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High marks to ask questions, Jiji Ji

Every day and wow ha ha2010-04-12 22:10:31 +0000 #1
Rockets and Spurs game a few more than a few, that the detailed points.
mylesyun2010-04-12 22:23:04 +0000 #2
Beijing this morning, rockets and Spurs clash, the final they defeated 109 opponents than 104; after the game, "Houston Chronicle" Fagan's personal blog, the author, not to celebrate Martin He was too tired, but he did not appear to matter.

After joining the Rockets, this is his best performance was 33 points, 5 rebounds and 4 assists, this is his first in the Rockets victory. He, Scola and the cat, Yao Ming 14 penalties to share the team record of 14, he and Luis Scola, a small cloth All three scored 30 +, this is the first time the Rockets history.

Yes, Martin believes, might also have more, he was not satisfied with his lot.

"Some cast basket lost," Martin said, "I hope I can hit more and more efficient. Overall, we won."

Rocket's performance is not so bad. They have established a 23 point lead, although they were the Spurs in the race last paragraph almost reversed, but they do Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili in the time established in the field of 23-point lead; Martin 9-24, But he won 14 free throws.

"With Kevin, we still have a lot of ability did not play," A commander said, "We let him play when the guys need to understand that he is a unique player. When the ball in his hands when You do not need to run in the past, and he played under screens, because you should do is to rival the two guys to guard him. hardly been standing in front of him defend him, you need to used to him, and based on his . "

Martin would not often shot than it is today, but his shot is expected to be better. "You get 24 shots, you really can not complain," Martin said, "Over time, everything will be fine. I feel more comfortable, it played just four games."



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