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nba08 latest player patch

cxl31593992010-04-11 19:12:20 +0000 #1
friends can send me a patch What the players are very grateful.

If you can I mail
だ Tz ㊣ ╃ じ ★2010-04-11 19:27:20 +0000 #2
Evans, Jennings Baidu HI ... see my albums of the game space, the default screenshot


that specific point - lord, no matter what your big deal, all escape the bar k/2010-02-19/00014844316.shtml a few of my patch, you can come to me stubble

Current Update: Arenas of the ban because I put it on the free agent list for Beijing time on February 25 announced the signing rocket Jiujiang Wizards Mike - Harris, I also put him on the free agent list

"NBA08 (07) issue of the utmost list (list updated to February 19, 2010 (in February Solution Yuesibidi Warriors 6 - Clexton, February 11 Warriors termination Colby - Carl, 13 February Wizards, Mavericks heavy trading - Wizards: Stevenson, Haywood, Bart Le, Mavericks: Howard, Ross, Gooden, Singleton, February 17 Portland will be Outlaw, Blake sent to the Clippers in exchange for Marcus - Marcus Camby, the Clippers to release players space cut the Ridge - Davis, February 18 trade Cavaliers Wizards Los Angeles Clippers 5 Bucks and the Bulls finished the NPC 2-for-1 deal, potatoes stay Celtics, Milicic and Telfair exchange owner, February 19 Tracy McGrady went to New York, Martin came to the Rockets, Rand go King), updated until February 19 and face patch photo patch. / 138397098.html focused recommend you see this, old customers to the

Reference: size more than 10 patches total of nearly 130M, also included Installation absolute value of fixes defection --- I despise those who take

Reference: 24, Mavericks have signed today, Wei sites on the landlord to see me --- 76, Thunder team jersey Standard bar ---

part of the new version not meet the uniform patch,



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