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Help me to develop a training program for high school basketball for six months

youhui6662010-04-12 06:11:39 +0000 #1
first took a high school basketball team, no experience.

September to participate in a league, who helped me to develop a six-month training program, to give leadership, regular point.

Team physical good, basic skills but somewhat less sense of a lack of team tactics.

Thank you, the
mqc199209092010-04-12 06:23:22 +0000 #2
Halo ah! Upstairs too is not responsible for, ah!

I've also been engaged in basketball training, to provide what our training method: training for three to five times per week,

2 hours each time,

mainly for physical training, the ball of practice

practice basic skills and tactics with the practice,

each section against the practice training session warm-up the first 15 minutes, 8 to 10

circling ring, warm-up exercise, joint activity,

the next passing and practice, double of the mass,

received the ball difficult to practice, practice ball corners,

and then grouped the ball shuttle run, and generally a group of three to five times,

and then to practice against the individual singles, or 3 to play 2 fast break,

to 1 hour training for a short break, the second half against the practice can be grouped, but also can exercise a number of tactics, depending on the characteristics of the players may be the last for 5 to 10 minutes operating income of about 1 per week

devoted to physical training,

is expected to target: 2 to 3 months, the players can support the basic physical more than 30 minutes, and has a preliminary technical and tactical level with the ball greatly improved to 4 months can have a considerable body level, the basic characteristics of the team players can then match expression,

half a year have established a the overall quality of a certain team,

Note: about one week before the tactical characteristics of opponents, focus on man-mark

layout and defense system, the appropriate lesson in the training exercises

As for the rank bad side that you got to look at,

These are my humble opinion, if there are problems, I can practice with Baidu, hope you get good grades

team just missed the point, to an appropriate degree of training for understanding, do little physical games, such as fish, a nail and so on, back and center focus on training members of the tacit understanding
a mole Xing Fu2010-04-12 06:23:51 +0000 #3

familiar with the ball of the ball of the road between the familiar practice:

(1) road between the body of the ball before the finger wrist

(2) Moving around the body, around the head and pass the ball

(3) in situ exchange of high-SLR

Method: 1 Tuiqu Xi up, hands the ball to lift the knee area. Practice both hands holding the ball between the legs when doing "8
" characters circling; legs alternately with the circling movement in situ opposeth and exalteth.

Requirements: around the "8" and lift the leg to rapid, coordinated action.

(4) road between the crotch "8" pass, the ball

Method: knees bent, upper body flexion, holding hands one after the other in the crotch. Practice, the walking to do "8"

crotch pass, catch.

Asked: Start practice, the walking speed can slow down, the correct action to grasp essentials and then speed up.

(5) mark handover crotch blow to pass, the ball

Method: Step bow legs open, right leg first. Both hands holding the ball in the right rear body. Practice, the right to do

from the crotch to the left hand hitting the ground ball, ball immediately after the legs to do before and after the exchange jump, left leg first, then left to do from the crotch to the

right-handed hitting the ground ball, so a continuous exchange of practice .

Requirements: fast ball across from the crotch.

(6) one-handed control of the ball

Method: before and after the opening of two feet, two hands holding the ball in front. Practice, the left to send the ball right on, right arm held up
, while the ball into the right-finger from the bottom up, the ball in the fingertip pause, to immediately restore and roll the ball with your fingers into the starting position,

dual exchange practice.

Requirements: the right hand scroll down the ball, fingers and fingertip force the ball under control quickly, walking and pulling.

(7) throw the ball with one hand behind

method: holding the ball in front. Practice, the one-handed catch from behind the shoulders square to the other side of the body drop, and the other hand

in the lateral shoulder catch. Dual exchange practice.

Asked: When the ball or the palm inward palm outward, fingers and finger contact with the ball immediately after the ball under control, then

ball saw the ball. Skilled, the required jump in the air the ball, catch the ball immediately back to the original ball from the hand; floor

and then do a continuous run of practice in walking.

(8) moving from the throw from catcher

(9) bowls to catch up

☆ shot - Emergency jumper

(1) catch the trip jumper

Action points: hop step towards the ball then vacated, landing knees speed jump , the outriggers help balance the ball body, buckle wrist cast

means high technology and requirements: the trip is to use the jumper jumper the way, combined with the sudden trip to carry out a shooting in a way
, highlight the "fast" character. Jump shot the ball jump in quickly moving the ball, shooting jump immediately after landing, so the trip closely with the jump from the

(2) dribble jumper

Action trip essentials: dribble the trip itself should be stable, vertical take off suddenly rose, outriggers pointing basket control balance, buckle wrist that high technology and requirements to vote
: dribble jumper trip sudden trip in the dribble, quickly take off in close connection with the shooting of a

Shooting require sudden changes in movement.


(1) dribbling turned

technology and requirements: When the dribbler to one side of a rival breakthrough, but the line was blocking, the two sides are very close, not

break with a change to the dribble, may use direction after the turn and dribble from another breakthrough.

Methods: do turn dribble, do first breakthrough feint, dribble handoff after turning the other hand in front of body protection

protect the ball.

Points: front foot for the center, pull the ball and turned around, changing hands by patted, change to protect the ball.


Technology changing dribbling crotch and asked: feet and do a crotch before the dribble from the lateral, but pay attention to step into chaos.

Methods: crotch dribble, because neither the front nor the ball behind his back. Therefore, change direction, the crotch Games

dribbling and behind the ball than turn to be excellent dribbling and difficult to mistake or other Steals
talented point guard2010-04-12 06:54:14 +0000 #4
first practice with physical fitness up


in to do some small game

has added team members directly and then passing the tacit understanding

In the subsequent pitch training and tactical training



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