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Jumper training breakthrough in how the trip?

Iiuuuuii2010-04-12 09:11:41 +0000 #1

High child is not2010-04-12 09:17:30 +0000 #2
trip jumper skills

1, the trip must foot to bend to stop living; many people running fast enough bent rear foot, so when to stop frequently when the trip is not the phenomenon of live or walk.

2, using the heel stop is the first withstood the ground, and then the ground before the feet were affixed to live the trip, and finally the legs are bent, legs, knees, thighs hard stop order of this part of the action plan you can refer to the diagram. Withstand before heel, foot bent, the body center of gravity lower and stop the trip jumper is jumping fast, fast shot

3, dribble the ball before the emergency stop jumper in the closing the "dribble" to be particularly low pressure, so that it can remind bend your legs, it will jump quickly.

4, the trip jumper is jumping fast, fast shot, and not jump the Lao Gao, waiting for someone else to pot, blocks "before" shot to shot.

5, the main power source jumper, from the jump in power and running power, that is, the level of power will change the vertical force, so is the push arms, wrists soft reduction, finger flip, so the trip jumper basically hand movements are very light, every movement of the "fulcrum" is stable.

6, insufficient leg muscle endurance, movement Shot unreasonable, the two affect shooting accuracy rate of the biggest factors; enough muscular endurance to be stopped not live, it does not jump up or jump will not soon ; situ shooting action is unreasonable, the shift shooting caught on the essentials of the more difficult.

7, trip hop stop using the best jumper, and then skip step and follow-up foot jump shot; of course, if the leg muscle strength enough, as many South Korean players, you can certainly do the trip feet jumper.
QQ9329172752010-04-12 09:35:53 +0000 #3
This is easy to handle, and learn well the trip would like to learn well the jumper on the first jump shot it! ! Landlord seems to be new to it! The ball will be a more natural! ! !

Good luck!!!



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