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Has been dribbling on the dribble has improved?

4514514514512010-04-12 07:11:12 +0000 #1
Dribble well have to have time to guarantee? ?
▓ nothing was Jue love Ai ℡2010-04-12 07:16:58 +0000 #2
Hello -

ok .. I'll tell you. . . Take your time

your mind must remain the best state of mind

to keep playing basketball was not think he would be a bad mistake

(in fact, is his own worst enemy, to restrain his fear mentality)

play basketball, must train hard if you really want to play basketball, then (cream of the crop is turned into a master)

So you want to use the spirit of desire (will power) + sweat (hard training) + time (regular exercise) = own goal to be achieved there must be paid


I explain to you step by step

peacetime training exercises because of the multi-crotch crotch dribbled the ball right-hand man can really make use of

Cross operates under the ball can also be found left and right hand rhythm

Note: Do not practice with his left hand patted only a waste of time so do not say how the effect is not bound to apply good

right-hand man of the exchange with the

1. right-hand dribble back and forth in situ Bounce the ball under pressure after Lianshu center of their bodies patted down faster

2. cross and the ball under the right hand down the back dribble across unfamiliar words first with the palm of your hand with the fingers after patted Lianshu after patted Lianshu patted down the body faster pressure! !

3. The back dribble to find the rhythm in this sense is to rely on their proficiency in a step by step slowly to

by-week to calculate the daily practice I estimate at least three weeks dribbling ability will increase

I In several key

that is not easily under the ball, if the ball is to be extraordinary.

Pedal across positive, turn shoulder to protect the ball probe, the second foot pedal quickly and actively.

To control the center of gravity stable. Taken the right foot when the right rear direction to the right toe, left foot inside the ball of your foot pedal to positive and effective.
] Shift the focus, stomp dribble moves consistency.

Finally, pay attention to break through before the dummy to create a better break time.

Lower center of gravity, will soon start.

Also note that the time is extraordinary breakthrough

If you would like to break through the right eye and shoulder - and steps must be to the left

and then suddenly accelerate or change direction! Accelerated and ran to the right -!

Detailed basketball video guide is a video album

very good (is CCTV5 Zhang guide)

still have to slowly practice - - there is definitely a lot of effort to absolute return! ! !

Real competition and personal practice 都 can finely learn

Practice makes perfect! Refueling ah!

Let you come in disguise video extraordinary breakthroughs have

above No drug is superior video cool

This can also be really good -

Although the amount of China

give you a more difficult exercise Games feel of the ball

the video suggest you turn out to be very familiar to basketball dribbling when - come to practice

Tiger Fight Network is also not the first Chinese drug ---- a basketball website (looks like is a)

Next is some relevant video

see what will, and skilled, and you B Special is excellent cattle cool this, I get the fine ah! ! !

Keep up the good
860207262010-04-12 07:53:06 +0000 #3
to have the ball flu
zljdz2010-04-12 07:26:12 +0000 #4
kaidu5202010-04-12 07:31:30 +0000 #5
also training run with the ball

hook the ball (like turn to dribble, etc.)
Everyone can not read the ID2010-04-12 09:10:36 +0000 #6
basic skills are in fact

must be in. Single-hand dribble, dribble with both hands, which are the basis for future action difficult.

Point of the gift do not ask, and two gift. 1: Hand to be flexible and not too rigid. Another one: the ball flu.

(Often point to the ball being on)

has been dribbling the ball does not transport well, but lack of time, the ball must transport bad.

So, there must be time guarantee.

Finally, a suggestion to you, if you just turn out to be, then it is recommended that deputies also practiced dribbling, or when playing golf, quite a
Parachute2010-04-12 07:35:24 +0000 #7
rhythm is a must. Dribble while listening to music. Work for me ^ - ^
sclysjb2010-04-12 08:58:27 +0000 #8
more practice can do it for



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