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111wxmvp2010-04-12 22:11:06 +0000 #1
I love to play basketball, but sometimes are cast into the state of how good, sometimes bad state how to vote are not into. I would like to know how to play in every game the best level of play I want stability, not the good times and bad. Also, when I layup shot point far away from the basket, so good, if not good how to correct. Thank you trouble for people.
Chen Style2010-04-12 22:13:53 +0000 #2
Competition in the field are more than basic skills, basic skills and the more solid, more stable play. Last game before the first physical activity should be opened, and the best doing the preparatory activities or 跑跑 basket. Physical activity opened, will be very easy to adapt to race into the contest.

Will the release point farther from the basket What does it mean? . . .

If the pitcher can be in the quasi-long shot of course, but we must grasp the opportunity, that is, when the cast, when not to vote. Opportunity to be doing my absolute the shot, and do not hesitate, hesitate to disrupt his rhythm a hit naturally do not increase

In addition, we are not professional players to play, after all, inevitably disorders, the best way is to attack the diversification of energy conflict, will vote to wear in order to let the other party very hard to detect
ls0081192010-04-12 22:22:45 +0000 #3
you asked too comprehensive - and wants to play basketball first base pretty good effort - such as warm up before the class, and race which everyone can play every game well - it is associated with many ties to. If you only play casual - recommendations not be so considered, more - Zhu Yao to Blue's bodies, Jiu-line section of the - if yes the main long-term Da Competition - I think you should have a good coach -



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