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Who knows basketball extraordinary way

5427007972010-04-12 12:11:06 +0000 #1
I am 12 years old, playing basketball at school do not know how to break through, who can tell me the recipe for a simple extraordinary way? ? ? Jia! ! School immediately play it! ! ! !
▓ nothing was Jue love Ai ℡2010-04-12 12:21:13 +0000 #2

more detailed look at

also my hair

The next step is simple breakthrough in extraordinary ways

a detailed explanation of -

cross-step break

[Action Method] hub foot right foot to do an example. About open cases feet, knees peg-leg, lower center of gravity, the ball and between the chest and abdomen.

Breakthrough, the inside of his left foot before the soles of the feet quickly stomp, body slightly right, left shoulder forward under the pressure, center of gravity to the right front of the movement, left to right front of the rebound, guidelines on the right side of the ball, then dribble , center pedal to fast forward in defense beyond.

[Action point] pedal across active exploration shoulder protection switch

dribbling the ball to break to break, eventually have to attack members of the body in the past Caixing. Rely on to bring the body, feet! Therefore, footwork is the key

Here are my personal dribble extraordinary time (of course, other times the pace of action is also very important) step moves some of the ideas:

1: lower center of gravity. Please do note that the so-called lower center of gravity means you Bayao not bend down on it, to knees and not bending over! ! ! Of course there are other ancillary action, the rise of the professional team is generally required, side shoulder and elbow lift (not the elbow beat elbow open, learn amateur player is not worth mentioning).

2: cis-step and cross step. This is a fundamental breakthrough in step two. Shun step is the breakthrough, the first step toward the front of the foot (in the direction of your break date), cross step by step is the first post in the foot. Shun-step advantage of fast start before the focus on front feet, by the feet after being compressed like a spring like this is the key to fast start! ! ! ! Front foot forward and then across, equivalent to open a compressed spring, does not want to have to die out. Disadvantage is that protection is not enough, sometimes rivals move fast, to judge well, to your forward line on the card, you can attack players on the formation of a lot of interference. Cross-step along with the different steps, it is the first step by the feet after the start the method is the same, compression + release. Since it is the first step by the foot after it apparently started more slowly, but its benefits is that once this foot step to go, you entire leg (with your body) can completely block the road to dominating your opponents attack . Shun step is generally used when the body before the change to the cross when the next step is to use cross, of course, before the body can also use cross-step, before the change to the body, after all, is the most commonly used.

3: Body + pace + body + ball draw attention to the order, leaning forward, pedal to the body through (to the defender who by, blocking his route back to defense), the ball only to come here, do not touch opponents to the line - of course if you play street ball, is another matter, but playing street ball to be extraordinary that, the have to follow some basic guidelines for extraordinary only in the past.

4: positive feint is also very popular, but speak up so the more, I only mention the main points here. False breakout direction must use feint of toes on floor, to ensure that the body bounce back quickly, of course, if your opponent vegetables, the body does not move he can cheat death, you do not must see them, and

I to tell you some extraordinary and dribbling skills

In fact, many extraordinary rate of increase to the rhythm! If you have absolute speed, then I think goes without saying! As long as the distance

from the opened, under the speed of fighting at close quarters with the first! (Provided you have a certain point technology, or the first practice point) want, like Iverson! However, this ability is not everyone can do!

Again that the rhythm! Rhythm is very important! It can affect not only the break, you can also determine the percentage of hits! Such as speed, change direction! Such methods are useful for breakthrough. If you are using the speed and reflect, I suggest you practice a cross-training step. (Do not look down upon these basic skills) in the actual combat is very useful. Try it!

Fast shooting on the basketball skills and Qian Kun Da Nuo

1, first, dribbling with his right hand to face the basket, looking for a good distance from your shot right, cross under the dribble, transported to the left, then transported to the right hand, do not cross under the operation

2, the ball in your right hand, was not captured in the moment, the right foot towards the right side of

step, the bigger the better, but not more than one step. Smoothly with the entire body with the ball to the right side of Akira click, then quickly transported

to the left, this time to be careful not to cross under the dribble, as the body bends point /, the pace of this time while the left rear legs 45 degrees slightly backward, these actions have to be very skilled and fast /

[These are the beginning of the feint action]

3, if the opponent does not react, [then you must be very fast speed], and get out to vote

basket. If the rival is now moving, consider the following:

When the ball into your left hand, suddenly Bayao very up, right hand with the left hand pretending to shoot, note, do not hit the ball
, or else you know the consequences. ¥ #% 63! Do not move too much, to save the suspicion. When this is achieved one

will be very quickly bent back to the previous position dribble. And then cross under the dribble to his right hand, left foot forward stride, with

then cross under the dribble, the body has to lean forward, pretending to be kind to break the word, and brought to the left hand across his left foot, then the whole body La


