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2k EA acquired it?

Luo313312010-04-12 02:10:50 +0000 #1
EA bought 2k it? If so, what is the time to do?
w9692362010-04-12 02:21:57 +0000 #2
According to foreign media reports, last week, EA CEO 约翰里奇蒂埃罗 (John Riccitiello) and Take-Two chairman 斯特劳斯泽 Telnic (Strauss Zelnick) this acquisition negotiated.里奇蒂埃罗 to Take-Two issued a warning that, EA's takeover offer for 25.74 U.S. dollars per share, was due Monday, will not be extended again.

里奇蒂埃罗 said: "We can not be extended indefinitely, we must purchase price per share of 25.74 U.S. dollars to set a time limit. And before the Christmas shopping season, we have not completed the acquisition of Take-Two, This has considerably reduced the value of the deal, so we will re-evaluate bids. "
negotiations reach an agreement, EA will follow the original plan for the Monday 晚上 close the deal. Take-Two following suspension EA submitted to a three-year product release plans and financial expectations.

Monday, Take-Two shares fell nearly 6 percent, fell to 23.38 U.S. dollars per share.

This year in February, EA trying to use two billion U.S. dollars to buy Take-Two, 26 U.S. dollars a share, a premium of 64%. After Take-Two bid was too low to refuse the EA. EA has not given up, has extended the offer five times the period.

Oh, forgot to say that 2K parent company Take-Two, it's a Grand Theft Auto's development company is really

upstairs. . . Ah, occasionally, read the latest news right, EA is the leader in gaming companies (those crazy Blizzard fans, please ignore), you can not say that Rolls-Royce, Ferrari all the cars are more than common good, say Philadelphia special company and BMW, stronger than the common bar (before the crisis).

There is one building not long ago ..... 2K for the Sega
spritezero2010-04-12 02:56:35 +0000 #3
no, 2K is the SEGA Corporation. . .



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