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a2841974662010-04-11 13:11:01 +0000 #1
basketball basic skills of my good, although I like to play, how play can also play that well, I have not much time high 2 Is there any way to help train the next fat I ah well I am a little tall 1 m 69 so how can increase the bounce ah `` `Do not copy the answer as ```
sunye07152010-04-11 13:17:09 +0000 #2
actually play basketball in part, by talent, but if you acquired to also achieve a certain level , you know, no matter how hard you'll never reach the level of Jordan. Would like to make efforts, Learn the basics first, then, is the dribble, can skilled hands when dribbling the most basic, this extraordinary time in the ball to make some movement to extraordinary, out of an hour a day to practice your dribble, if left on Danlian left unskilled. Must adhere to the general lack access to one month can be skilled. Had finished, you can dribble drive and shoot their own action to do something to improve your hit rate, do not rush, the first blue well the basket shooting and layups, not too early to practice shooting and three-point fixed, will affect your accuracy. Spend more time with my classmates what playing practice sessions, add some more field experience, may know less than you, there are beginners and others can play fierce point, not embarrassed. The break to think about some of his own playing skills. Bounce it, in fact, how do you not much training has increased, and your physique, this is natural, but you're nothing more than jumped up and touched the backboard can also benefit, in the final analysis we must adhere to ah! I had such a practice is, and now I am our school varsity. I wish you happy playing ---
qq5221767272010-04-11 13:44:49 +0000 #3
deft deft coax2010-04-11 13:57:26 +0000 #4
talk at length

1: a word! Practice! To win the ball and, apart from no shortcuts!

2: the most important basic skills, you know, it should train the basics, or you see more videos imitation, useless 3: fat to lose weight

4: step up every night to find a stool , standing above the ball of your foot, if the imbalance can use a finger leaning on the wall, repeatedly lifting forefoot, 1 second twice on the line, know that they tired of location, adhere to four weeks, then rest one week

remember housing, basic skills most important, do not ignore the basics of light to practice jumping! While good, good bounce, a more casual play nice, but remember that spring is not the most important

Yes, add that if you do not want to lose weight, do not bother to practice basic skills, then practice shooting it, Nerishige marksman still NB
kusogoflyyoyo2010-04-11 13:49:03 +0000 #5
You can be a role player Mody and practice the shots, the most important is to practice, Kobe is to practice out of the ah. Oh, you can have confidence.
Fanturderer2010-04-11 13:56:28 +0000 #6
I hit control bit.

A little fat is more fat? If control bit flexible enough to also play well.

First practice basic skills, dribbling. Night (or dark Office) repeated dribble, dribble in front of both hands, to crotch dribble, turn around and dribble, dribble shuttle run, dribbling through the barrier to be practicing.

There is the ball, hitting the ground ball, running pass, turn around and pass.

Force can not be ignored, upper body strength, lower extremity strength, abdominal waist should be trained, according to their own circumstances, there is the weight, we must lose weight! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Spring, look for one step, one foot slam hands on the railings before the half to move up and down stairs (repeated cushion foot order)

there is the repeated high jump, Mogao, do Xianlei.



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