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Basketball standard shooting action

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The third senior cast dancing skills

. . This investment jump technique, is also very popular. But most often use this kind of movement of the master class, which is professional-level players who appear, or is just beginning to touch the beginning of basketball with some friends. The reason why a lot of junior basketball friends new to use this action, there are many reasons, which is the main one, is the current NBA, almost everyone has a jump shot, so, these friends, watching TV after the novice , seek to emulate the professional player's jump shot action, but because of young age, there is no bounce, and finally to excel at this cast jump technique. That is, a lot of people understand, "Britain to vote." However, of that in here, "Britain cast" a technique which will be explained below, this high jump and Britain vote cast is completely different. Particularly conscious of the practice you jump and Britain senior vote cast, you will be aware of this difference between the two.

. . Senior Investment jump (this is my name from, in order to explain the shooting at this site when the convenience of distinction), the reason that he is a senior, is because the principle of action and the action jumper is almost the same. And because of this act of shooting ability made it easy, faster shots, so many NBA players regarded this action as a professional is practicing shooting action to use. Jordan and Kobe Bryant have to use this action to participate in practice.

. . We have said earlier, this act of shooting, not just for early access to basketball's friends. Because the shot too fast, not easy to practice the movement would, if used early in this way, the future of the shooting is likely to go the wrong way. Growth can not be shot for drilling, can only gradual, not radical. Mentioned above, this high-level cast jump, it made power is very similar to the principles and jumper, jumper mentioned here, means that we have introduced to the back of the "half-length jumper."

. . High jump the essentials of this vote is. When the knee tight in the waist to take the ball off at the time when upward vertical uplift basketball over the shoulder, with take-off and stomp up the intensity, starting to get shot (this time not in fact toes off the ground), in the body upward jump of the process, the pitch shot, the highest point reached in the body when the ball has already shot up.

. . The reason why this action is a cast jump, because it is already in the ground when the ball to their shoulders and began to force the shot fat. Moreover, this action often jump shot is very light, in order to achieve savings in the current strength, so it looks a bit like Britain, because it is not hard jump.

. . It is clear that the benefits of shooting, because the shot moves faster than the jump shot, and shot the skills and methods, and almost the same jumper. So, this means strengthening the jump shot shooting skills are very favorable. Action and as a way of practicing jump shots, is very appropriate. When you are a skilled master jumper, even those in the NBA court, when you get open shots without any defense, they often use high-level skilled dance moves to vote on it. Both effort and stability.

. . This shot of the shortcomings is equally obvious, because shot fast, easy to move the ball slip deformation or hand or something. Therefore, practicing basketball in the early friends, do not rush to practice this skill, no sense, first shooting the basis of basic skills or actions turn out to be solid but after learning of such action again absolutely no later.

. . The fourth vote

Great Britain. . Britain is a quick cast shot hit the time difference technique, in time for the opponents appeared before defensive action had been successful shots. This technique is, by definition, "Britain", that did not jump up, quickly look it Britain.

. . Britain has also cast two main techniques, although the jump is not high. However, the same jump and vote, vote in accordance with jumpers and jump-fat power principle, which Britain has also cast two types, one is the jump shot in Britain after the vote, while one is jump shot. Either way, all in pursuit of quick shots and shooting. So, I have been practicing this technique you do not recommend, purely for the sake dodge defense and shooting gestures do so imperfect, Xisheng the Ziji of stability in exchange for Yi Ci shot shots Bupi capping Ji Hui, Qi Shi yes equal to their live in their own defense. So, I have been opposed to. In fact, the retired before, I've never seen Jordan once used by Britain to vote, Bryant is. The Jordan is not until about 45 years old, only started using this technique, this is because Jordan's knee injury is too serious relationship, is a reluctant older jumped.

. . So, you do not go the wrong sword front, efforts to practice jumping, the jumping was trained very well, you can use floating jumper and the cast and pull-away jumper after the hop, and they can vote to replace Britain's choice. So, if you do not do not bounce, they just should not Britain cast shot in the game. However, if you're not practiced bounce, bounce not good enough at present, then subversion to vote on a very fast shot skills necessary.

