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aa4152702862010-04-11 22:10:57 +0000 #1
street basketball all linked,,,, NBA LIVE and 2k Wanbian, and, seeking other basketball games,,,, you tell us about the players,,,, there are additional points
IamMason2010-04-11 22:13:49 +0000 #2
have good time not playing basketball, and are playing football, oh. Technology and with more apparent power.
Lishiwei12342010-04-11 22:52:54 +0000 #3
basketball class is small. You have Wanbian the .... 2K10 if not played, but try it. Yes

If you have played the 2K10. FM fought it. Really fun
positronium handsome la2010-04-11 22:28:22 +0000 #4
GOOGLE again playing the Basketball Games!
Small I Tanuki2010-04-11 23:14:46 +0000 #5
"Basketball League." . Page basketball game, you can try Oh! I feel pretty good
Let's hear the vicissitudes of life2010-04-12 00:14:24 +0000 #6
is ah, street basketball hanging too many breaking games that why the loophole so big! ! The game does not have a green space. You are Wanbian, and that no solution. . .
Zhihao402010-04-12 01:08:03 +0000 #7
NBA 2K9 Needless to say, what else, this game is a classic NBA games

British treasures of the company following the release on October 7 this year, "NBA2K9" Xbox 360 and PS3 version of the game, will be in early November this year PC platform release players hope for "NBA2K9" PC version also introduced a set of purchase of the game that is beautifully presented one wrist movement activities (as shown in the picture only for reference to the actual items shall prevail).

NBA2K series works with its excellent feel and close to the real people value the design, well received by gamers of all ages, "NBA2K9" incorporating popular basketball star Kevin Garnett (Kevin Garnett) as the cover. Kevin Garnett will be in his court with great passion and experience to bring all the players the greatest pleasure!

Compared to predecessor, the game also changed each section break more exciting rich. During the break, the game will be the last one in the selection of the best players out, and his wonderful movement and performance of the top ten shots in a similar way to playback, rebroadcast full copy of the NBA leading U.S. broadcast TV TNT Even the background music are used in a TNT style.

Delicate game screen, stunning lighting of the present results, in addition, also more realistic depiction of the players, when a lot of exercise, sweat and even down stream will drop by drop, fully show the real feelings, players can experience the ultra-a presence Competitive basketball games.

NBA live is also a classic NBA games since 1995, EA launched the "NBA LIVE 95", the game will be EA's most popular brand of basketball games in the 1990s or even the basketball game market trend, and in the only market with "NBA LIVE" series to compete only when SEGA released "NBA 2K" series (now SEGA has already sold its sports game division, Take-Two company). This time "NBA LIVE 06" Since hanging out from the tenth anniversary of the reputation, the performance of various aspects of nature have a substantial evolution, only been made in vain to support and encourage the player a decade.


English version on sale on October 2, Simplified Chinese version release date to be determined.


NBA LIVE 08 will proceed from the overall concept of basketball, "Return to Tomorrow" slogan from EA Canada - EA SPORTS one of the popular game series in NBA LIVE major film studios came. In recent years, NBA LIVE series in the market and we did not get the desired success, especially in the XBOX 360 platform, the game development team behind each side's start this game criticism. EA Canada, based on yesterday, we see this NBA LIVE 08, sure that this time they really try.

Perhaps, for the disappointment of several NBA LIVE game is not surprising. Team will be more attention to the game's control system, such as the NBA LIVE 06 free superstar control and NBA LIVE 07's completely free operating system, the team seems to affect the game in resolving the basic issues of distanced even led to the decline in the quality of other games. In the LIVE 08, the production team will overcome all difficulties, in adding fresh content before focusing on the fundamental essence of the game.

Distinction NBA LIVE 07 and LIVE 08 are produced in the simplest way to LIVE 08, as introduced by the maker of Ullrich, as the two were compared in various aspects. First, let us recall LIVE 07, slow players, bad basketball physics, true act of shooting. When Ullrich show on television when the NBA LIVE 08, the difference immediately apparent, when the players to accelerate, they really look on the wooden floor, not as before skating. The improved passing and shooting action, at the same time, the players on the pitch of contact with each other and more real. Of course the most exciting life is, NBA LIVE 08 the frame rate increases, Ullrich tell you, the game will run 60 frames per second.

NBA LIVE 08 at present all the progress these we 看到 EA SPORTS this season thanks to a new use of motion capture technology, which can help programmers to develop virtual players look and move on from tend to be more true. Street from the NBA basketball to the NFL 08 and NCAA FOOTBALL 08, and now to the NBA LIVE 08, it is clear that the origin of the EA FIFA series, the details of the improved motion capture system that started making a profit. The players will now be more complex movements, there will not be as the original, single-mindedness simple routines. In the end, not only looks better and better players, denied release before the game, those early modeling of the image BUG will be fixed, and the game will be available to you because the system more action on the court choice.

