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2010 NBA Transfer News

1882572112010-04-12 06:11:20 +0000 #1
Recent did not watch the nba who can tell me? To a clear.

week old 1482010-04-12 06:22:34 +0000 #2
send Rockets McGrady, Carl Landry and multi-West, are the kings of Martin and Armstrong, as well as New York's Jefferies and Jordan - Hill, and received the 2012 Knicks In first-round draft pick, and to 2011 priority first-round draft pick (that is, when the Knicks draft picks before the rocket when the rocket can be exchanged).

Kings sent Martin, Armstrong and Rodriguez got Landry and the Rockets and the Knicks over the West - Larry Hughes.

The Knicks sent the Hughes, Hill and Jeffries and the associated draft pick, got Tracy McGrady and the King of Rodriguez.

This is a great deal LZ No. 219 to the sub-bar
clx1120002010-04-12 06:55:17 +0000 #3
--- Knight recent news of large z, and a draft pick in exchange for the Wizards Jamison, the Wizards will be in the near future to buy, and large z should return to the Cavaliers ---

also with Howard and other Mavericks in exchange for the Wizards --- Butler, the strength of the two teams suddenly increase a lot



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