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Body weight on the play

style single solitary flute2010-04-12 20:11:11 +0000 #1
Basketball master their body weight have you how much ah? I am 18 years old height 181, weight 205, common basket standing with one hand to touch the box (a little), would like to ask what my weight is just about to play center? How cut more appropriate? If body weight can substantially reduce the significant increase in bounce (the dream of my life is the deduction of a basket)? Thank you -
Dwyane Wade is not no basketball2010-04-12 20:14:25 +0000 #2
LS do not mislead the other one, weight, and bounce it does not matter? Mars theory

landlord you really say what weight should be good? You look at the NBA center weight from 220 to 300, nothing about a reasonable, you 205 if you think you did not affect the normal movement (mainly turns) no need to cut, and weight do not affect your movement cases, advantages you know, you go to see James do not meet the 210 all the way to rise to 240.

Your so-called weight loss can greatly enhance the bounce depends on the circumstances, you said James reduced to 210 from 250 he is able to enhance Why? He cut his muscles were, that is strength, also by jumping in disguise, and only losing a multi-point increase on the Spring
lyq8102010-04-12 20:42:29 +0000 #3
see themselves in the end you are fat and more muscle or more than, say, Delong - Williams, others said he was fat, but he was covered in muscles!

Play center, then, 181CM very short, if you really want to play, probably reduced to 190 kg, but also most of the muscles! If weight loss is simply more exercise

nothing to do with weight and bounce, but still want to control weight



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