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Chapter Competition

The "Basketball Rules" are the men mentioned in coaches, players, referees, etc., without any gender discrimination means, obviously, it also applies to women, This wording is only for convenience.

The first definition of each of two teams to participate in basketball, played five players per team. Purpose of scoring the ball into the other basket, and prevent access to the ball or score each other. Can pass the ball in any direction, cast, shoot, roll, or movement, but limited by the following rules.

Chapter II

The second size and equipment, court dimensions

1, the golf course is a rectangular solid surface, no obstructions.

2, the main FIBA official competitions (see the "official game program," V), pitch dimensions: length 28 meters, 15 meters wide, the golf course is measured along the boundary measured from the inside.

3, for all other games, the FIBA appropriate departments, such as the Regional Committee of the regions or continents race or national federation of all domestic competitions, the right to approve the following size range of the existing golf course: the length of by 4 meters, width is reduced by 2 meters, as long as the change in proportion to each other.

4, the minimum barrier height of the ceiling or at least 7 meters.

5, stadium lighting should be uniform, light intensity should be sufficient. Lighting equipment shall not impede the placement of the visual team.

6, the size of all new courses to the main FIBA official competitions and the requirements of the same: 28 meters long, 15 meters wide.

The third line and the size of the lines mentioned in this article should be:

1, with the same color paint;

2, a width of 0.05 m (5 cm)

c, clear and legible.

(A) the boundary

1, the golf course to use lines provided by the second draw, and the line from the audience, billboards or any other obstructions at least 2 meters.

2, the golf course called the long side of the boundary edges, the short side of the boundary is called the end line.

(B) one from the sidelines of the dotted line parallel to the end line is called midline; midline extension to the sidelines on both sides of .15 m (15 cm).

(C) free-throw line, restricted area and penalty area

1, the free throw line and side lines parallel to its outer edge from the end line in along the 5.80 m; side of the line length of 3.60 meters. It must fall on the midpoint of the two side lines connecting the midpoint of the imaginary line.

2, from the free throw line to the ends of two lines drawn from the midpoint of the end line and 3 m (both measured from the from the outer edge) posed by ground-based regional call restrictions. If the restricted area within the color, its color must be the same color in the circle inside.

3, the penalty area is restricted area to the free throw line with the midpoint of a circle, with 1.80 m radius, are drawn to the restrictions of the semi-circular area. In the restricted area of the semicircle to be drawn into a dotted line.



4, on both sides of the penalty area, the location of players in the penalty area for use. Drawing as follows:

(1) The first line from the end line along the 1.75 m within, measured along the sidelines on both sides of the penalty area.

(2) the first location area with a width of 0.85 meters (85 cm), and the region beginning with the neutral side phase.

(3) a neutral region with a width of 0.40 meters (40 cm), and other lines with the same solid color coating.

(4) the second location area and the neutral area adjacent to a width of 0.85 meters (85 cm).

(5) The third location area adjacent to the second location area, a width of 0.95 meters (85 cm).

(6) All areas used to draw the line position, its length 0.10 m (10 cm) and perpendicular to the outside of the penalty area boundary line.

(D) in the circle

the circle to draw the court's central radius of 1.80 meters, measured from the outer edge of the circle. If the internal coloring in circles, its color must be the same color inside the restricted area.

(E) Area with 3 shots from 3-point shooting team area is near the basket than the other conditions the following areas outside of the stadium area. These conditions included:

1, respectively, 1.25 m away from the sidelines from end line leads to two parallel lines;

2 with a radius of 6.25 m (measured to the outer arc) arc (semicircle) with two parallel lines intersect;

3 The arc of the center of a circle to the other basket in the center of the intersection of the vertical line on the ground. Along the end line from the center of a circle within a distance of 1.575 m midpoint. Note: If the pitch is less than the width of 15 m, 6.25 m radius arc remaining on the draw.



(6) regional team seats according to the regional team I draw the following conditions:

1, stations and club seats in the record the same side of the counter (see "field size" map);

2, each region from the end line by an extension of at least 2 meters outside the line, and another 5 meters away from the center line and perpendicular to the sideline and at least 2 m long line of the limit.


