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Basketball demand planning book

Tanggaozhong2010-04-12 20:11:04 +0000 #1
I read some books online basketball game plan, it is not so full.

In the only two playing varsity games, and more than just a situation, how to write it? Also boys and girls race separately from the planning book to write it? Also need to arrange some of the support staff, it is necessary to write in? As the referee needs to institute a "borrowed", which explain the need for special?

Want to give an outline, write, or I have good hands, and just have some questions do not understand it.
intellectuals who2010-04-12 20:24:40 +0000 #2
1 Goals:

rich extra-curricular recreational life of students, the overall quality of training and positive spirit of progress. The spirit of "friendship first competition second" principle, while school basketball community of talented people, well prepared. We organize the basketball, not only can improve the cohesion of classes, but also initiated a kind of a sporting atmosphere! In this event, we look forward to the general enthusiasm for the participation of students, schools and the broad support of teachers, but also hope that this event be a success, and in the future continuation of the school year has been!

2, organized by department: School Youth League, Music and Art, Student Union Liaison

3, playing time and place: the basketball court;


Fourth, the slogan: dynamic publicity, pulsating life --- for the basketball and cheer to five rules of the game:

number of entries: three games each side

uniform requirements: sportswear, play games before the hair unified symbol

time: game time 20 minutes, the audience kept the table. Points up and down the two halves of 10 minutes each half, the first half and second half, 2 minutes rest between; each half of the teams can be called a second suspension, the total time of 1 second pause for half a minute. In case of injured players, referees have the right to suspend the game 1 minute

competitions: Each team member ensemble, may not please foreign aid. Female players are allowed. Team or player more than 5 minutes late, to abstain from voting on. Time by the teams draw lots for the game rivals

foul rule: competition, each team allowed three fouls, 3 fouls of any player sent off for foul sentenced disqualified;

replacement rules: Unlimited substitutions

6 Competition method: (Competition Schedule specific details see below)

7, Awards:


Champion: (1) Name

Runner-up: (1) Name

Runner-up: (1) Name

8, the staff:

school staff and student members of the Youth League Committee

Sports is responsible for recording the results each team;

life of work sponsored by the Ministry for the activities of pulling funding, prizes and logistics

Propaganda Department is responsible for publicity and public competition process.

Discipline Inspection Department is responsible to maintain competition order, for account classification; and the supervision and management to ensure smooth game; responsible for competition in the discipline, controversy.

Organization Department is responsible for coordination of specific games, and consulting work

1 9 publicity. Column in the campus putting up posters and propaganda posters.

2. In appropriate locations panels.

3. In the school network, posted it for publicity.

4. Youth League and the Union Propaganda by school tracking reports. broadcast schedule

the above activities are subject to change, to notify the subject of School Youth League students.

This event the final interpretation of all school students Youth League.

Contest ways:

for school students to create a mutual exchange, mutual learning platform to show the students movement style, rich cultural life on campus. Union School Youth League will host the first campus in basketball. To foster the students interest in sports, to promote the development of our school culture and sports. Specifically related to the following:

Match Time: To be announced

Venue: basketball court.

Entry requirements:

1, free registration, regardless of grade (boys).

2, 3 the number of applicants each team alternate 1-2 people (at the same level can be). 3, Registration Time:

4, each member must register their team name to better come to register (team name to be healthy, and vigorous) to 5, Registration Location:



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