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the task of clarifying, preferably map Oh
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point guard (PG) (Western base) point guard (Point Guard) is the opportunity to pitch the ball Most of the people. He wanted to turn the ball from the back of the court security area Daoqian Chang, then the ball to other teammates, Only then scoring opportunities for others. A qualified point guard must be able to guard him in only one case, over half with the ball without any problem. Then he also has good passing ability, can in most of the time, spread the ball to where the ball should be: sometimes you can shoot a gap, sometimes a better guide ball position. In short, he wanted the ball to flow smoothly, he can score the ball reached the most vulnerable areas. Then go further to say that he should organize the team's offensive, so offensive teammates smoother. For a point guard and some other requirements. In scoring, the ball player is often the team who scores the last one, that is unless the other guys do not have a good opportunity to shot, or he is not an easy shot. Or to another point of view, he has quite a strong ability to score, but its ability to destroy the opponent's defense score, to back his teammates a chance. All in all, the players have a change control principles: on the spot have any chance is better than his teammates, he must get the ball to the opportunity to better teammate. Shooting guard (SG) (West escolta) shooting guard (Shooting Guard) to score as the main task. He is second only to a small forward on the court's second leading scorer, but he does not need training as with narrow forward Yi Ban's singles to test their skills Yin Wei You teammate 帮 he often has identified gap Hou shot. But it's because of this, his first with the stability of the quasi outside to be very good. Shooting guard often do two things, first, have a good gap to vote outside, so outside of his head and the stability of a certain standard is better, or else he denied a good opportunity to mate hardships, but do not go to vote, then on the team's morale and confidence to deal with considerable. The second is to find the gap in the small gap to vote outside, so he shot more quickly. A good point guard can not hope for such a good each time gap, should be able to in a very short period of time to find opportunities for shots, and hit rate should also have a certain standard, so it can make the enemy's defense has the old ways must be opened defensive circle, but more conducive to offensive teammates in the prohibited zone. Small forward (SF) (West alero) small forward (Small Forward) but the team who scores the most important. Small forward most fundamental requirement is to be able to score, but also more distant points. Small forward at short ball, the first thought is how the ball to the basket in Cyprus. He may get rebounds, but unnecessary; he may be will pass, but also unnecessary; he may bounce well, but unnecessary; he may defend good, but still unnecessary. The basic work of a small forward, is to score, score, score again. Shooting small forward, but on the minimum requirements of a position, in general, as long as four percent had even obtained the pass, but Sichengyishang acceptable. Of course, this has a premise that he can score. If a small forward, the ball was a seven per game, eighth, hit rate is also only the pupils, then it might as well forget him to the bench. Anyway, why the small forward shooting can compare low? Yin Wei He is the team's leading scorers, he often shot to actively look for opportunities, to some point steady the minds, or even more difficult for Fang Shi Yi singles Duishou to boost morale, and even played rough Ji opponents, giving the enemy head-on blow Deng. Therefore, there will be more opportunities for small forward shot, and probably not very good opportunity, so we can allow him to lower the hit rate, so long as he can score. Power forward (PF) (West ala-pivot) power forward (Power Forward) in the team as almost all the tasks with hard labor mainly to rebound and defend, all missed his card bit, but to shoot, score, he often the last one. Therefore, the power forward on the basketball court can be regarded as the most insignificant role. Power forward first and foremost task is to grasp rebounds. Power forward is usually the team grabbed the most rebounds, he restricted card in place, with the center line with, often to stir up the team in rebounding responsibilities. In the attack, he often helped his teammates blocking people, then shot at his teammates managed to squeeze in after the grab rebounds, made the second wave of attack. Usually less power forward shot, and its shooting location, they are always very close to the basket, hit his shot high rate requirements. To field five position, the power forward should be one of the highest hit rate, good power forward should be more than up to Daowu Cheng 5. However, because scoring is not his strong point, so his score could be much, but definitely wanted to capture much more rebounds. In addition, the defense capacity of the natural pot when the power forward is necessary, because he wanted to consolidate the restricted area, defense is of course important. Put bluntly, the power forward is to do two things: rebounding and defense. Center (C) (West pivot) center (Center) As the name suggests but a team's central figure. Most of the time he was to stay closed in selling labor, selling body, and his attack in the Code, is the hub of the team, so be named as center. Center to do what work? First of all, since he is inside the bread where the restricted area, then the rebound is absolutely indispensable. Next, the team closed area is strategic ground, of course, can not easily attack opponents to the inside to, so blocks, is also indispensable to build the capacity of hot pot. In the attack, the center often have the opportunity to stand close to the free throw line in the restricted area (This is the center of the offensive field) the ball, then he should have good ability to guide the ball, the ball over the right corner to send . Above three, is the center should have the basic skills. In the team, the center often who are charged with the responsibility to score, he is inside the main scorers, and the corresponding inside and outside a small forward. Because he must be able to singles, so the hit rate on the requirements can be lower, but the location of his shots often closer to the basket, so they should be shooting higher, broadly speaking, five into the second can be used as a standard. Hit rate of the center's requirements, is second only to power forward. A good center had to versatile. In the attack, the center position near the basket singles have the ability, he should be able to do singles action back to the basket, turned and shot one of the most common, while the jump hook, hook shot is a more defensive scoring. Defensively, to be called a good center, that in addition to keep a good look at players outside of their own in the timely help teammates on defense is necessary. Simply put, if the enemy players go past the teammate to the basket on defense and came in center would have the courage man guards the pass, holding the side of the closed area. Of course, not to say that every time can leak, but always to be "to help" the ability, if a center can only hold their own people, that is not enough (unless the other is a powerful offensive center). Center there is a deformation, that is, outside the so-called center. He is the difference between the normal center of his attack mainly go out to vote outside, and do less work restricted singles. As the center of the tall, other short man simply could not restrain, so to the outside shooting to lead out the other side of the center, so its very useful when strong forward, and in defense, he would center the same as the general, still defend against Fangzhong Feng, still grip rebounds. Fuel oil
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What tactics what tasks, how Yi Gai and all of the



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