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Martin, like how ah

nana4289342010-04-11 10:10:09 +0000 #1
how many points before averaging
Kevin___Martin2010-04-11 10:19:19 +0000 #2
Fitness excellent running and jumping ability to outstanding, with 42-inch run-up jump and bounce on the alliance with the speed the pace of most of PG. Slim, light weight against the ability of these two led to his weak, in the case of strong technical action against the easily deformed or even cause errors. His failure rate was very high at a certain time. Control of the ball above the level in the Union, when faced full-court press 221 can replace the PG point. There are no show NBA PG level passing awareness and technology, breaking into the restricted area in the ball after the sub-options are relatively small, as the player's ability to organize and coordinate the development and awareness yet. Projection ability to highlight, although the weird shooting positions, but often beyond the arc to maintain a very high hit rate, the road between the shooting ability is relatively less stable. As SG, he's rebounding quite good awareness and protection, often in 30 minutes time contribution to the 5-6 score

specific data, see References
bitingjiao2010-04-11 10:28:45 +0000 #3
Martin I think: good physical But as the players inside him, not height. As outside it, in the long-range shots are not allowed. Rely on body collision and bounce rates. Each of 10 basic pay would also have to it, this is a star, and superstar, but also some gaps.



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