. . This approach shots need not speak more essentials, and the corresponding skills are exactly the same shot, just a lot faster. Distinguish the characteristics of this action is: are not dancing or jumping that jump very light and often have some shots before the shot feint to confuse opponents and prevent opponents off, after shots often can not straighten his right arm, (to the relationship between the pursuit of speed).

. . Zhezhong shot Fang Shi's advantage, when you master Yi Hou, if trained in stable, and will let you in the game Zhong leisurely, as if strolling Yiyang, only takes a few dummy shots when opponents hesitate Buzhi blocks, then Suddenly shots, let rivals are helpless. This action, if turn out to be stable, it can not make defensive players.

. . This action is also very obvious shortcomings, is the shot too fast, easily lead to instability. The most troublesome is that this practice more action may be will turn out to be your standard shooting action deformation.

. . Fifth half-length jumper

. . The concept of this jumper, the first article we have introduced some, and not remember the name I have also seen similar to what was previously a popular name or myself from the name, a word I have called it this jumper Fangfa 10 Duonian the. After our Web site will also call it.

. . The so-called half-length jumper, refer to the full take-off is not made very stable common mode jumper. Currently, the NBA, almost all players in the absence of space to play defense when the jumper's movements, they are all half-length jumper.

. . This method is so the jumpers are welcome, or the use of broad coverage, mainly in that it is very suitable for today's NBA game of high intensity. The advantage of this shot, save your energy (and the maximum intensity compared jumper), shot shot can shoot as much as possible stable and will not be too hasty, have ample time to adjust action, in most cases to achieve jumper Objective - higher release point, and this method is very easy to do jumpers with high curvature or high curvature of the shots, but, in practice, when this jumper is also less tired, so may turn out a lot. Therefore, this can be said that lots of other good shots, so many NBA players and our country's many friends, almost never exercise the greatest strength of the jump shot, or even do not know, but just such a bust as a jumper jumper only defined. From this point of course is enough to prove that this jumper is easy to grasp and apply in almost every person, as long as you turn out to be right.

. . The essentials of this jumper, most notably is the "vertical up", you can refer to the act of shooting our first time standing up mentioned the idea, combined with a jumper here to understand the concept of half-length. This jumper, in practice, be sure to pay special attention to "jump up the awareness initiative," that is up to deliberate vertical jump, (not from the outside, but the idea of shooting himself), another point is to gently jump, can not be too hard, gently jump, make your body more quiet and easier to maintain a balance, after the jump, with a vertical up efforts to reach the highest point in the air before the shot up. Mentioned here reach the highest point is a point before, that is, this jumper is on the rise during the shot, so you can be leveraging shot up this trend and jump to the strength of this upward reduce the power of the right arm hair, that is, easier to shoot some of the right arm, so this also can be applied to long distance jumper-third of the ball.

. . This shot is easy to grasp, do not need you too superior bounce itself can be done. Only, this jumper has shortcomings, is the skills due to its light off, it can not reach your highest point of Spring. Therefore, this technique generally requires more post moves, or shaking a larger range shot before they can shoot, or the risk of still getting blocked. Therefore, this jumper is relatively stable, but it is not "a trick of fresh, eat days". Therefore, this jumper you need to master the skills and shooting as a basis for your action, but you have to go further ahead, to learn and master the more super-technology, that we mentioned below the other kind of jump shots.

. . This half-length jumper, one of the most famous ball, it is necessary that the number of the classic 1998 Michael Jordan's last shot, from the ball we can see that the use of such methods and conditions for jumpers. When the game is the end of Jordan's strength also decreased significantly, at this time, he used a substantial disguised, Huang lost Russell, this time within 2 meters in front of no one threatening shot, so he light light off, half-length jumper, the ball into.

. . This example will show that more than half-length jumper with a strong beat in the area, but need to use technologies such as Akira Feint open a lot of space and then calmly shot the.

. . The most obvious characteristic half-length jump shot is very consistent shot, after the jump to the highest point of almost no pause, directly in the process of the body shot up the.
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not the most standard, only the more customary, in order to see potential but not quite beautiful Nowitzki. To aesthetically pleasing and accurate only its most customary investment law, it is impossible to see Ray Allen



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