I, during the game, only allow coaches, assistant coaches, substitutes and a maximum of 5 persons with specific duties travel with the team (such as: team leader, doctor, massage, statisticians, translators, etc.) sitting in the team seats in the region. I can not sit on the team other personnel within 5 meters.

2, along with their staff to enjoy rights and responsibilities. Therefore, his behavior under the jurisdiction of the referee.

3, if the situation warrants, the main judge in the team I can reduce the region's travel with the team Personnel.

1 Article equipment, rebounds to 1, two rebounds and transparent use of appropriate materials, they are block, and has the 0.03 m (3 cm) thick hardwood boards the same hardness. They can also be 0.03 m (3 cm) thick, painted white, made of hard wood.

2 rebounds size is: horizontal width of 1.80 m, 1.05 m high vertical, 2.90 m above the ground along the. 3, FIBA appropriate departments, such as the Regional Committee of the regions or continents race or national federation of all domestic competitions, have the right to approve cross-width 1.80 m, 1.20 m high vertical and lower 2.75 m above the ground along the rebounds size.

4 rebounds in front should be even, and:

(1) All the lines drawing are as follows:

a, if the backboard is transparent, with white;

b, if not transparent, black;

c, a width of 0.05 m (5 cm)

(2) rebounding edge holes in accordance with the above (1) the use of lines outlined.

(3) In the back of each piece of rebounds in the ring according to the following requirements to draw rectangle:

a, outer dimensions: horizontal width of 0.59 meters (59 cm), vertical 0.45 m (45 cm)

b, a rectangular bottom along the edge of the horizontal flush with the mesopause.

5 rebounds firmly placed according to the following requirements:

(1) placed the two ends of the court, with the ground vertically, with the end lines parallel;

(2) their central pitch to fall vertically from the end line in along the midpoint of 1.20 m of the place;

(3) rebounds from the side line of the pillar to the outer edge of at least 2 m, in order to match players see clearly, the color should be bright, and with the background behind the end line was significantly different. 6, 2 rebounds on the dressing material to meet the following requirements:

(1) on the bottom and edge of the backboard, dressing material to cover the bottom and sides of the bottom side dressing rebounds minimum object distance of 0.35 meters (35 cm);

(2) bottom-hole dressing materials rebounds minimum thickness of 0.05 meters (5 cm);

(3) rebounds before, back from the bottom of the lowest 0.02 m (2 cm) Service to cover the minimum thickness of the dressing material was 0.02 m ( 2 cm).


7, backboard bracket to make the following dressing:

(1) behind the backboard, height 2.75 meters lower than the support of any rebounds, wrapped in its lower surface until 1.20 m from the front office rebounds. Bandaging material minimum thickness of 0.05 meters (5 cm), and its density and the density of the same material rebounds dressing;

(2) all movable rebounds for the course in the base surface must be fully gadolinium bar, dressing The minimum height of 2.15 meters. Bandaging material minimum thickness of 0.15 meters (15 cm)

2, the ball basket includes basket, and the Nets basketball.

1, the ring produced according to the following requirements:

(1) solid iron inner diameter of 0.45 meters (45 cm), painted orange;

(2) coiling minimum 0.017 meters in diameter (17 mm), maximum 0.020 m (20 mm) along the circle has a small ring or something like that to hang the Nets;

(3) they should be firmly installed in the rebounding (see note below), the top ring to into a level of 3.05 meters from the floor, and rebounds from the two vertical sides of the same; Note: We recommend: The best to ring installed in the rebounding of the structure of the shelf, so that the forces acting on the ring not directly to the backboard.

(4) rebounds from the ring plane along the most recent period is 0.15 meters (15 cm);

(5) can use the compression ring. They should meet the following technical conditions:

a, they should have the same ring are not the activities of the rebound characteristics. Constant pressure device to ensure these characteristics, and to protect the basket and rebounding. Ring design and manufacturing can ensure the safety of team members;

b, with the Force of those ring locking device, the furthest point away from the ring ring on top of not yet reached 105 kg static load applied, the constant pressure device must not loose ;

c, when the constant pressure device is open, turn down the ring, the angle between the original horizontal position may not exceed 30 degrees;

d, when the constant pressure device is not Zaishi set to open, the ring should be returned from the operation to the original location.