For example, when you pass the time, the computer case according to field, select an appropriate action to complete the pass. Rebound also was amended in NBA LIVE 07, such a familiar scene you remember it, after the basketball hoop in the hit tracks in a very strange run, sometimes your players will be caught. Said the 07 original players like AI as lazy, when in practice, the common thing is that only a computer player will jump ball. In the LIVE 08 in the past these issues will, as the team will determine the players in the production not only to work hard fighting for rebounds, Tongshi they must compete in that Qiuqu Yu, Erqieyiqie of Dongzuo during the Shihou will Geng Zi Ran Kan Shangqu . NBA LIVE 07

Do you know the players sign the act of shooting Why? If you say "do not know", then you should not be heterogeneous. When the flag act of shooting as a direct competitor LIVE 07 NBA 2K7's a huge selling point when, EA also hopes to do so. But the problem is, due to immaturity of the shooting system for the early evening shot and shot there is a subtle difference between using the motion capture, so when you shoot at the right time, you will only see KOBE signature shot "moment . " This 问题 will also be corrected in the titles, in the game, NBA's players Menkuairutong them in Nayangbisai in Xian Shi.

Last year, the team decided to dunk and layup controls into two buttons. But the fact that this does not work, so LIVE 08, they in turn share a key. However, as rebounding and passing system, dunk / layup controls will make the process more consistent players in deciding whether to use a special action before the will first consider their own position. Crowded the basket, close to the basket and the player's own ability is the case should be considered, which will be about your wishes, what is the layup or dunk.

In the race the greatest impact on the overall game than physical collisions. Developer hard to find some new players have the ball between the no ball collision. The physical location of the collision according to the players can be divided into three types: ground, ground-and air. Each of the players are grasping the ball and shot cause different effects. If you're defensive, you can have a stronger position to offensive players away from the basket. On the contrary, because a lot of the ball, when you attack, you need a better use of tactics, such as high cover under screens, when the basket when you also need to crowded places rebound. However, according to producer said, more physical collision will not increase the chance a lot of fouls, which for the balance of the game is indeed very important.

Other, more compelling content: When the players on the pitch to complete a score will have more to celebrate movement, of course, for the referee's whistle, the players will have more forms, and this made a lot of new dynamic perspective, the perspective will capture every detail of the pitch is not in the last game. The new game also adds a similar effect with the default view television, of course, you can choose the game you provided to other perspective.

NBA LIVE 08 is now to say this series has returned to the industry's peak is still too early. We can only say that, based on what we have seen, this game is heading in the right direction of progress, the end of these steps are taken to give the game a good "stage" experience, takes time to prove, but now early development stage, we remain cautious optimism to view. We will continue to focus on the next few months the news of NBA LIVE 08 until the game was released, 08 have been out, it is classic Oh, look forward to the 09 seems to have out.

Here strongly recommend NBA 2K9, the screen is very soft, of course, the computer configured to play the game well. Do very true, you can buy CDs, the installation of the next play to see.
W9692362010-04-12 00:39:35 +0000 #8
incredible basketball

Chinese name: incredible basketball

English name: Incredibasketball

Game Type: SPG Sports Games

Release Date: 2009

Producers and Distributors: Idoru

Region: United States

Language: English

About the game

Here you have never seen the basketball action, such as several members of Diego Lohan, gangster-style defense. Cartoon rendering of the screen, there are many cartoon props, such as gloves and so big. In addition to leagues, there are third contest, one on one, and other mini games. Have a custom editor with playback.

Configuration requirements 1 Ghz or higher processor frequency

OS XP, Vista

256 MB or higher memory capacity

520 MB or higher Hard disk capacity

128 MB or higher graphics memory to support 3D acceleration

DirectX 9.0c

arcade version of Street Basketball
855321652010-04-12 01:33:12 +0000 #9
no way to present the most good basketball game is 2K10 up. . And 2K10 many things as you like LIVE Zhuo Motou be very long and 2K10 in the career mode you can go try. .
№ bad Hai exotic ★2010-04-12 02:29:55 +0000 #10
Champion Basketball Manager World Basketball Manager
jidonging2010-04-12 01:45:39 +0000 #11
Single's What or what? This game is a good basketball championship manager
jsyzzj2010-04-12 01:45:09 +0000 #12
Web Basketball Games: Basketball Storm

tired of the basketball game, try



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