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Where amazing happens really mean?

Tocarra2010-04-11 19:10:43 +0000 #1
Central Taiwan is definitely not a miracle took place in turn may be some deeper meaning of the more stirring because it is not followed by punctuation, please analyze the meaning of strongman!
are so small that everyone loves2010-04-11 19:23:22 +0000 #2
not very precise literal answer, from the concept of view, NBA basketball to promote the mind is love, so that the node miracle fans may be happy to witness the moment, this title is a conceptual thing, like the design concept, like ads, you can fill Wang Libian any word, as long as about basketball, is like leadership, passion lore desire, whether it is spiritual consciousness, or cause blood vessels to convey thumping Zhang screen guide, pointing to the ultimate point is to basketball as long as the pursuit and desire on the line

only wish to say to you continue to support their favorite team, the NBA in the hearts of meditation gives us the four life motto:

Where amazing happens, We are all witnesses!

Impossible is nothing, Just do it!

Let us witness miracles everywhere!

just try, anything is possible!
language does not impress 8 Hugh2010-04-11 19:20:07 +0000 #3
miracles happen Local
win or go home2010-04-11 19:37:43 +0000 #4
incredible place!
Pampas shepherd2010-04-11 19:25:53 +0000 #5
miracle place
wyt67812010-04-11 20:02:37 +0000 #6

Where heart happens.

Where friends becoming foes happens.

Where are you kidding me happens.

Where nowhere to hide happens.

Where good luck next round happens.

Where immovable happens.

Where discussion happens.

Where bloody nose happens.

Where regret happens.

Where commitment happens.

Where anticipation happens.

Where never meant to happen happens.

Where tomorrow happens.

Where amazing happens

sub-paragraph 3 ad

Where anticipation happens. witness to judge the jump ball in the hands of


Where 81 points happens. witnessed the great Kobe Bryant 81 points to


Where afro happens. witnessed the blast first place


Where never meant to happen happens. witness the incredible land

Warriors last season, eight black miracle (Baron Davis)

Where the Great Wall happens. witnessed the Great Wall to

Yao on the Chandler

Where tomorrow happens. witnessed the land of tomorrow

LeBron's dunk

Where amazing happens. witness the miracle of paragraph 2 to


Where immovable happens. witness motionless land

German. Harris hit the shark

Where discussion happens. witnessed the controversial land

Sloan ejected

Where bloody nose happens. witnessed the blood nose land

2007-5-6, San Antonio on the Sun, Nash nose injuries

Where regret happens. witnessed the remorse of a fine to keep a clean sheet of Camby

Where short shorts happened . witnessed the shorts to 50 generations of Lakers

Where commitment happens. witness the commitment of the land

Duncan and Tony Parker (not quite understand what commitment)

Where amazing happens. witness the miracle of paragraph 3 to


Where heart happens. witness the heart to

Garnett KG

Where friends becoming foes happens. witness against one place

Big Brothers and Rashid (two former champion teammate of Wallace)

Where are you kidding me happens. witness, "You kidding me, "the land of King Nate

new potatoes dunk. Robinson (height 175 leap 170 WEBBER)

Where 1.3 seconds left happens. witness the land of

1.3 seconds left to guess the playoffs the last moment

Where a field nowhere to hide happens. witness the land

no place to hide when the Nuggets were eliminated Anthony (but not his last vote cast)

Where good luck next round happens. witnessed a land

Nash and good luck Duncan (San Antonio once again out of the playoffs the sun)

Where amazing happens. witnessed the miracle of the land
HiHighDEAM2010-04-11 21:03:17 +0000 #7
is actually a miracle took place

I always thought the phrase used to describe the NBA more appropriate than the

like you said the same

deeper meaning is: not the last second, no one would know that winning or losing, because those stars are a miracle of casting who know it, just like Tracy McGrady 13 points in that field the same 45 seconds. . .
Seedfree2010-04-11 21:13:08 +0000 #8
witness the miracle of the land or land directly miracle miracle actually took place is the same in this translation is an art may be his intention is very simple look very good polish up



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