2, New Jersey with a white string form, hanging in the ring; its structure to be able to make the ball through the basket during a temporary pause. Net long or short at 0.40 meters (40 cm), not longer than 0.45 meters (45 cm)


3, the ball's material, size and weight of

1, the ball is round, for the recognition of the dark orange;

2 shell leather, rubber or synthetic material made of;

3, the circumference shall not be less than 0.749 m (74.9 cm), not more than 0.780 meters (78 cm);

4, the weight of not less than 567 grams, not more at 650 g;

5, after inflation, so the ball from 1.80 m in height (measured from the bottom from the ball) fell to stadium on the ground, bounce up and shall be not less than 1.20 m nor more than 1.4 0 m (measured from the from the top of the ball);

6 spherical joints or slot width not more than 0.00635 m (6.35 mm). 7, the home team should prepare at least two used to meet the specifications of the ball. Main referee is to determine whether the standard ball only appraisers.

If the ball was identified as a suitable game ball, he can select the visiting team provides the ball, you can use from the two preparatory activities for the players before the game to choose.

4, special equipment, the home team to provide the following special equipment for use by referees and their assistants:

1, the game clock and stopwatch

(1) the game clock and a stopwatch for the timer to use.

(2) the game clock to time each stage of the game and in the interval between each stage of the game use, and placed in to the games that everyone can clearly see the place.

(3) The stopwatch used to time to suspend time.

(4) If the main game clock above the central spin in the venue, then the venue on the ground to each side each have a deputy clock synchronization. Under each clock synchronization instructions to both scores, but also indicates the remaining game time. Under these synchronization with the game clock must be able to see clearly everyone concerned.

2.30 second device (1) This device controlled by a timer of 30 seconds, 30 seconds for the management of the rules;

(2) the device is automatic countdown type, and is to indicate the time in seconds;

(3) the device to have such features:

a, when any team did not control the ball, the device does not show;

b, when the verdict and without the ball out of bounds 30 seconds device reset, the device can then Department from time to time stopped. 3, the signal to be provided by the rules require at least two mutually independent De-signal devices, they can be issued 显然 different and yes the sound is very loud;

(1) a is the timer signal (per section and automatically when the end of each Ban O'clock audible), recorder signal is the same signal (only during a dead ball, suspended on the request, replace such matters, issued by the recorder control noise to cause the referee's attention);

(2) a time of 30 seconds Members of the signal (30 seconds automatically when the audible end of the cycle). 4, record sheet record board to let everyone concerned with the competition (including the audience) can see clearly. 5, log record sheet should be approved by the International Basketball Federation, by the recorder before the game and competition rules to fill out the provisions. 6, the team fouls by the recorder of these signs signs disposed to meet the following requirements:

(1) sign is white, the minimum number of licenses to make inch on are: length 0.20 m (20 cm), width 0.10 meters (10 cm);

(2) 2 X 20 minutes game, use 1 to 5 respectively, the number written on a sign, the number 1 to 4 black, 5 red;

(3) minutes for 4 X12 competition, using 1 to 6 respectively, the number written on a sign, the number of 1 to 5 black, 6 red. 7, the team according to the following requirements for the foul mark recorder to prepare the team foul of two signs:

(1) they are red;

(2) .20 m wide (20 cm), high .35 meters (35 cm) The best triangle, when they are on the record of the stage, the make and the game everyone can see clearly related.

Note: You can use the electronic or lighting devices, but they must comply with those requirements. 8, the team foul team fouls indicator is specified in the appropriate device.

The device to stop the number of fouls on the team (for 2 X 20 minutes game as the 8; for the 4 X12 minutes of the game 5 times), that a team has reached a state of punishment (the 58th).

5, for the official competition at the FIBA used equipment, see the "official game program," V.

