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LaMarcus Aldridge and the West what is a little bit and advantages of each!

Favorites Fujiwara Ya2010-01-17 17:01:27 +0000 #1
The ability to sense characteristics of this two very similar feel Aldridge West better than the point of it, that if Paul and LaMarcus Aldridge with the perfect ratio and West
Always 12010-01-17 17:08:41 +0000 #2
Aldridge playing power forward, as a post player, he stands arm long and flexible, fast, more terrible is to have single-handedly in a good long shot technology, the most important is that he is still young, there is still much room for improvement.

West of the most famous is his cast. However, the scope of activities, if less than LaMarcus Aldridge, LaMarcus Aldridge and the West than with large, although the stadium experience, rich in contrast to some, but has no plasticity in the.

Although I think Aldridge is more valuable than the West, but do not think he would be more appropriate for Paul. Paul playing the ball definitely need a lot of opportunity for a breakthrough on its own to create opportunities for the pitcher around, which is why the Hornets would be the reason why a large number of pure pitcher. West and stable investment and has also made him the most reliable partner Paul, but he did not need a large number of ball attack of opportunity is still able to form the biggest threat. Aldridge, after all, is not a fixed-point shooter, on the pitch to play his most lethal, we must give him the opportunity to attack a lot of ball, so that the one with the style of Paul will certainly be conflict. But having said that kind of player with the above need to run-in, the key is to look at how the coordination of coaching. I believe Aldridge If you can go to the Hornets, then the strength of the Hornets is a big upgrade.
Samwoo2010-01-17 17:09:57 +0000 #3
West Bank belongs to the ground height advantage over the players LaMarcus Aldridge



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