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111wxmvp2010-04-12 00:10:20 +0000 #1
recent state of play is very good, when suddenly break into it, but that does not put goals before the shooting did not associate the. In the end is how, and I used to shoot very accurately, and a breakthrough hit rate is high, and now what has gone wrong. Hope that basketball master told me to thank everyone! !
shircely2010-04-12 00:20:54 +0000 #2
For one basketball player, when the state when bad reasons in addition to love, more change is your attitude problem, or because changes in the environment around you, there is that there are short there is no reason to play.

But I think the most important change in attitude should be the upper floor there is the reason that the downturn.

As for the breakthrough into the shooting is not the reason I think the first one is not very good because you feel the reasons are not allowed to lead shot, the second is the shooting angle, I think you should know the angle of the shot is also very focused. The third reason is power and in a hurry. May feel anxious because the vote did not score, the more this structure will be more bad. Mind to relax and slowly get back feeling on the line. Do not worry. In fact, you can shoot more practice, practice time pay more attention to your hands when the shot type, when you throw the ball quickly when you're not down, vote finished hand-type shot when stopped at the state and then take a look at their own hands type, and then shot the ball under the ball and knock the direction of transfer to the position of the ring, adjusted just fine.

Do not worry, it is because you are cast before the shoot too smooth. To the instability of the time. After this stage stable.

Come on! To have confidence in itself.
6158085772010-04-12 00:49:23 +0000 #3
love chanting
jy025379442010-04-12 01:10:00 +0000 #4
normal, everyone has this time, is a state issue not to worry



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