Chapter staff and their functions

s 5

a referee and assistants, including the main referee and judges each one deputy referee, timekeeper, recorder and assistant recorders and 30 seconds timer each one of its assistants.

Second, they can have a technical representative to the scene. Technical representatives in the race main duty is to supervise the work of personnel records of Taiwan, and to assist the main referee and deputy referees to game smoothly.

3, referees and their assistants should be in accordance with the rules and FIBA, FIBA World Technical Commission established by the official interpretation of the rules to guide competition.

4, with particular emphasis: as a match referee and deputy referees the main competition of both organizations shall not in any way linked.

5, referees and their assistants or technical representatives are not authorized to agree to change the rules.

6, the referee (the main referee and deputy referees) of clothing is:

1, gray T-shirt;

2, black trousers;

3, black basketball shoes and black socks.


master the powers of a referee, the main referee in the game to check and approve all equipment used in the course;

2, he designated the official game clock, and confirm the timer recording, assistant records members and 30 seconds timer;

3, he shall not allow any player to wear the other team members on dangerous goods (see the sixth paragraph of article XIII);

4, he started in the circle implementation of the jump ball game;

5 In case of referee the ball in the basket on the validity of disagreement, he has to make the final decision.

6, when the situation required, he has the right to stop competition. If the team have refused to contest the notice, or action to hinder the game, he has the right to determine the team abstained;

7, in each half and at the end of each extra period, or whatever he deems it necessary, he to carefully review and approval of the score record sheet, and the competition to determine the remaining time;

8, in with the technical representatives and (or) recording desk staff of any discussion, he always make a final decision;

9, chair umpire have the right to decide the rules are not clearly defined issues.

7 the time and place of sentencing judges

1, the referee shall have the right site or off site, whether in violation of the rules of behavior handed down.

Second, they must be scheduled 20 minutes before start of the race venue, began to exercise power. End of the game, by the main referee approved and signed the log, to terminate the match referee and the links.

3, the game breaks, according to the appropriate place foul penalty provisions of the Executive.

4, if the end time in the game and sign the log sheet during the period, players, coaches, assistant coaches or travel with the team staff of any unethical behavior, the main referee must indicate on the table in the record occurred trouble Bo and to ensure that the responsible departments to submit a detailed report, the responsible departments should be appropriate and serious manner.

5, any of the judges have no right to cancel or question the other referees provided in this rule within their respective mandates the sentence.

Note the end of the game, if the exact time to terminate the game in doubt (for example: timer illegal, or foul ball did not stop after the game clock), the referee should be:

1, the time immediately following each other talk to to determine the exact time of the remaining games:

1, when the cast when the basketball away from the hand; or

2, the contravention, when the ball or foul.

2, if necessary, further consultations, the main referee to field technical representative to seek advice and listen to recorded statements station staff. Main referee to make the final decision.

3, if the second half, or the extra period after the end of the same place or in foul, free throw after the completion of the need for extra period, then the end of the playing time of the signal is issued to the completion of all the foul occurred before the penalty to as break in the game occurred in foul, according to the terms of the appropriate punishment.

4, if one of the team protested, the main referee must immediately report the incident exclusive competence of the department.

Violation of Article 8 occurred when the referee definition of responsibilities:

violation: Any player or coach by the composition of foul or illegal.

1, when the offense occurs:

1, referee to whistle, and make the appropriate gestures to stop the game clock, so that the ball is dead;

2, followed by a "referee Manual" on the sign requirements established by order of complete the gesture;

3, and then award the other team members in accordance with the rules 第三十一条 bounds.

2, when the foul occurred invasion:

1, referee to whistle, and make the appropriate gestures to stop the game clock, so that the ball is dead;

2, then he pointed out that the members constitute a foul; if the referee requested I fouled players are requested to raise their hands to show their team recognition;

3, then, judges in accordance with the "Referee Manual" report to determine the procedure to be recorded foul Taiwan report;

4, when the recorder has received reports This foul and registered in the records table and held up signs fouls, the referee according to the terms of the appropriate re-start the race.

