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How training, basketball, shooting the ball ah ah ah to how extraordinary training, out a schedule!

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ailaopodett2010-04-12 00:27:33 +0000 #2
Hey ... ...

see your post when I think of the basketball dream.

I think that a person has a person's training methods. But in a different person every age should not the same quality of training so training up in different ways.

Basketball is a comprehensive sports, he asked for your running, jumping, coordination, response and so many items. So you have to persevere Exercises can not tell a short time, but over time you will find that you become strong!

If you do your training, then you put their strengths and weaknesses are listed. So you have a training method.

But if you go to training camp that your coach will help you.

I hope you can play better basketball! ! ! Refueling ... ... ... ...



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