He is the difference between the normal center of his attack mainly go out to vote outside, and do less work restricted singles. As the center of the tall, other short man simply could not restrain, so to the outside shooting to lead out the other side of the center, so its very useful when strong forward, and in defense, he would center the same as the general, still defend against Fangzhong Feng, still grip rebounds, Utah's Mehmet Okur is an example.

The following spring to teach you some personal training methods, more practical:

First of all you have to master the method of jump, you jump when the toes force, and remember to tuck off the moment (this may at first be hard, but for a long time will naturally curl up), bring up the whole body, especially hands, jump up when the hands are too hard! off breathing to inhale, exhale after landing! refueling exercise it, in addition to emphasis on training bounce, should focus on basketball practice!

Second Spring training methods other than those outside the large, more detailed class exercises you want to focus on:

1, explosive power, you can practice this meter sprint, so good for calf muscles explosive, lots of practice and from 100 m or 50 m sprint it.

2, usually more than skipping a day, hundreds of thousands of sub-total jump. This is to reduce the fat, and increase the leg muscles increased sexual drive .

3, you are still young. you have room for growth later, we first do not rush to hope for success, slowly, step by step according to the training class on the department, will be successful, trust yourself, to pay There will be rewarded!!!

I believe you are not bad bounce, you just want to improve your jumping, I have just said. You are more practice before the big training methods now pay attention to the details of the training methods are, but also pay attention to diet, do not let that I'm too fat, some thin and do not prefer more fat. because the skinny people are often very high jump, like those tied to the legs ah what what, it is best not desirable, I have tried, does not work. and Gaode feet very tired, not any results ..

The key is to practice exercises leg muscles (thigh, calf) and the calf's explosive ...

Oh, and then add that you squat, put his hands behind, and then jump ladder, jump started a 2. and then slowly add up, so his feelings turn out to be good , and the standing jump up, hands up ... so naturally ... there can also be practiced long jump, standing long jump and running long jump red, these details are the key to determine your Spring ah!!!

must constantly practice and practice in actual combat to be a serious effort to deal more to turn around and singles Commentary



look 2 Video:

1, Boozer back body

2, the foreign body back teaching video particularly useful -!


in the low singles should correct each other's fitness movement based on the pace and Spring terms to carry out, if you are stronger than the other speed in the above, or if you bounce a good body you should not take back singles, singles back Shen response should be weaker than themselves some of the players, this will not lose! The practice method is to rely on one to one carried out, a person can not be completed These actions should be playing in the back to back, closely aligns to squeeze each other's future, dribble as much as possible to lower the natural waist must bend some, pushed you in the range of the ball when you can pick up a half-turn and fight board shot!

hook shot

First of all, the general location of the ball are the center and power forward position. At this point, you pass your defender received the ball, his back to the basket. Hook shot to the first use of the opportunity arises.

The first step to use the shoulder Kaozhu each other, with the body neutralize him.

The second step is the step march to the restricted area inside the left leg (generally offensive to the basket when the baskets are in the right side, which is used to shooting people right the way).

The third step is to turn toward the basket. While the high jump, the ball with his right hand high above his head, preferably straight arm. When you jump to the highest point of time, use your wrist the ball into the basket aside lightly.

His back to opponents threw you back rim, it is impossible to be covered, too late because the other side reactions, most were you scared, I've moved it into before, state high

A more detailed description of center and Skills -

Action defensive rebounding team approach: defensive rebounding team in a favorable position in the offensive team inside generally use more "block grab." First of all, the station should be to maintain the correct posture and bend knees, upper body slightly forward, the focus fell between the legs, arms, elbow occupy a larger area of the side sheets. When the opponents shot after shot, first of all should pay attention to the movements of opponents and, in accordance with the opponent's position, using the step, step and turn to seize the withdrawal of a favorable position, opponents behind him, at the same time, observe the impact point to judge the ball ready to take off . Before take-off foot pedal force, the upward swing arm and put back, hands extended to the direction of the ball impact point, jump the highest point touched the ball with both hands, one hand to the ball or the ball coaching peers. If not grab the ball in the air came out, landing the body should be kept in balance and protect the ball, pass or run time using the defensive to the offensive.

Action Key: accurately determine the direction and impact point rebound the ball and getting to block people, time off, a quick pass.

Offensive rebounding team action approach: attacking players are generally located outside defenders, in locations not conducive to rebound. Therefore, the offensive rebounding team to highlight the "red" words. Mates or their shot, the offensive players near the basket ball first to accurately determine placement, the use of fake body feint moves out of blocking defensive players, around, across, pushed the front or side of the front of the opponents, seize a favorable position position or approach with step off Bulan or rebound.

Action Key: accurately determine the direction and impact point rebound the ball, step, or step around the red rush, time off.


See more recently discovered a site devoted to basketball - Fab Five basketball net (wohoops), personal feeling pretty good, should help a friend like basketball Oh! ! And there is more to explain the rules of basketball. There are a lot of high-definition video technology. There are first-class coach

Cool potatoes to the excellent video site is great

which search you want to see can find

take your time - are fine, ah

Oh refueling wish your early success -
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Fitness 'there skills' to see more NBA 'particular Bosh'
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Basketball sense the most important are a strong body



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