3, of the unsportsmanlike foul, disqualification of the foul, technical foul, or foul, the referee must immediately make the appropriate gestures of the type of foul.


1, after the success of the free throw or shot, the referee should not whistle.

2, foul or jump ball after every sentence, judges always have to exchange their field position.

3, in all international competitions, if necessary, to make use of spoken sentence clearly, you must use the English language processing.

9 and assistant recorder records the duties


1, record the beginning of game play to register the players and all the substitutes name and number. Play in the discovery team submitted a list of substitutes or team numbers are in violation of the rules, the referee should be notified as soon as the nearest;

2, he decided to record the cumulative scores of two teams; record free throw shooting and scoring;

3 each team member to record his invasion of foul and technical fouls, when sentencing any one of the 5 th team foul (for 2 X 20 minute game) or 6 fouls (for 4 X 12 minute games), it is necessary immediately notify the main referee. Similarly, each trainer to record his technical foul, and when the coaches in accordance with section 53 of the second paragraph of the penalty must leave the game, the referee should immediately notify the Lord;

4, he decided to record requests for each team pause times, when half the time each team has registered a second time to suspend (for 2 X 20 minute game) or the third suspension (4 X 12 minutes for the game), he should inform the team by referee coaches;

5, when the timer reached 50 seconds pause time direction, the recorder should inform the referee signal occurs;

6, he wants to show the number of fouls for each team. Whenever the team foul, he should raise with the team fouls consistent signs, and let the coaches can see both sides;

7, he shall use the following practice foul the team logo:

(1) for 2 X 20-minute game: a team in the first half when Peter team fouls 7, when the ball into the game as the moment, recording station near the team in the team I put a red one end of the team guilty of signs;

( 2) For the 4 X 12 minutes of game: a team a team foul in the 4th, when the ball into the game as the moment, recording station near the team in the team I put one end of the red team foul signs;

8, according to the 32nd Article of his replacement;

9, record the signal can not stop the game clock or the game does not make the ball becomes dead. He should pay attention: Only in a dead ball and stop the game clock and the ball re-enter the game state before Peter can send a signal.

II, assistant recorder to control recording plate. His duties without prejudice to other record sets of responsibilities, or their conflict.

Basketball Rule 10 of the time the duties of

1, timer control according to the rules of game time to run and stop time;

2, timer begins to pay attention to half-time and before the start of the race 3 minute to notify the main referee for the main referee can be notified or by other means to inform the team;

3, each suspended timer to switch on the stopwatch, and the suspension of the time reached 50 seconds to notify the recorder signal;

4, timer to use a very loud signal that each half or extra period of time when the end;

5, if the timer signal failure or not hear, he can use timer to use all possible approach the main referee immediately;

6, timer signals the ball into dead ball, and stop the game clock.

Basketball Rule 11 timer 30 seconds 30 seconds timer functions according to the rules they shall control device for 30 seconds (the clock).

Chapter Four players, substitutes and coaches

Article 12 of the team composition for each team according to the following requirements:

1, for 2 X 20 minutes game, not more than 10 players qualified participants;

2, for 4 X 12 minutes game, or contest in a team more than three games, the competition is not more than 12 qualified players;

3, a coach, if the team needed, with an assistant coach;

4 One player is the captain of qualified entries.

S 13

1 players and substitutes, the competition, each team must have five players play, and can be replaced in accordance with the provisions of the rules.

2, the team's players in the field for the team when he has the right to participate in competitions. Compared with the presence of substitutes.

3, when the referees call a second string comes into play, he becomes a member; when the referees call the replacement players that comes into play, the players become substitutes.

4, the team with the requirements of the clothing according to the following:

1, after a single color of the vest is the same (do not allow striped vest).

(1) on both sides to allow trim;

(2) trim to the bottom of a vertical focus in the armpits, on each side of the widest trim 0.03 m (3 cm), bordered on both sides of the total width of 0.06 m (6 cm);

(3) vest collar or the sleeve opening edge decoration of office not more than 0.03 m (3 cm) wide. During the competition, male players must put their vest into the shorts.

