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Please write an article praising Kobe article

wofull2010-04-11 22:10:44 +0000 #1
poetry except
zzxzxzxzz2010-04-11 22:23:45 +0000 #2
sky will not refuse the wings, so right there you do not know when the flight began opening Staples has become not as light as bright as the past can be understood the light so we see many things, so that we can not see so many things, like Staples and China and the United States in the dark with subtle lighting set for this sacred land, the glorious birth of the number of flying over the course of history mean that every piece of jersey and can not reproduce a classic history of the quietly leave but if even arrived, a few people will care about how you came to me, that belongs Bryant's arrival, began to appreciate he seems to : "born accustomed to solitude," After performing in many crazy whirlwind minutes after, he began to select the precipitation is not deliberately seeking high marks, from steals, scrambling, blocks dedicated to start him to give up his choice, perhaps just looking for a ways to make the best of their hard work from the top to the bottom again, he knows that there are more likely to meet their dream Lakers - Minnesota World War I, saw Kevin Garnett dressed in a green military shirt, proudly reveal a powerful morale roll the dice This is perhaps the best end result, he finally began to pursue the dream of traveling back and your chin to see him walk all unconsciously think that the original total of a person's fight can be so beautiful, so dignified, so proud of loneliness But now he is also unwilling to bank on Garnett in the slightest stirring in my emotional I often said: "The tragedy has left us, this is the real punishment may be" after each defeat, the inevitable burst of the total depression, always feel disappointed that close, but I wish very much! Remind ourselves of the long-term view point. But I can see is: "Apart from the distant distant nothing" are hidden all the unrest in his heart, wrapped up, and did not leak a bit restless! But proud, I have no choice but Bryant never surrender in the selected firm to the road! Today, after all, no matter what the outcome of people not in a race to decide certainly what it is I do not understand, or I would not be so easy to let love into a habit of not the slightest flaw, not the slightest intention neglect passing day bookstore, saw the most prominent position stands a book clearly written above: "Love! ... ... please love" Yes, I choose to love, and deep love to give up their own thing to do is to defeat . To try to spend every day of life --- this is reason why I have always believed that if the God given angel wings, that is, let him fly. Sky will not refuse wings, so we fly right there! `Only dedicated to your favorite boss ---- Kobe Kobe bryant in high school that started as a 10-year NBA playing ball man that has won three consecutive early 20s championship with a man on suspicion of rape this once case and shed tears of remorse the man that I love from the junior to the present man! ! Every shot you every dribble are all full of your self-confidence, even if you roll the dice 03 large sharks away from you after the Lakers four kings parted you are still clinging to remain in Los Angeles to play with you you are not very strong shoulders that hold up the Lakers in the future when you leave your former teammates after the play style when you are accused of too much independence, you suffer in silence, after all this action with you that a field of 50 + 60 + proved to us that you want to win you a youthful commitment to the team back into the playoffs, I'm back you think of it as your teammates no longer the past, so you are a mature player more often can only rely on themselves with their bodies strive and work hard, run over to score will win .. XX points that Bryant scored the Lakers win the lost .. help .. how many times will that Bryant shot of the entire team shot .. How much this time .. there will be countless people accuse you stand up and say you say you are a selfish person .. .. playing the class many students have to call you I do not want and what they fight .. I only know that .. My love for you .. never changed from the NBA, as long as you are still in his hand the ball as long as you My love will go on but I never see your smile .. comfortable that you only see the young face the vicissitudes of play is full of frustration and is happy for you, right? I want to be the first time I saw you use the body to break down the other side of a wall can sometimes score and fouls will be hit the ground sometimes I would feel sad .. very sad that this is not your favorite basketball .. it is simply to win the game you want other people say you have very complicated but I think you're alone .. will be desperate to score a game and we feel This is just a game but you would think this is your dignity .. you just simply want to win ... like me .. how can you not feel bad .. your boss to write a blog people can not see Your hard but .. I think I can feel the pace when you broke into each other with flexibility when tight defense when you use the powerful body, insisted that the head dunk in the other at a critical moment when the long shot when you one-third of the time I think this is what you sweat .. other people think you are a genius .. I know .. this is your scars in return .. we all criticize you say you do not forget the past and grace, but I always believe you boss. . Even if the world hate you, I will uphold the love go .. ..
sanmenwei2010-04-11 22:35:32 +0000 #3



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