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I was a junior high school on the temple that is now practicing basketball late? How should practice

Zx10705249862010-04-12 02:11:26 +0000 #1
We did not play basketball this on my own, how training should focus on how to talk about how to dribble shooting high. I'll be playing but playing well.
Maple ★ drop2010-04-12 02:21:49 +0000 #2
not later ah

specific individual needs of multi-point technology to imitate the practice of Teaching video and then guiding it better

if someone shot Needless to say the cast looks like in addition to no more than what a better way

and then take place with the tactics of what to look as long as the game on the line and then go to practice in under their own power, then

is also a need to make greater efforts in training and training specific how short I am not an expert in many of the

Baidu bounce very defensive important to also include strength training and skills which

station contest to see more attention to the location of a person of a player's defense is the defense of

then what about expert advice or to look up a word no matter what

should make an effort to

good was on it! ! ! !
My 2812010-04-12 02:40:02 +0000 #3
more watching the game, the player's post moves, a few defensive stops when the bit. Also shot to make learning to use the standard posture, Bryant or the concrete can go online and read the act of shooting Ray Allen.

Also usually get as much practice dribbling, dribble, after all, is the basis (if the height of more than 185 different matter).



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