2, T-shirt can be worn inside the vest, but a single color with the same vest. 3, around the same single color shorts and vests, but not necessarily the same color.

(1) allow plus decorative border;

(2) on each side of the vertical width of 0.03 meters the most decorated edge (3 cm), decorative edges on both sides of the total width of 0.06 m (6 cm);

(3) leg I The decorative border is not more than 0.03 m (3 cm) wide. 4, allowed to wear tight-fitting underwear longer shorts, but shorts the same with a single color.

5, the number before and after each team vest shall be clear, monochrome and color with the vest significantly different. Number to be eye-catching, and:

1, the number back at least 0.20 meters (20 cm);

2 chest number at least 0.10 meters high (10 cm);

3, numbers not less than 0.02 m width ( 2 cm);

4, the team should use the number 4 to 15;

5, with the team members may not use duplicate numbers.

Note: During the competition, if a player changes his number, his recorder and the main referee to report the change.

6, the main judge shall not allow any player to wear the other team members on the dangerous equipment.

1, does not allow the following equipment:

(1) finger, hand, wrist, elbow or forearm protective equipment: they support the whole or part by leather, plastic, soft plastic, metal or any hard substance manufactured, even if surface with a soft dressing is out.

(2) can cut or cause abrasions of the equipment.

(3) headgear and jewelry.

2, the following equipment license:

(1) shoulder, upper arm, thigh or small parts with protective equipment: If the material is wrapped, does not cause danger to other players.

(2) are properly bandaged knee protection framework.

(3) broken nose protector, that use can be made of hard materials.

(4) does not cause danger to other members of the glasses.

(5) The maximum width of 0.05 meters (5 cm), abrasion will not occur monochrome cotton wool, made of soft plastic or rubber headband.

7, players use all the equipment must meet the requirements basketball game. Used to increase the height of any member or capacity, or any other improper benefits obtained by the equipment is not allowed.

8, in these rules are not explicitly mentioned in any other equipment must first obtain the consent of the FIBA World Technical Commission.


1, this entry on qualified number of players clothing size, color and location must be strictly comply. Number must be clearly visible and easy to identify for the judge and recorder.

2, vest on the allowed number before and after advertising shall not interfere with visibility. Vest on the number of dimensions in any event not shrink.

3, the team must have at least two sets of clothing, a light colored (preferably white), a dark color.

4, for all games:

1, Order Booklet squadron in the top of the team (home team) wear light-colored clothing (preferably white);

2, Order Booklet squadron were in the team after the (visiting team) wear dark colored clothing;

3, however, if the game involved two teams agree, they can swap costumes.

5, mainly for the FIBA game, with teams of players to be:

1, wearing the same single-color or multi-colored shoes;

2, wore the same single-color or multi-colored socks.


captain's duties and powers of a, if necessary, the team captain is his representative in the field. He can get the necessary request to the referee. This should be polite, and only the ball into dead ball and when to stop the game clock.

2, captain just because of any reason to leave court, makeHe is not present during the agency's team captain duties to inform the main referee.

Article 15 Coach of the duties and powers of

1, at least in the scheduled 20 minutes before the game, both coaches to play players, including name, number, and the captain, coach and assistant coaches sent a written list of records members.

2, at least 10 minutes before the game, coaches have to confirm the team's players have registered the name, number and list of coaches name, and sign the record sheet. Also indicate the beginning of the five players playing. "A" team coaches to handle the matter first.

3, only the coaches or assistant coaches may move the adjournment request.

4, when the coaches or assistant coaches want to replace the players, the substitutes must report the request to the recorder replacement, and must immediately play the game well prepared.

5, such as assistant coaches, his name must be filled before the start of the competition record table (he did not need to sign). If for any reason coaches can not continue to carry out its duties to assistant coach by the agency.

6, if the coaches can not continue to work on this record, no registration assistant coach (or assistant coaches can not continue to work), the team leader can serve as coaches. Such as the captain for any legitimate reason to leave, he can continue to serve as coaches. However, as a result of disqualification and must leave, or injury can not serve as coaches, then replace him as captain of the team to replace him as coach.

