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How to break layup basketball dribbling?

8452273042010-04-11 17:11:20 +0000 #1
My height is around 162, can be fairly flexible, I recommend recommend the recipe for the ball to the basket of technologies.
QuincyG2010-04-11 17:26:34 +0000 #2
you compare the short, then I recommend Iverson-style layup should be enough.

Ai Fuxun basketball individual skills can be said to be a peak in one of the (NBA emergence of a number of different types of basketball summit, such as Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, etc.). The overall features of this peak is mainly embodied in a "quick" word. Break through the first two steps faster; shot off fast; fast-break layup approach fast, jump fast. With exceptional running ability and jumping ability to hover, forming the basic technical characteristics Yifu Xun.

Yifu Xun's "fast" everyone can see, but why he is so fast? May not be clear to everyone. Basketball

technically fast, of course, must have a certain absolute speed as a basis, but this is not an absolute factor. 100 meters to 11 seconds or so of people in a lot of people (estimated Yifu Xun's 100 m speed also in 11 seconds or so), but basketball can achieve Yifu Xun such "fast" would be his only one! And basketball does not need real-meter speed, a few meters to 10 meters is sufficient. The following analysis of several of his technology "quick" fundamentals, hope to those who want to excel as a youth basketball udarnik little help.

1, the first two fast break: break through to fast break to prepare before the start is extremely important. Essentials is the first movement is "dry relaxed waist, full body center of gravity forward," similar to the sprint start. "Waist Dry relax" very important, is the key to fast start! Noting Yifu Xun situation before the breakthrough yet? He can be done "very relaxed waist dry." Many players are always Bie had a break before the force of mortality, did not know before the break should be the full relaxation! The second is a breakthrough before the feint. Break before the action has two effects leave a role deceive each other, to break through manufacturing space. Another more important role is to provide quick reaction forces break through (or drive). Only two roles are full of false action is successful. Some players tend to only know the first role of feint, while ignoring the more important second effect, so a breakthrough technology to greatly reduced the (seriously think about your actions have a second role in fake it?). A rapid breakthrough in the completion of high quality must be established and quality at the right false start moves on. There is a feint in essence, to prepare action shooting, outside shooting prospective players often do not need another false move, as long as the ball ready to move immediately to make a shot, but his shot ready to break through before the action can start with the preparations for combined extraordinary quality can be achieved. Therefore, the "cast" and "conflict" is the basketball individual skills of two mutually dependent protection of important technology. Just have a technology easily be defensive players. Domestic pitchers often can not "suddenly" in an important game to play on hard. Yifu Xun the most trouble is that he can "vote" to "surprise", so it is very difficult to defend. Fortunately, his shot is not very stable, or even more difficult to prevent (again, thanks to a breakthrough on Miller is not strong, otherwise the same. That is probably why nothing is perfect it).

2, shot off fast: jumping either to jump fast, and second, Tiaode Gao. Dance fast and Tiaode Gao is not the same. Of course, if the physical mechanics from the point of view, the object height from the ground if the same initial velocity are the same, no same speed. But basketball is technically a "quick jump" is not the initial speed of the body off the ground, but to "complete the preparation of short take-off" fast. We also ready to take off, who's "time to complete the process of preparing a short takeoff," will "jump quickly." In the biological point of view of dynamics, power good people Tiaode Gao thigh, calf strength of good people to dance fast. Because the use of leg power "to complete the process of preparing a short time off." I hope the "quick jump" people must pay attention to exercise legs and feet, arch strength. To know "Tiaode Gao" on a smaller player is far from "quick jump" important. Because Ai Fuxun only 180cm, and then jump over 2 meters high relative big one did not advantage, there is important to dance fast. Francis vacant ground 120cm, even better than Yifu Xun, but not from the Matches Yifu Xun jump fast. Therefore more difficult to defend some of Yifu Xun. Ai Fuxun sudden jump shot, was very fast, often defender had a chance to respond he has shot the ball. This is of course related to his light as possible, but he may well have legs is also an important factor in jumping ability.