4, this is the second lie to him, wait, play with him once. When it came back, simply transported to the right hand, followed by natural

as above, right foot a little towards the right, the whole body to the right about Akira, and then pretend to transport to the left, step left foot

also point to the left, then long to fly to change direction quickly with the right hand back on the right. The other think you should be like the last

as to the left, he will quickly shift to the left, then you will have a little neutral position, do not worry, this is the fourth time to play him as right back and also go past the body the other side, you have to wait for him to return to the right, no, it should be said, when he is back

is the left foot towards the right to return against you, then the above, bending rapidly and transported to the left, The operation

to the left, do not cross, the very simple and, to master the other from the left by the time you lie back on the

side back on the right but did not stand a good foot, you look at transport to the left, so will give you enough space to shoot.

5, more than you can change the move, constantly changing the direction. The most important action to be very fluent and fast. To the best

after the above step, 90% open the. Unless the person you are facing is a very slow response, and you do too fast, then you should also know the consequences of what it

--- (-0 -),

to the two of you about wearing flowers

Butterfly Step One: moves before the left foot the first step should not be too far away from the left toe, 10 cm can be.

Step 2: left-handed dribble to the ground, the feet turn right at the same time opening jump.

Step 3: left foot first touched the ground quickly taken the right foot to right, while across the other side to the right-hand dribble, pretend the right cut.

Step 4: right hand to the ball from the ground transportation from the same time, a substantial body quickly bow to turn right, right palm the ball home right, the right arm clamped in the body waist, staring at each other.

Step 5: More extraordinary is the same dribble handoff, the same knives Qiedou Fu general, straightforward.

Step 6: see the basket was defensive, right foot step into the same step "brake", followed by standing on the right foot beside left foot, bent into a shooting position.

Step 7: sudden retreat trip jumper.

Speculative Basketball own rules, the ball only once after the dribble, an operation no longer stop the ball, otherwise double dribble. However, there is a move that cut into the moves and Kobe Bryant - speculative, it is the process of dribble - fake jump shot - and then dribble, dribble handoff of its essence.

Step 1: right foot up, dribbling opponent's left shoulder toward the direction of dance, a little paradox all the right flavor.

Step 2: right foot after landing, slam the brakes, looking down, eyes on each other's heel.

Step 3: center of gravity down, left to do potential to stop the ball, the first upward lift of a sudden, an emergency stop jumper position.

Step 4: the left hand does not touch the ball actually is still the right hand with one hand in the dribble, and then quickly changing hands to the left.

Step 5: defender having been cheated by fake jump shot, the focus of a moment float up, then left to cut.

Step 6: left foot entered the restricted zone, a place to see up front who have been blocked path, high jump, and the "high point" pitch shot score

breakthrough method is the use of footwork and ball players dribbling technique ahead of the competition, a highly technical attack. Competition, master break time, a reasonable use of breakthrough technologies, both directly cut into the low post scoring, but also disrupt the deployment of their defense and create more offensive opportunities, increase the opponent's foul.

If able to break through with the cast, combined with the use of sub-ball, attack the more mobile and flexible, the effect is more significant.

A cross-step break

[Action Method] hub foot right foot to do an example. About open cases feet, knees peg-leg, lower center of gravity, the ball and between the chest and abdomen. Breakthrough, the inside of his left foot before the soles of the feet quickly stomp, body slightly right, left shoulder forward under the pressure, center of gravity to the right front of the movement, left to right front of the rebound, guidelines on the right side of the ball, then dribble, fast forward in Central pedal to go beyond defense.

[Action point] pedal across the positive, turn shoulder to protect the ball probe.

2 cis-step break

[Action Method] The position and prepared to break through before the action requested and the same cross step. Breakthrough, step forward right foot to right front, right shoulder swivel probe, center of gravity forward, right hand dribble, foot pedal quickly before the soles of the feet, the right front of the rebound, break defense.

[Action point] pedal across the positive, turn shoulder to protect the ball probe, the second foot pedal quickly and actively.


after the turn and break [Action Method] to make the central left foot as an example. Back basket stand, feet parallel to the opening, his legs bent, center of gravity lower, both hands holding the ball in the belly. Breakthrough to turn left axis, right foot step to the right rear, upper right, toes pointing to the back side, put the ball right in front of the right foot, left foot inside the ball of your foot quickly stomp, the direction of the basket rebound, dribble break defense.

[Action point] to control the stable center of gravity. Taken the right foot when the right rear direction to the right toe, left foot inside the ball of your foot pedal to positive and effective.