7, game, only to allow the registration form in the record the names of coaches standing.


1, has been appointed the coach of a team at the beginning of game play, if the player was injured, as long as the main referee confirmed that injuries are real, can be replaced.

2, late substitutes can enter the competition, as long as the coaches before the game player to the recorder submitted the list has included them.

3, coaches (or assistant coaches) are the only team in the race contact with the recording station representatives. He can stop the game clock, the ball becomes dead during the contact, if necessary, to ask about the score, time, record the number plate or foul matters. His contact with the recording desk staff at any time be kind and courteous attitude. He must not interfere with the normal game.
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1) the basic rules of a:

1. Competition Method

A team of five people, one of them captain, waiting up to seven players, but may increase the number of organizers
. The competition is divided before, Houban Chang, the 20 minutes each half, intermission 10

minutes. Both teams have the same end of the game, the playoff at 5 minutes, if after 5 minutes than the number of

is still the same, then again 5 minutes to extend the match, until the outcome than the date.

2. Scores

ball dropped into the basket type approved by the referee, the score will be considered. 3-point line the inside of inputs can be 2 points; Triple

sub-lateral line input can be 3 points, 1 point free throw money into.

3. Conduct of two teams each from the start of the race

launched a jump ball jump player to the central area, drop by the trial judge both jump ball to start game. Bounds.

4. Player replacement player to replace

every 20 seconds, replace the number is not limited. The exchange of players selected in the time it was foul, ball, called the pause. Match referee may suspend the time.

5. Foul

4 times for each player have the opportunity to be allowed to foul the fifth shall be guilty of over exit. And can not play the same game again. Free throw is no one can stop, defensive shooting situation, is as a team foul penalty on giving the other team opportunities. After the free-throw line to free throw, the ball from the referee who took over after 5 seconds to shoot. After the shooting, the ball touched the basket and can not step before the more free-throw line.

6. Illegal

can be divided into (a) General offenses: If the ball walk, double dribble, foot ball football or boxing. (2) jump ball offense, (3) jump ball when the offense: In addition to the players jump ball into the wood than in those who touch the ball before the jump ball jump ball into the central area.

2) Basic Rule number two:

--- 30 seconds to rule the ball on the floor when the offensive team must shoot within 30 seconds shot (NBA games for 24 seconds, the National Collegiate Athletic Association competition, 35 seconds).

--- 10 seconds to rule the team started the ball from the back of the court, must be made within 10 seconds the ball into the top field (the other half).

--- 5 second rule After the ball, players must be within 5 seconds of bounds shot. FIBA rules must also be free throw shots in 5 seconds (NBA rule for 10 seconds).

--- 3 second rule and the other physical contact occurs resulting foul, such as a dispute with the referee and so on.

--- a personal foul occurred with the other party arising from physical contact fouls.

--- a technical foul due to the performance of team members or coaches sentenced to harsh fouls, such as a dispute with the referee and so on.

cancel the game

--- players foul of knowledge does not reflect the athletes made the spirit of foul play, such as beatings. this happens, players should immediately faded.

member 5 fouls --- whether it is a personal foul or technical foul, a player fouls 5 times (NBA provides 6 times) to leave the stadium, no further competition.


--- neither personal foul or a technical foul for violation of rules. major offenses are: illegal dribble; the ball away; 3 second violation; the ball out of bounds.

players out of bounds --- player touches the ball or the ball itself, the line or outside the region Scale line, which is a ball out of bounds. touch the ball before the line or lines outside the area, the ball in the air is not out of bounds.

--- interference ball ball shooting whereabouts to the basket, the two sides are not touching the football team. When the ball is in the basket in time, defenders can not touch the ball.


--- close opponents, players are defender close opponents, players must be 5 seconds within the pass, dribble or shoot, or their team will lose the ball (NBA rules is no such requirement).

--- the ball returned to the backcourt as the team has moved the ball from the back field before the field The team players can no longer move the ball over center line, back of the court.

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