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Model rocket how to do

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Water Rocket Well done. Security is also a simple production economy

Water Rocket (Single):

1 preparation materials. 34 Jianlibao bottles or 2.5 liters of Coke bottles, a number of X-rays, several chemical equipment, used 3 and 4, soft plugs, a set of bicycle-valve hearts, scissors, knife the one, clear plastic, two-sided plastic and insulation tape, a glue 502.

2 wing production. X-rays with a pair of scissors to cut the same size as the rectangular ladder 28, ladder length 12cm, high-6cm, and the long waist bottom oblique angle of about 45 degrees. The other specifications but the CD 4 Ibid height 8cm, connected to both sides of the short end of the ladder overlap (as the wing surface). 7 with a double-sided adhesive to close small ladder into a thick stick ladder, make straight flat, and then double-sided ladder with a large wrap and stick closely to its tight. To make the wings of the thick surface formation can be used scissors or a knife Shuhei straight, thick noodles and then a wing of insulating rubber seal. Finally, both sides will grow some wings folded outward 90 degrees. Thus, by the way the rest of the X-ray films made of three wings.

3 fuselage production. Jianlibao take a bottle (bottle over the first arc more natural, as the Rockets head help reduce the air resistance) at 11cm from the bottom of the Department of its cross-sectional cut, with a bottle with insulating glue stick tight in another part of the bottle bottom of the insulating plastic wrapping in the interfaces more laps to solid.

4 gas plug production. Take a 4, a soft plug, stopper with open hole tools in the bottom of the middle of opening a little smaller than the valve inside the sleeve straight holes, then use a knife to the smaller end of the cross-section of about 0.6cm; the valve core sleeve of a larger "ring" (hardware store has sold), soft plug from the smaller end of the valve core mounted up good, put on a similar "ring" screw on the screw, can be a little tight . Finally, ground into a gas cylinder plug with a grindstone, to just be able to fully enter the Coke bottle or a little bit tight, fitted with valve core can be used.

5, the first production gun. Take a soft rubber plug 3, with a knife to sharpen and smooth.

6, the wing assembly. Take a Jianlibao bottle cut a long length slightly longer than the wing on both sides of the cylinder connected, and then clear plastic and rubber insulation 4 equal to 4 wing close gum. Finally, a good wing of the cylinder sets of stick in the water bottle rocket compared with the flat bottom of it (this is not necessarily the best location, can be adjusted up and down in flight search to determine in practice), wrapped with insulating glue stick tight.

7 other. To increase the gas plug and the mouth of the contact surface to increase the pressure bottle, Use a knife to cut thin air lock big end and make a round flat little rough. As the body make up a rocket head, the first part of the rocket less unbalanced, can be properly entered, and on paper in order to achieve a balance plug. To minimize air resistance, will be made with a soft rubber plug 502 glue gun first used in the first bottle rocket stick better.

By the above method a simple water rocket will be produced. According to our research of the water rocket, improved by practice, the horizontal direction of flight up to 160 meters, vertical flight up to 40-50 meters.

Water Rocket Launch Method:

1 water control. Water, water rockets and rocket allow a certain proportion of air space, not too much nor too little, the best water content of about rocket air space 1 / 4 to 2 / 5 between (2.5 liters loading space of about 600 ml or so, may find a few more tests to determine).

2 launch angle. Horizontal flight, due to air resistance, the optimum launch angle of between 50 to 55 degrees, different water rocket may be different, the method can test to determine control variables. (We made the best point of the water rocket is about 53 degrees). Vertical flight was 90 degrees.

3 gas plug to use. Gas plug by using the principle of compressed soft plug to adjust the volume expansion tightness gas plug, the greater the compression the more severe volume expansion, the more tight air lock, air lock should the air pressure coming out of the greater, that is, get the rocket greater power. Specific use is as follows: First, remove the gas plug valve core, the gas plug in the prototype into the bottle rocket inside, and then with the sleeve (a special tool to tighten the screws, hardware stores have sold) Tighten the air plug the screw, and finally install the valve core can increase gas use. (Note: tightening may be necessary to adjust the level.)

4 emission stability control. Only discuss the horizontal direction of emission. Need to create a launch pad, launch pad to orbit equipped with navigation, navigation track not too long nor too short, as long as 60cm (can be used in three large teaching set square and a patchwork of two broom handle, broom handle in order to reduce for navigation on the water when the rocket rail friction, can be transparent glue broom handle or the model as shown in the illustration). Calm weather, is on target according to the best launch angle (referring to the launch and ground track angle) emission. Windy weather, should be properly adjusted depending on the wind direction bias and the emission targets, maintaining optimum launch angle of launch.

5 note. Launch to ensure the rocket and orbit straight line, if the deviation from 1-2 degrees will affect the smoothness of the flight was "8" shaped flight. Cheer with the pump, be as smooth as possible, encourage frequency not too slow to be quick. To the extent possible, air sese tight, can tighten the screw to adjust the gas plug, gas pressure bottle sese more closely the larger the greater the power the rocket.

Get the first bottle, called the A bottle. The location of the bottle up and down 1-1,2-2 all draw a line, two lines determine the location as follows.

1-1: selected bottles of arc curvature and the curvature of the rocket similar to foam head office.

2-2: Select the bottle into a direct point below the curve of about 0.5cm below the office.

From 1-1 ,2-2-wire party line about 0.5cm below the office with a knife (or scissors) cut (cut) open.

Cut with scissors to slowly draw a line offices to make it smooth to interface with the B bottle can be more closely together.

Will rocket foam head placed on the A bottle top, from just above the foam head to see if targeting keep the bottle of the middle position. If it has put is, use electrical tape wound in the connecting office, to be fixed.

Get another bottle called the B bottle, the cap removed, then the nozzle openings of bottles by the tightened security.

To A, B bottles connected. As for the flat and then rolling the desktop or on the ground to see if connection formation, whether the smooth rolling. If so, Zeyi electrical tape to be fixed.


take to complete plans a third bottle, known as the C bottle. 3-3,4-4 in the location of the bottle to draw a line.

3-3: Select the top curve of the bottle below the turning point of about 0.5cm.

4-4: Select a turning point in the bottom of the bottle below the curve of about 0.5cm.

From the 3-3 ,4-4-wire line side of about 0.5cm below the Department with the knife (scissors) cut (cut) open.


bottle to complete plans to fold the cardboard, then use a pencil to draw four ladder. Then cut with scissors along the route.

Note: The tail of the size, shape, and can do different variations to test the impact of their flight.

The same to slide to make a thick cardboard with the same specifications ladder.

Will make good the slide coated on the outside of thick cardboard ladder, you can use double-sided tape to the first slide and cardboard glued together, and then use electrical tape over their trilateral paste.

Using double-sided tape affixed to the bottom of the folded part. In order to do this step in the four tail affixed to the C bottle.

4 tail complete the map.

To 4 affixed to the tail in C bottle, be sure to cross symmetry, so that it can balance.

First used electrical tape adhesive on the tail side, adhesive should pay attention to the length of electrical tape to be long enough, than the tail high above the required height of about a tape, fold the bottom of the bottle into the C, to increase the firm level . Then electrical tape wound around the tail at the top about two laps.

To C and B bottles bottles make connections with electrical tape.

Note: have to pay attention to maintaining the same body of water rocket fly straight to ensure the accuracy of direction.

PETE bottles of water rocket to complete diagram.
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first floor of the rocket that is not the Chinese Academy of Sciences professional?



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