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cy362322010-04-13 00:11:55 +0000 #1
C now to buy a lot of running shoes ...... KFC, did you say your C PF board good? Simply speaking board, without regard to other things - (see post)

as above the KFC, what Dongdong A - -
d5946662010-04-13 00:26:05 +0000 #2
read this post after the landlord, could not calm my heart a long time, shocked ah! Why is there such a good post! horizontal network in my bbs years Since that no longer have any son can move me, did not expect to see today, so funny, such a post. lord, is you let me understand the 'people outside the people, there is day' words. Thank you you! after reading this post then, I did not immediately reply, because I fear I will be tarnished vulgar response rare in this online post. but I replied, because I think if they can not leave behind such a wonderful post under his own net, that I will not rest in peace in death! able to leave behind such a wonderful post their screen name is so proud of one thing ah! lord, please forgive my selfishness! I know that no matter how rhetoric to describe the fascinating degree of your landlord is not enough, are hypocritical, so I just want to say: Your son is too good! 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Since the community, after revision, I have been disheartened the community did not hold any hope, and legend have become totally disillusioned, myth has ended, what means remain in the community. did not expect, did not expect, today is a model again, I could not help but get excited before the shed on the screen tears. Yes ah, as long as the landlord under the leadership of the community there is hope. my heart once again boiling, my chest burning blood again. landlord, then a brief summary, a way to explain the pain we would like to years, but could not answer several important questions fundamental. it of light than the community, than it of the direction of the community, than it of the pillars of the community. a landlord in the community of tomorrow will be better! landlord your conceives moved. the money is such a materialistic society, even such a Xingqingzhongren landlord can see, no doubt most of my life lucky. I deeply felt the great humanity. landlord's post, is like the dark night sky of lightning split gill also like torn clouds of the sun, let the moment I like to drink nectar, so I understand the eternal truths are true in this world exists. only the landlord This has a broad mind and a complete knowledge of the people, to this truth as the only introduction to who. read post landlord, I fell into serious thought, I think, if not the landlord to the top post, is on a betrayal of truth, is the great compromise of the fallacy. So, I decided to turn back in the top of it! landlord, in case you before, I really saints on earth if there is doubt; and now I finally believe ! 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Smoke Body of boundless2010-04-13 01:00:58 +0000 #3
kao, fuck, cao
pantou19912010-04-13 00:57:15 +0000 #4
by fuck grass



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