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Urgent! Training will be how quickly jump shot!

A65729372010-04-12 02:11:19 +0000 #1
Jumper practicing 12 months, the video also saw a lot of teaching is also seen! Unfortunately that is not. How do? Sorry for her. Good grief, should I just break through the blue? Insisted a breakthrough to score exhausted Leihuo What? My height is not high, just break 170, the arm 60. No bouncing! Almost every day practicing push-ups, and sit-ups. Sometimes did not practice! Now jump shot, sometimes hook feet. Move the ball from the back of his head began to eye over the shot (this is not right for the right?) Are straight off the body, the ball and move the ball around two hand over head, then move the ball and hand over the shot from the brain to the eye , calf will hook until it shot forward when the mullions. When in the air, a bit like the body after the oblique (oblique straight, this should be a force to pitch on it spread to the body), generally is such a! My pitch is the distance from the free throw line, no second jump shot is very difficult! Master to request pointing! Thank you! I QQ245372826 jumper you see the video, I will do! How long practiced no will, too depressing, the more practice the more failure! Urgent!

Board handsome up2010-04-12 02:17:01 +0000 #2
I have added you what -
kobedulin2010-04-12 02:23:31 +0000 #3
You have to practice the power of the wrist, it will be able to throw the ball to jump up!



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