4 before turning breakthrough

[Action Method] to make the central left foot as an example. Preparatory actions before the break after turning in the same action to prepare. Move the left foot on the break when the center of gravity, the inside ball of your foot right foot stomp, left axis, right foot before turning to the basket with the direction of rebound, the direction of the left shoulder to the basket and pressure, after the left hand dribble stomp, forward in, break opponents.

[Action point] shift the focus, stomp dribble moves consistency.

Finally, pay attention to break through before the dummy to create a better break time.

[Basketball] and fast marching break between the extraordinary skills

not easily break under the ball, if the ball is to be extraordinary.

This part of the technology into two points: First, 3-point line in the vicinity of the ball, do not do random meaningless dribble the ball. To take full advantage of the "direct the ball extraordinary" opportunity, that is, after you receive the ball in the vicinity of 3, unless extraordinary, or not easily under the ball.

Second, learn various dribbling moves extraordinary technology. Action, such as fake dribble, cross under the dribble, dribble handoff, the trip longer follow the dribble, dribble, etc. turn the "dribble extraordinary." Most of the people because there are already dribble, and dribble extraordinary skills, but not fine, so no way extraordinary. All kinds of action, to the trip longer follow the most simple and easiest to do, followed by the dribble handoff extraordinary, other than the common cross-dribble, etc., under or turn around.

Lower center of gravity, will soon start.

The body, is to train your explosive power, power good, either catch the ball under the extraordinary, or use various types of dribbling the extraordinary, extraordinary will make your more "agreeable." Such as catching the ball yet, and this extraordinary step quick goal kicking Koudai opponents, such as dribbling in extraordinary dribble handoff, handoff is coming opponents are not sure how you had him. How physical training, and training those who suggested there are three categories on the extraordinary physical training to help most vulnerable first, run second, skipping.

Running, mainly leg muscle endurance training, followed by training for endurance, you can continue to run 3000m time, this would mean that after half an hour after the rally, opponents have been quick almost exhausted, you are still energetic, so This will become a half-hour later rival any you mercy.

Rope skipping, skipping contains hop jump rope with both feet, which are similar to the extraordinary action, because a good jump rope, feet bound to tread, the "tread" is what you want to the power of extraordinary moments source.

Fast Marching extraordinary fast road to extraordinary, of course, is the change in the pursuit of speed and direction. The trip is longer follow the pace of change, change direction is the direction of change, these two actions are the most important key strength is the adequacy of the legs, feet are bent.

First trip to talk about is how the technology, we must first understand that, if the heel and ball of your foot, calf, thigh muscle strength of four parts such as lack of speed in some degree to go on the trip you are . Next, relax your feet, bending, in fact, prior to the trip, or should be said that the heel and ball of your foot, calf, thigh to force the four parts of the former, the four parts of an organ should first relax, let your first slow forward speed , so that it can force the follow-up action in the Shi Jin, this is a natural human antagonistic muscle contraction.

That is, to trip the steps, moves sequentially essentials isSlow down, and then the heel and ball of your foot, leg, thigh and other organs of the first four parts of relaxation, then the lower leg slightly hard, hard heels and then withstood the ground, complete with hard ball of your foot to the ground paste to live, finally forced the fixed leg, thigh, continued forward buffer The strength and a little hard, this time into the thigh and lower leg bent, lower center of gravity advantage of the opportunity and let you move a complete halt, as the trip.

To the trip heel first stop, before the soles of the feet and then stop, then force the thigh leg after exertion.

So, to fast moving extraordinary, basically learn first trip, whether one leg or foot emergency stop emergency stop alike. There must be an important concept, because when the emergency stop, the match never clear, so when the trip between the fast moving, the opponents will inevitably make you shake off, of course, can easily gifted the.

By the same token fast moving talk between the extraordinary, extraordinary as to the direction of change before, of course, is to do first slow movement, then gradually relax your feet, allowing the body to slow down fast, then you are ready to Eastern side of the foot to move forward with the heel a stop, the sole ground paste also stopped living, and then the ipsilateral foot leg strength in the thigh and leg bending and stopped, then b feet feet touched the ground before the feet to the ground moments do West forced to take advantage of the lower leg and thigh b feet west of force, so to change the direction of extraordinary.

Right foot right foot began to relax after the stop pedal hard to the left and right straight hard.

Right foot effort to exhaust the occasion of his left foot and then follow the left boot force.

Extraordinary dribbling the basketball court is very important

Keep up the good time to look at online basketball video better learning
Wayward Cloud katy2010-04-12 12:41:33 +0000 #3
false moves to learn, to let others judge errors, but the speed must be fast, or fail to get more exercise ball.
QuincyG2010-04-12 13:23:06 +0000 #4
is the simplest and most practical Breakthrough Once you receive the ball, then put a shot on posture, foot force, and you see the other side if you want to build on the dribble rush!



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