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On the basketball and height issues

ffjj3602010-04-12 00:11:33 +0000 #1
I am 12 years old what can I 168 cm to 198 cm long how long I like to play basketball nba rookie casually told me how the election when the election Thank you thank you
Guardian small grass2010-04-12 00:19:28 +0000 #2
over 12 years old, then went to the hospital photographed bone age, look at how high can grow. 12-year-old 168 is not low, but to grow to 198 can not say or believe in science to see the skeletal age of the test results. Also more exercise, nutrition, keep up your good for development and long high, if not too skinny to play. 198cm at least 190 kilograms of players will not lose out too.


NBA draft on the nba draft a lot of procedures and rules, at a time today, in terms of some Chinese fans still like "smoke and mirrors." Time divided by the annual NBA draft, can be divided into two parts. The first part is the draft lottery: NBA from the draft lottery was introduced in 1985, a year when the playoffs was in full swing, NBA will not make the playoffs the team convened at the draw to decide the future head on the 3rd rookie vested right. Draw, the hosts will be out numbered 1-14 No. 14, table tennis, in a container, from 14 balls at random out of four balls, excluding the sequence of numbers, can generate a total of 1,001 kinds of possible combination, and remove the 11-12-13-14 mix, just left one thousand kinds. Before the draw, did not get playoff eligible teams have been ranked according to regular season record in reverse order, are signed with the corresponding number of combinations to win the champion (probability). For example this year, 14 teams did not make the playoffs, the 14 worst teams in the Hawks record to be 250 combinations, or 25% chance to win champion sign, the second-worst record are 199 Hornets species, namely 19.9% chance, and so tired and push record 14 teams in the best Minnesota, only five kinds of combination of 0.5% chance to win champion signed. After signing out at the champion, four table tennis has been back in the container, re-deciding on the 2nd and the 3rd pick of ownership, then the remaining first-round draft pick No. 4-30 sign bit and the second round of elections Show sign bit, follow the regular season results reverse the decision.

In addition to conventional procedures outside the draft, NBA draft, also participated in the United States graduating from high school players to participate in overseas players for draft pick and a number of additional special provisions. Here are two NBA players to participate in this collective bargaining agreement provisions NBA Draft Terms
yangte5519192010-04-12 00:42:09 +0000 #3
three years and five months later you head to 191 cm this is your limit .. because your body is back to long ,

Listen, I said, these will affect your future, decide your life, believe it or not easily participate in NBA Draft

need to settle in the United States has completed high school players can pick the 45 days prior to the beginning NBA issued a notice in writing, express your willingness to give up after entering university qualification available to participate in NBA draft. Once you have been selected to any one NBA team. No longer participate in college basketball team, you will be eligible to participate in the NBA draft. But I said you can not do these,

2014, you will be in the United States North Carolina Winston-Salem to settle, and the University of exam 入维克森林 four years of their studies in 2018 you will be

You will participate in NBA Draft first round of 21 by the Atlanta Hawks selected, jersey number is 16, to be a good SG, will begin his NBA career after

things you need to rely on their strive and work hard, and your very good basketball talent, and outstanding jumping ability, vertical leap up to 102 cm, power is also very strong. In the 10 years to become the hottest players union refueling



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