Third, fast-break layup soon: Yifu Xun's layup including approach speed, take off fast. In fact, I personally enjoyed the Yifu Xun's layup technique. 180cm height, actually in force as a mountain height, such as forest NBA games could be so casual to the basket, really is always lovely. When I was young playing basketball fast break layup also known for, in the surrounding "country bumpkin" is also a minor celebrity fans, so layup is no stranger to watch the game player's layup process of awareness is estimated few accidents. However, in view Yifu Xun's layup was always able to find that he can use my unexpected manner layup process, and then completed with a very beautiful, not pretentious, really rare (I do not appreciate too much for mere show-style artificial layup and dunk). Therefore, great attention to technical analysis Yifu Xun's layup, but also compared with their own experiences. Most people like the high jump run-up layup as always: a big step forward until after the small step of a brake vacated layup. Obviously approach the body movements and slow fluctuations, which were created to defend the basic conditions for a reasonable cover. Cool defender easily determine the flight time and route, but also have time to cover his final step. If the height, spring holds certain advantages, one mind, "hot pot" in this form. So, a little man must first master the fast break layup layups such law, so that defenders can not judge their own layup of flight time and route, certainly not to the defender blocks of time left in the tall defender has not yet react when the layup is complete. This Yifu Xun done extremely beautiful. The process of careful observation Yifu Xun's layup layup's approach will find that he did not "rise and fall movements and slow approach" (similar to the long jump), rapid run-up step immediately vacated layup. Almost all of the defenders are still in full to follow in his fast moving, he has vacated a layup. With this layup similar to the long jump, vacated not high, but certainly far enough. Tall players have an absolute height, but not necessarily and far, so there is no way Yifu Xun's layup. One thing should arouse sufficient attention, is the layup, "far" advantage. Little man should be quick layup heavy weight far higher! I have only 177cm tall with a quick layup master communicated. His speed of 100 m 3 in 11 seconds or so, 70's professional team has access to the provincial level. His main technical features is the ability to defensive player than he was tall under the high-speed layup, and the action generous stretch, no cover, "as arrogant Yan wings" (a veteran coach such comments). Once, he told me his layup point is vacated his point arc in the top of the penalty! So far? I started not to believe, but careful observation is true (do not think Michael Jordan's dunk vacant point on the negative only at the free throw line description here, dunk and layup in the height difference of at least 50cm, distance of at least 80cm, is entirely different a). My physical condition is not he such a good meter speed in just 12 seconds, under his teaching strongly adjust their vacant spots, it has also to be vacated at the service line near the layup. And the effect was very good, and I was therefore have a unique skill means layup. I have experience in teaching the student never conservative, but very few who can understand, may also be because the "material" owes something bad. Published online If you have a young and scholars to master, and also my wish was.

Fast, tall, and far, in the layup is very difficult to achieve. Players must have full bounce, speed, and sufficient technical awareness (comprehensive analysis of spring means the front of the "quick jump" and "Tiaode Gao"). Observed Yifu Xun's layup not difficult to find, although he can easily dunk with one hand, but rarely used (I only met once). Layup also see far not seen when high, and the most rare is never to show off. Flutter simple field layup, on safely to score. See Yi Fuxun ball style than the 11 tattoos on his body is more simple. This is also where most commendable.

Of course, Yifu Xun's personal technique is perfected, but without his excellent running ability is difficult to play. As for his field the ball the way I am not very much enjoyed. But that is another issue, I do not want to discuss it.

Training methods and errors bounce

Tiaode Gao is not high, mainly by explosive calf muscle and strength to decide. So that is developed is jumping leg developed the key.

Myth: There are many ways to increase bouncing example: leapfrog, stations and other stances. You can look at their own practice, you jump 20 leapfrog or stop for 10 minutes Horse, the first two days to see a sore thigh, or calf pain. (I tried it for myself, and the first two days the lower leg did not feel) so that these movements are exercises thigh muscle.

Method: I think this number is very effective.

Toe Dian stairs (thick books, threshold, etc.), the heel suspended, and then tiptoe Push, back and forth movement up and down the body. Be 50 or so, you will feel very tight leg jump. Then do 10. Several hours before the rest. This method is not tired, and can do anywhere. Very good!

Additional training leg explosive way: from 1 meter to the ground jump, then quickly jump up after landing
4665313382010-04-11 17:18:23 +0000 #3
First of all, when you can break it out one ball at a high level huang, or directly into the basket under screens it is impossible for your strength not naturally flexible coarse + very good on you suddenly do not enter my opinion at least hard to find the other side of the fouls I wish you success Come on!
1086345912010-04-11 17:33:55 +0000 #4
see more NBA
★ ★ Jie Shi2010-04-11 18:43:37 +0000 #5
more than words will be choked2010-04-11 17:31:35 +0000 #6
Learn to Bai find so much about what it put it out fully mastering the dribble left-handed (left-handed if you're not so) common cross extraordinary step is essential if the operation can not make good ball to the (looks pretty to look superb cross-step) in good shape this trick or basic skills enough to make the most important thing for a friend of the speed and low bounce is a very important first step in speed is not what's the use flexible fuel it



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