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I like how practicing basketball, playing what position.

_ son of a Long Qing2010-04-11 19:11:26 +0000 #1
My height is 1.83M, weight 78KG, standing in our class as relatively high, because it is, and I play basketball with the students than I high, bounce spam, jumped up and can barely touch the rebounds, shooting can refuse , and without a stable shooting. However, there are relatively data rebounds, 10 with 6 about me. The basket in our class can be considered strange cattle, and dribbling is not what the role of short points in the paint still is not able to when C. Also I would like to dunk, but the bounce is not good, how can it improve the jumping ability, do not copy, there is no direct method can improve some, there are how to improve dribbling skills and shooting? ? ?

I do not know how to cover someone else's risk, they make me jump high to the cap, but the cap on so vain ah,

how well defensively, I usually mix in 3 seconds area, the original will not play, they let I rebound the basket, and now understand some, they let me out to defend, but I do not know what that means.

Short to make the above issue, ah! How training bounce, dribble, shoot. How other people's hat covered, as well as out to help defend.

Which good man to help me solve these problems ah

FOREVER Iverson2010-04-11 19:23:32 +0000 #2
4 floor, a look that is replicated, Sigh. . . . .

Brothers, in my opinion, your current physical condition can play center. Talk about the reasons for it: 1. Because you have a relatively large height and weight, fast smart defender is playing you can not a; 2. Shooting small forward, then allowed it very difficult; jump force bad hop that can run good power forward is not suitable for you. You have a center of height and weight, I believe you should also be the power of good, Nazan hit center Bai! After all, "the world to those who were inside," these words in the basketball world is always applicable.

There is brother you have to play center when clear their own style, personal recommendation, "Powerful", and that the white Ying Kang, sitting daga turned hook, my classmate is Yongzhe Zhao super invincible! You just show the tough anti-people will not dare to close you, after all, most people are painlessly!

There is, I would advise you to give up the idea dunk! So tell you, my school's a school team of 192, excellent physical fitness, can only be run up well into the far barely able to deduct, or hands, because one hand is almost not catch the ball! Also easily lead to danger! Bounce is a slow increase in effort, I suggest you do every day, several groups of leapfrog, leg pressing should always maintain good flexibility, it can persist for some time to buy sandbags sporting goods store, buy small, and usually running time to bring on line. Although the process will be bitter, but when you put down sandbags day you will find that you will "get rid of gravity" of the!

Cap really bad practice, which requires good physical and excellent common sense! This is the practice takes a long time.

Dribble the best way is to cross-handed dribble, you can remember practice makes perfect. Ah

I wish you success!
Yu19944062010-04-11 19:27:02 +0000 #3
bounce. Dribble. Shooting is practice makes perfect, we must always practice. . As long as we play you will find that you grow these will go a long way. My friend is playing basketball very first bounce are poor Push the full garbage can formwork practiced a technique to grow in more than a year later, he is large and can easily touch the box. . . You touch the ball every day to find nothing on feeling. . You can try to play big before the big move before a wide range, not unfettered C. This depends on the ball cap and a small point to judge luck. . Refueling. You will be more powerful.
Ruifeng09022010-04-11 20:21:26 +0000 #4
In fact, my situation and you almost! ! The body is almost the same! ! My solution is to practice one-third, then all play center back, very few own dribble!! Want to improve your bounce and dribble only practice, no shortcuts! ! ! Bouncing can be done gradually to squat! ! Cap key is to seize the opportunity, as long as you can touch the backboard, in theory, be able to cover most of the cap, as they headed home when the hands are no more than rebounds (except of course Yao Ming), but failed to take off in their moment of shooting , is not easy to cap! ! ! I personally recommend you the best big center position, strong your body! ! ! ! ! I wish you happy playing! ! ! !
Yan respect for the2010-04-11 21:05:11 +0000 #5
theory, by which point the text will be able to learn basketball was that LBJ, MJ, K24 is also good as a.

Since it is not to play professional basketball, so why do you hit more good, Do not give up their own entertainment.
Jxph0860762010-04-11 19:30:38 +0000 #6
feel you are just beginning to play basketball. Height does not really play center your advantage, you still fight the development of swingman. To dribble and shoot and learn well, the most important basic skills. Back singles, emergency stop jumpers, turnaround jumpers, change to the break, choose one of them put it in good shape, have their own style.

Cap is actually a matter of timing, everyone has shot habits, figured out you will find blocks of feeling.

Defend is left out when your teammates are watching your opponent, you should take the initiative to fill the seats, can not let his easy layup. But be careful foul.

How to practice jumping, dribbling, shooting youku on a video, you can learn from.
Odi5212010-04-11 21:00:31 +0000 #7
bounce should train more leapfrog, done after going to pull a ligament!

Shooting and dribbling is practiced by more than usual!

As for the cap, is to follow each other's rhythm, sure the other side of the ball off to, fast response to be sensitive.

Short height and more practice with your physical well then what will certainly be strong! !



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