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How to beat Jonas

Green - reverie2010-04-12 23:10:49 +0000 #1
I want to beat it several times, have not succeeded, I am cooking, only

90 barros 60 orangutan 60 Tiya Si magic flame 50 tenrai mice

50 Pauker 50 Rios 50 Brook 40 flash Phyllis

would be difficult for it!
waaiai662010-04-12 23:23:02 +0000 #2
Method One: play is the parasitic seed plus Dufen plus Wisps. Degree of difficulty: 8.0 (very easy to die)

if only on the parasite will eventually left a drop of blood, so more than a couple for the job there. To get hold of Scott's Wizard --- or anti-deer down with fire special forces. ... to the end unable to go on BOSS or else died ... so what if. BOSS will not last drop of blood out of.

Method 2: Use Rios hit. Degree of difficulty: 6.0 (or very likely to lose)

Wisps + parasitic seed + Dufen property skills to spend a whole blood can go to 1050, BOSS move in the property after the attacks do not eat the blood, can be refined element after defeat .


recommended first parasitic, and for Rios on.

2 rounds with a jack-o'-lantern, and when necessary can reduce the other special forces ..

another hatch estimate is less severe, right? Otherwise P is also what K. . .

Another thing frozen Diaoxie ah what can be more.

Method 3: Purcell No. Yunus, and now many people have beat him to 0, because Shadow Well ... ... degree of difficulty: 4.0 (get this grade is very difficult to drop wizard)

Whether you trick out Sha are so many people cry foul 0


However, the crash and can be distorted strokes -

I use is 82 Brook +100 +100 grade level Rios bu

I believe the majority of fellow citizens have the right -o (∩ _ ∩) o

First Brook to use Heart of Ocean and hung up the grass seed replaced parasites Department of
, then the High blood eating habits, but will the remaining drop of blood -

this time with jack-o'-lantern - Basic 100 sub-four-hundred buttoned up

Method: Brook and the ice dragon is playing the benevolent BOSS difficulty factor: 1.0 (property restrained)

Brook Heart of Ocean × 3 BL (Kaka) freeze. Ice dragon is a main recommendation rating BLKK70 Ice Dragon 70

Method 5:

I believe in 10 months ago Purcell have their these: 70 Bu-flower (parasites seed, her head / curse), faster than 140 Brook (will run through water gun), speed of more than 140 of the Rios (will Mirage)

Brook runs through the gun twice, hang up.

Bubu parasitic flower seeds, followed by three times her head, then parasitic seed, three times chickened out, including eight rounds back the dead. Yunus after you spike (probably after 10 rounds)

Rios Mirage, OK the

method 6: 100 Rios, 75 Brook.

Brook runs through the gun, buckle Yunus 100 drop of blood in the Heart of Ocean with two, buckle 1200 drop of blood, Brook hang, Rios, on 4 jack-o'-lantern, and finally with Phantom, KO!

Method 7: Brook with 55J, 60J Rios, 65J Pauker, 90J Rey, Luojilasi, 100J barros. Brook runs through the gun plus flash attack.

Lei Yilei Festival.

Out Pauker, two the same below the total death. Yunus was only about 1600 a drop of blood.

A Luojilasi, two high temperature cyclone. Yunus was only about 1400 a drop of blood.

Out barros, whirlpool twice. Yunus was only about 700 drops of blood.

Re out Rey, Lei Ji, Lei-day instantaneous flash, Lei Ji, two days mine instantaneous flash. Yunus was only about a drop of blood. Each round will add a drop of blood.

Out Rios, Mirage, OK.

Method 8: 100 barros, 100 Ray, 65 Boubou flowers, 47 Brook, 67 Rios, I think they should have put a lot of people, first Brook runs through the gun, then Boubou parasitic seed Then barros whirlpool, then Leiyi Lei Ji, Lei days and then instantaneous flash, last Rios Mirage! ok!

Note: The former can only be replaced a dead one.



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